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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
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Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

Howdy Everyone!

So it was another awesome 24 hours for our Kickstarter project! I have voting results for The Annihilator What-If Romance Print, voting results for three more Trading Cards and three more stretch goals have been unlocked, including the Kyle What-If Romance Print!

First, the voting results!

The Annihilator What-If Romance Print

The voting results for this are in! And with 1113 ballots cast you chose Junior Occult Detective, kick-ass magic user and all-around fan-favorite stud SPOOKY JONES to be paired with The Annihilator with a commanding 398 votes! (Second place went to Hunter AND Killer as a team with 227 votes.)

And because you voted for this image to be NSFW with an overwhelming 86.61% of the vote, these two wil be doing a whole lot more than kissing!

Your votes mean that in addition to the thirty-one trading cards you all are already receiving (with corresponding 11" x 14" Print options for the eighteen POWERS and ROMANCE cards), two ACTION PRINTS, five ROMANCE PRINTS (two NSFW!), five default prints, not to mention the SEXY HEIGHT CHART, backers at the EXPERIENCED VIGILANTE level or higher will now be able to get an 11" x 14" sexy romance image featuring fun-loving and open-minded Spooky Jones and the World's Most Dangerous Super-Villain in a smoking-hot embrace! And all backers will receive the art as high-res digital wallpaper the moment we finish it! YAY!

(Oh, and just a reminder: if you are a backer, yes, you can choose to increase your pledge at any time until the project ends. So if you decide you'd like one of these physical prints, so long as the project is still running, it's very easy to make that happen.

[And just for the record, backers at the TRUE SUPER-HERO level and above will currently be sent thirty-two full-color 11" x 14" prints as one of their rewards!])

Wait! Are True Super-Heroes only going to get thirty-two 11" x 14" prints? Or will they get even one more than that! I bet I'll have some good news about that when I reveal the unlocked stretch goals in a couple paragraphs. But first, there's another round of Voting Results to reveal!

Your 29th, 30th and 31st Trading Cards

You see, that wasn't the only vote that finished in the last 24 hours. You also voted on THREE new FIRST-TIME Trading Cards! And which new characters are you now going to get for those?

With 1236 ballots cast, you chose the unstoppable SPOOKY JONES with 911 votes, main character KYLE with 675 votes and youngest team member FLYBOY with 505 votes!

Your choice means that in addition to a physical book and beautiful POWERS trading cards for ALL 9 character choices, ROMANCE trading cards for ALL 9 character choices, and ORIGIN cards for ALL 9 character choices and a FIRST-TIME CARD for The Annihilator, those of you who are pledging at the FULL CITIZEN level or above will now also receive nice, glossy 2.5" x 3.5" trading cards for Spooky Jones, Kyle and Flyboy with a sweet image of their very first kisses as well as a fascinating details about their other "firsts" with romance and sex!

You're going to be getting thirty-one full-color 2.5" x 3.5" bonus cards with your books now! In addition to that, all backers will get access to a digital version of all these cards on a "classified", password-protected website! YAY!

But wait! There's more! Three more stretch goals unlocked!

Since we last met our intrepid adventures, three more stretch goals have been unlocked! Two more trading cards—your 32nd (at $112,500) and your 33rd (at $117,500)—and well as the KYLE WHAT-IF ROMANCE PRINT!

I'll be sending out a voting link for your two new FIRST-TIME Trading Cards and this new print in a BACKERS-ONLY update in a few minutes. But just to remind you, the KYLE WHAT-IF ROMANCE PRINT is a very fun one: with this print, you'll get to let me know which The Young Protectors character you'd want Kyle to be with if The Annihilator were out of the picture! (I'm actually really eager to know that!) And, of course, there will be an NSFW option, in case you want the image to be extra-spicy!

What are you getting right now?

The stretch goals are getting unlocked at a furious pace now! And a couple backers have pointed out to me that so many stretch goals have been unlocked, they aren't entirely clear what pledge levels are getting what! Well, there's a page that I've been updating every day that tells you just that:

See a list of what all the pledge levels are getting and everything that's been unlocked right here!

And, of course, if you decide you want to bump up your pledge level to get even more goodies, you can do that at any time on our Kickstarter's home page.

What's Next?

Well, we're now at $117,575 and the next Stretch Goal gets unlocked at $20,000 and this one is very special: it's the SHOWER SCENE/LOCKER ROOM PRINT FOR THE GUYS!

Thanks to the SEXY HEIGHT CHART FOR THE GUYS, you're already going to get to find out what the adult heroes of The Young Protectors team look like from the front. But are they just as nice looking from behind? That's what the SHOWER SCENE/LOCKER ROOM PRINT FOR THE GUYS endeavors to find out! It will feature the male heroes of The Young Protectors team sudsing it up in a sexy locker room/communal shower scene which would become another 11" x 14" Print option. And just like the Sexy Height Chart, you'll get to vote for whether you want to see full-nudity for the adult characters!

And what's next next?

  • at $125,000, the ILLUSTRATED PROSE SHORT STORY PDF STARRING SPOOKY JONES gets unlocked! This short prose story would allow me to get inside my characters' heads in a way that only prose can and would share some deeper insights into who Spooky is as a young man and as a demon-fighting hero. I'd have Adam and Vero come up with 3 or 4 full-color illustrations to go with it to show off the really big moments. And I'd then send it out as a PDF for all backers to enjoy!
  • at $130,000, I'll create a nice sticker sheet with all The Young Protectors characters drawn in the fun cartoon style of the Spooky Logo! And I'll send them out to all backers who are receiving a physical book! You'd be able to have a cute little Red Hot smiling at you on your computer or anywhere else you'd like!
  • and then at $132,500, the 36th and final Trading Card is unlocked, meaning all FIRST-TIME CARDS would be unlocked, meaning YOU'D HAVE UNLOCKED EVERY SINGLE TRADING CARD! YOU'D GET THEM ALL! Completists rejoice!

A more complete list of all the upcoming stretch goals can be found on the main page. And they are also described in more detail in this update.

Will we hit any of those stretch goals? Fingers crossed! But for now it's time for me to send out your next BACKERS-ONLY VOTING LINK for you to decide who you want to see on your next two Trading Cards and the Kyle What-If Romance Print!

Last chance to get the word out!

Oh, and we're in the very final hours of this project, so please let all your friends know about us in one final, big push. Through the Facebooks and the Twitters and the Tumblrs and the Reddits and the anything-else-you-can-think-of, please let folks know how much fun this is, how many goodies they can now get and that it's now or never! The next 24 hours is the last chance for anyone to back and lay claim to a book, a Spooky Cap, the Truth or Dare Bonus comic and what's now (with the Kyle What-If Print) thirty-three full-color 11" x 14" prints!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your amazing enthusiasm and support! I get these email pings updating me with your cheering words and strategies for world domination through Kickstarter in the comments and they always put a huge smile on my face. I love how wonderful and witty you all are!

Just a day left! And you've made every day of this so much fun for me. I'm so excited to see where we are when the project roars across the finish line on June 24th at 7:53 PST!

You all ROCK! More soon!



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