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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
2,462 backers pledged $133,640 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

Howdy everyone!

Let me just say

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just crossed $100,000! (I did a total double-take when I saw the numbers jump from 5 to 6 digits! Big difference!)

This means that all backers pledging at the YOUNG HERO level or above will now be sent their very own SPOOKY CAP

The Spooky Cap is of course part of fan-favorite character Spooky Jones' casual superhero uniform and unlocking this stretch goal means that now I'll send all backers at Young Hero and above an embroidered cap that I will make as authentic to what Spooky wears in the comic as I physically can!

This is real! It's going to happen! There will be Spooky Caps! WOO HOO!

(And of course, if getting an authentic Spooky Cap sent to you sounds like something that you'd like to have, you can raise your pledge level to Young Hero or above on the main page of our project anytime before our project ends on Monday.)

Wow. You all are totally awesome!


Votes continue for two previously unlocked stretch goals!

Voting continues for the first Stretch Goal you unlocked today—the KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE BOOKMARK that will be sent out to all backers at the FULL CITIZEN level or above. If you haven't cast your vote yet for that, you can find the link here. (Currently 905 ballots have been cast and Kyle is in the lead to be featured on this full-color bookmark.)

Voting is also on-going for your 26TH TRADING CARD. If you haven't cast your vote for that yet, you can do that here. (Currently 513 ballots have been cast and THE ANNIHILATOR FIRST-TIME CARD is in the lead here.)

What are you getting right now?

A couple backers have pointed out to me that so many stretch goals have been unlocked, they aren't entirely clear what pledge levels are getting what! Well, there's a page that I've been updating every day that tells you just that:

See a list of what all the pledge levels are getting and everything that's been unlocked right here!

(Time for me to get on the stick and update all the Young Hero and above pledge levels with that Spooky Cap! :) )

What's Next?

Well, we're now at $100,528 and at $102,500 your 27TH TRADING CARD is unlocked!

And what's after that?

  • at $105,000, THE ANNIHILATOR WHAT-IF ROMANCE PRINT with NSFW OPTION gets unlocked! For this print you'll get to decide which The Young Protectors character you'd want our favorite supervillain to be with if Kyle were not an option! Curious to see The Annihilator and Tsunami kissing and maybe a whole lot more? If this stretch goal gets unlocked, you might just get your chance!
  • at $110,000, not only will that place us in the Top 20 Most Funded Comics Kickstarters of all time (!), not only would that unlock your 29th Trading card, but this stretch goal also UNLOCKS ALL REMAINING ORIGIN CARDS! "Play your cards right" in the votes and you could get three bonus trading cards with this (and also lock-in full sets of POWERS, ROMANCE and ORIGIN cards as your reward!)
  • and then at $115,000, the KYLE WHAT-IF ROMANCE PRINT with NSFW OPTION gets unlocked, where you'll get to decide which The Young Protectors character you'd want Kyle to be with if The Annihilator were out of the picture! Want to see Kyle kissing Spooky (and maybe doing a whole lot more)? Now you can!

A more complete list of all the upcoming stretch goals can be found on the main page. And they are also described in more detail in this update.

Oh! And a bunch of you have started chatting in the Comments about what new stretch goal you're looking forward to. I'd love to hear from all of you about that, so if you get a moment, please respond in the Comments section of this post, and let me know which next stretch goal is the one you really find appealing.

And will we hit any of those stretch goals? Fingers crossed! But for now I'm just so psyched that I'm actually going to get to make real, authentic Spooky Caps! And you're going to get to have them!!!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for this wonderful, crazy day! And for making such wonderful, wonderful things happen!

Just 3 days left! Please keep spreading the word! I'm excited to see what's going to happen next! :D

You really are SUPERHEROES!

More soon!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Chibi on

      josh: not sure we will make it to all the cards @_@

    2. Missing avatar

      josh on

      Looking forward to the locker room print and all the cards! !!! So happy!!!! :-D

    3. Missing avatar

      mangagirl on

      WOOT, WOOT!! How exciting, a SPOOKY CAP, I can't wait!! I have to confess the cap goodie is the one I was looking for. Congrats on making it over 100k!!

    4. Alicia Colón on

      I'm really excited for all the cards too. I wish that goal was sooner! Haha. I'm more interested in that goal than the ones in-between, except maybe the short story. (Not that I don't want the others but the cards are going to be super cool.)

    5. Jonathan Malloy on

      Sooo excited!!! I really hope we unlock all the cards, though I'm super excited for every stretch goal we unlock!!!

    6. Jamie Dutton on

      Gotta collect 'em all, a la Pokemon, hmm?

    7. Missing avatar

      gcaro on

      The collector in me just keeps screaming ALL OF THE CARDS. That's the part I'm looking forward the most, specially the ORIGIN ones

    8. Jamie Dutton on

      Illustrated short story and STICKERS!! Lol, we blew past Crazy Town and are on our way to Insanityville!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      I hope The Annihilator wins! I mean we are going to know what Kyle's first time is going to be like, I'm really interested in knowing, what kind of man he likes. I mean The Annihilator seems to have alternative reasons for picking Kyle and he has implied, in his old days that he was reckless and impulsive.

    10. Greg Allen on

      All the cards!!!! C'mon people, we can do this!

    11. Missing avatar

      Chibi on

      I want to get to $135 so we all the cards!

    12. Carolyn Hartman on

      Well I'm rooting for the illustrated story personally. Let's go $125,000.
      Remember when $50,000 was Crazy Town?