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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
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Just got the "all clear!" The false Google warning has been removed from all affected webcomics, including mine.

Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

All right. Some good news! I just heard that Google has fixed the false malware warnings on all the affected sites. I just confirmed it myself by being able to go to the Questionable Content webcomic using Chrome with no problem and I'm hearing back from readers that Google has also fixed the false warning on my site as well.

Total downtime was about 8 hours. Not awesome, particularly during our last week, but nowhere near as awful as it could have been. I really appreciate the kind words of support y'all sent me in the comments here and in personal emails.

Some of you have asked in the comments about possibly extending this Kickstarter an extra day or something to make up for this unfortunate mixup. It's my understanding that that is something that Kickstarter doesn't ever do.

But I still think we can be just fine even with this lost time. Please keep doing the amazing job you're doing spreading the word. Even though today was our slowest day so far because of this, we still have time to make up for it. And now that this false warning has been fixed, there's nothing stopping us from continuing to kick butt here. :)

Thank you again for being such awesome backers!


P.S. I just realized that because of the two just unlocked Romance Cards from yesterday, backers at the TRUE SUPER-HERO pledge level and above will now be getting thirty full-color 11" x 14" prints sent to them! 

Wow, that's awesome. At least there's some good news today!

P.P.S. I'm finishing coming up with the new, just-in-case, post-$100K stretch goals and they are very fun ones. I look forward to sharing those with you soon!


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    1. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on

      @Chris: Thank you so much. It's really the positive vibes and support coming from backers like yourself that make this Kickstarter so much fun for me. There's a lot of hard work in a Kickstarter campaign, but really, y'all make it into a total blast for me! :D

      And thank you also for the kind words for me and The Young Protectors' artists! (I'm sure you meant penciler Adam DeKraker and colorist Veronica Gandini. The awesome Winona Nelson worked with me on the last one. ;) )

      @Hours: Me too. :)

      @Chibi: Just as well. Now we can focus again on the fun of the Kickstarter! ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Chibi on

      mm was out all day and totally missed all this @_@

    3. Hours Left on

      I'm glad it was resolved so quickly.

    4. Chris Dangerfield on

      Alex, Your good spirit and unrelenting positivity is really what makes this such a great adventure. No matter what level of success, it is yours (and Winona's) and you deserve the best and we'll enjoy every page of it. Best ~ CD