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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
2,462 backers pledged $133,640 to help bring this project to life.

VOTING RESULTS for Never Seen Before Romance Print and your 20th Trading Card is UNLOCKED!

Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

Howdy everyone!

We had a really great day today! Not only did you get me in your votes for the Never Seen Before Romance Print, but you also managed to unlock the twenty-eighth stretch goal ($82,500)—your 20th Trading Card!

Never Before Seen Romance Print Voting Results

First, let me share the voting results. This time 850 of you cast your ballots to determine who would be on your next bonus ROMANCE PRINT and you overwhelmingly voted for young love this time—you chose FLYBOY + FLUKE with 301 votes!

You also voted for this print to be Not Safe for Work (79.29%) vs. Safe For Work (20.71%), so even though everyone will keep their pants on for this one, it'll be a sexy make-out scene between these two instead of a sweet cuddle by the fireplace.  :)

Your votes mean that in addition to the nineteen trading cards you all are already receiving (with corresponding 11" x 14" Print options for the sixteen POWERS and ROMANCE cards), two ACTION PRINTS, three ROMANCE PRINTS (two NSFW!), five default prints, not to mention the SEXY HEIGHT CHART, backers at the EXPERIENCED VIGILANTE level or higher will now be able to get an 11" x 14" sexy romance image featuring the two junior members of The Young Protectors team, Fluke and Flyboy, making out! And all backers will receive the art as high-res digital wallpaper the moment we finish it! YAY!

(Oh, and just a reminder: if you are a backer, yes, you can choose to increase your pledge at any time until the project ends. So if you decide you'd like one of these physical prints, so long as the project is still running, it's very easy to make that happen. 

[And just for the record, backers at the TRUE SUPER-HERO level and above will currently be sent twenty-eight full-color 11" x 14" prints as one of their rewards! Holy cats!!])

How did the other votes shake out? Commander + The Platinum Priestess claimed 2nd place (with 192 votes), Hunter + Killer pulled a surprising third (77 votes), then Flyboy + Hunter AND Killer (53 votes), The Platinum Priestess + Hunter AND Killer (39 votes), Fluke + Hunter AND Killer (30 votes, notice a pattern here?), Commander + Hunter AND Killer (29 votes), Hunter + Hunter AND Killer (29 votes), Flyboy + Commander (21 votes), Commander + Fluke (19 votes), Killer + Hunter AND Killer (12 votes) and then finally Flyboy + Hunter with 10 votes. All other pairings received less than 10 votes.

Your 20th Trading Card

In other news, you totally kept your streak going of unlocking stretch goals every day by unlocking the 28th Stretch Goal earlier today, your 20th Trading Card! A few minutes after I send out this update, I'll send out your voting link for that.

I've also been debating between a couple future stretch goals, just in case we happen to exceed $100K in pledges, so I think I'll include a question about that too, just to see what you might prefer more.

What's Next?

Well, we're now at $83,162 and the next stretch goal gets unlocked less than $2000 away at $85,000 and this one is pretty special because not only does it unlock your 21st Trading Card but it also unlocks any ROMANCE CARDS that have yet to be unlocked! That means it could potentially add THREE new Trading Cards to your already massive stack!

And after that?

  • at $90,000, I'll create another ROMANCE PRINT, this time one that is guaranteed to be safe enough to hang in your living room so you can show off cute super-powerful folks kissing to visiting family. (As one should.) And all characters will be back in play!
  • at $95,000, all backers getting a physical book will also be sent a KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE BOOKMARK featuring the character you vote on!
  • at $97,500, the FIRST-TIME TRADING CARDS get unlocked! These cards would reveal intimate details about a character's romantic experience, namely their first-time experiences with romance and sex (first kiss, first time in love, first...). The card art would also feature a sweet, beautiful image of that character's very first kiss.
  • and then if things get really crazy and we hit $100,000, all backers at the YOUNG HERO pledge level and above will be sent an authentic, embroidered SPOOKY CAP

Will we hit any of those stretch goals? Fingers crossed! But for now it's time for me to send you your next BACKERS ONLY voting link!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm! It's so exciting to be able to unlock stretch goals every day and it's all because you've been doing such a great job letting your friends know about us and getting the word out.

And with 8 days to go, there's only a little over a week left! Crazy how time has just flown by. You've just made this so much fun! :D

You all ROCK SO MUCH! More soon!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph Griffin on


      i just really want a platinum priestess/commander romance (or "romance") thing. i don't understand why people voted the two underage characters for a nsfw print. i mean, as much as i love seeing 15 year olds making out, i'd much rather give the people backing this comic who are not so phallicly inclined a little summin summin, naw mean?

      oh well. maybe it's not meant to be. i'll still vote them for next time, though.

    2. Tobi Hill-Meyer

      Yes, I was noticing the large number of Hunter AND Killer + Someone. In fact, if you add them all together that's 192 votes, plus any other combinations that got less than 10 votes. I think what this is really telling us is that there are a lot of people who want to see a romance print with three characters. So far Hunter and Killer + someone has been the only way to do that. Perhaps another future vote (100K+?) could give us the option of selecting any three characters to put together?

    3. Hours Left on

      @feverfew: Maybe there are more Hunter & Killer fans than I thought. We do need to be more organized though, we're kinda all over the place. XD

    4. feverfew on

      Look how many pairings with Hunter and/or Killer were voted for! If only we could bundle our efforts! But well, they would make a fun pairing with any of the other characters. :D
      So, will they ever make it?
      Hey Alex, for a future KS or stretch goal, could we have a Hunter/Killer-print where we only vote which other character we want to see them paired up with? *puppy eyes*

    5. Laura Josephine Bach on

      Alex~ I don't suppose we can talk you into a romance print for Platinum and Commander, can we? *puppy face* I don't think romance would really suit them, so it would have to be nfsw....