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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
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Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

Howdy everyone!

Voting Results For Your 19th Trading Card

All right-y. I've just gotten the voting results for your 19th Trading Card. This time there were 885 ballots cast and out of those, the overwhelming majority (396 or 44.75%) chose the SPOOKY JONES ORIGIN CARD! (2nd and 3rd place weren't even close, except to each other: with Flyboy at 106 and Commander at 105.)

I'm actually very pleased that we're going to get to create the Spooky Jones Origin Card because I know for a fact that his origin is rather cool. ;)

Anyway! Your choice means that in addition to a physical book and beautiful POWERS trading cards for ALL 9 character choices as well as ROMANCE trading cards for The Annihilator, Spooky Jones, Flyboy, Kyle, Commander, Tsunami and Fluke and ORIGIN cards for The Annihilator and Kyle, those of you who are pledging at the FULL CITIZEN level or above will now also receive a nice, glossy 2.5" x 3.5" trading card with a powerful image of one of the first uses of Spooky Jones's powers as well as a fascinating narration about how he became a superhero!

You're going to be getting nineteen bonus cards with your books now! In addition to that, all backers will get access to a digital version of this card! YAY!

Backers Save The Day!

So, today looked like it was going to be the first day since this Kickstarter began that a new stretch goal wasn't going to be unlocked and that I wouldn't be releasing a voting poll. 

But then, just at the last minute, y'all put out the call to arms in the Comments and a bunch of you upped your pledges and/or spread the word and found new backers and then, out of nowhere, we managed to jump right over the twenty-seventh stretch goal ($80,000)—the NEVER BEFORE SEEN PRINT! 

WOO HOO! You all are AWESOME!

So, what's this Romance Print about? Well, so far we've had two ROMANCE PRINTS with Kyle + The Annihilator and then, when we took them out of the picture, you all voted for a ROMANCE PRINT with Spooky + Tsunami. But variety is the spice is life, so the question now is: which two characters would you choose to see kissing and stuff (and maybe a whole lot more) if previously winning characters Kyle, The Annihilator, Spooky Jones & Tsunami were out of the picture? 

I have absolutely no idea and that's what makes this so much fun!

For this new print, there's also a Not Safe For Work option which you can vote on. But of course with Spooky, Kyle and Tsunami out of the picture, that leaves underage characters Flyboy and Fluke as the only two guy heroes from The Young Protectors team left. How will I handle things if they are chosen for this print AND you also choose NSFW?

Well, as I've said, if underage characters are involved in a Romance Print, everyone keeps their pants on. But here will be the difference: if one of them is chosen and you vote Safe For Work, it'll be a sweet scene of romance. (Like a first date or something.) But if one of them is chosen and you vote, Not Safe For Work, everyone will keep those trousers on, yes, but it will be a sexy, shirtless (but obviously not explicit) make-out scene. So, your votes for SFW vs. NSFW will still make a difference in terms of the whole tone of the piece, regardless of who wins.

And of course, as with all the potentially NSFW Romance Prints, I've given you a Hunter AND Killer option along with separate Hunter and Killer choices. So, if you want a Hunter + Killer + Hunter's Clone sexytime print, you can now make that happen. ;)

Who will you choose for this one? No idea! But I can't wait to find out!

What's Next?

Well, we're at $80,076 (and over 1500 backers now—WOOT!) and the next stretch goal gets unlocked at $82,500—your 20th Trading Card! The big 2-0!

And after that?

  • I've listened to your suggestions in the comments, so I've changed the $85,000 stretch goal so that, if we reach it, it AUTOMATICALLY UNLOCKS ALL ROMANCE CARDS that have yet to be unlocked through votes! And it unlocks a new Trading Card at the same time. "Play your cards right" in the voting and you could get THREE Trading Cards unlocked with this one!
  • at $90,000, I'll create another ROMANCE PRINT, this time one that is guaranteed to be safe enough to hang in your living room so you can show off cute super-powerful folks kissing. (As one should.) And all characters will be back in play!
  • and then if things get really crazy and we hit $100,000, all backers at the YOUNG HERO pledge level and above will be sent an authentic, embroidered SPOOKY CAP! 

Will we hit any of those stretch goals? Fingers crossed! But for now it's time for me to send you your next BACKERS ONLY voting link!

Thank You!

It's incredible that we've unlocked stretch goals (sometimes more than one!) every single day that this project has been running. (You can see the complete list here.) And it's all because of your amazing support and your incredible ability to get the word out. Stretch goals every day! You just make this so much fun!

You are total SUPERHEROES and I bow before your awesomeness! More soon!



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      Say it with me now...Hunter and Platinum Priestess! Come on, folks! :-D Yeah, she goes slumming once in a while--what of it? ;-)

    2. Jeffrey McLaurin on

      Awesome! I'm glad we hit another goal! :)