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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
2,462 backers pledged $133,640 to help bring this project to life.

VOTING RESULTS for the Sexy Height Chart for the Guys and the 18th Trading Card is UNLOCKED

Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

Howdy y'all!

You all are doing such great things! Not only have you gotten your votes in on the last unlocked stretch goal, but you've also unlocked a new one ($72,500)—your 18th Trading Card!

Boxers, Briefs or None Of The Above

First, let's talk about the voting results! The 23rd Stretch Goal was to unlock a new 11" x 14" bonus print option, the SEXY HEIGHT CHART FOR THE GUYS (which all backers will receive as a digital wallpaper.) This print will feature all the guy heroes of The Young Protectors lined up by height against a height chart for a government-mandated physical. The question I asked you was whether those guys should be lined up in their underwear for this or if you'd rather they be completely naked so you can tell how the adult heroes truly measure up.

Well, there were 908 ballots cast this time and 687 of you (75.66%) voted to have this sexy scene created with the underwear off! That seems like a very clear result! :D And so that's what we'll do!

(What's fascinating to me about this vote is that the percentage stayed completely consistent throughout the entire 24-hour voting period. Whether only 50 people had responded or 500 or as you can see 908, there was a consistent 75% vs 25% division between those who wanted the underwear removed and those who wanted it kept on. I guess it just goes to show that those statisticians might be on to something with the whole idea of a small "statistically significant" sample being indicative of a whole population. Science is neat!)

Your votes mean that in addition to the seventeen trading cards you all are already receiving (with corresponding 11" x 14" Print options for the POWERS and ROMANCE cards) and an ACTION PRINT with Kyle , a Dark Side ACTION PRINT with Kyle and The Annihilator, and three ROMANCE PRINTS (two NSFW!) that y'all have already voted on, backers at the EXPERIENCED VIGILANTE level or higher will now be able to get an 11" x 14" sexy image featuring the guys characters of The Young Protectors team lined up by height against a height chart while completely naked! (With modesty preserved for underage characters, Fluke and Flyboy, of course. Ideally, preserved humorously.) 

And all backers will receive the art as high-res digital wallpaper the moment we finish it! YAY!

True Super-Heroes Are Now Getting 27 Prints!

And here's a Holy Cow thought: after all these stretch-goals you've been unlocking, backers at the True Super-Hero level ($150) and above are now going to be sent twenty-seven 11" x 14" art prints! That's five of the "regular" Print Options the project started with as well as art from the unlocked POWERS and ROMANCE cards (16 so far!) in addition to six bonus prints that have also been unlocked!

And, of course, because the Full Monty reward has been unlocked, True Super-Hero backers can choose to have fully nude versions of five of the art prints made from the ROMANCE CARDS! (The unlocked ones with characters over the age of 18 in the story, of course.) 

You can see the complete list of what you're getting here.

(By the way, the choice to go Full Monty with the Romance Card art will be yours; if you want the regular card art, you can choose to get that. But it's either-or. While I can understand it would be lovely to pick and choose ("I want to see Spooky and Tsunami naked, but not Kyle, because he's icky!"), that's a bit too crazy for me to keep track of. So when I send out the shipping surveys you'll have a choice between getting all the art from the Romance Cards with adult characters "full-monty" or all of it "regular." Either/or, not both and as a complete Full Monty set or as a complete Regular set. But the choice will now be yours. :) )

So! If getting twenty-seven 11" x 14" art prints with The Young Protectors characters sounds like something that would appeal to you, with the Kickstarter interface, you can of course easily choose to increase your pledge to True Super-Hero level or above at any time until the project ends.


Your 18th Trading Card Has Been Unlocked

So, if that's not wild enough, then here's some more news: this morning you unlocked the 24th stretch goal ($72,500)—your 18th Trading Card!

Last time you voted to unlock our first ORIGIN CARD for The Annihilator. Who will you choose this time?

In a few minutes I'll be sending out the Voting Link in a BACKERS-ONLY update for you to answer just that!

What's Next?

Well, we're now at $74,196 and the next stretch goal gets unlocked less than $1000 away at $75,000. And this is another very special one: the TRUTH OR DARE BONUS COMIC PDF!

If this gets unlocked, I'll create a full-color 5-15 page bonus comic featuring the heroes of The Young Protectors team playing a game of Truth or Dare where you, the backers, will be able to create and vote on the questions/dares that are asked! This comic will be written in the humorous style of Interlude One and will be released as a PDF for all backers of this project to enjoy. It will be non-canon to give me maximum flexibility for the fun but all the answers to the Truth questions will be absolutely true answers! (And all responses to the Dares will stay absolutely in character to who these characters are!)

How will the voting work? First off, this would be a little different because I wouldn't start voting on this until this Kickstarter Project was over to give all backers a chance to participate. And we'd use a service called Google Moderator which allows you to create questions (or dares) for individual characters (e.g. "SPOOKY: Have you ever been in love and with whom?") and then gives all backers the chance to vote on which of those reader-created questions/dares are their favorites. Out of that, we'll get a Top Ten list of the best questions and dares and from that Top Ten, I'll choose my favorite six or so to use in the actual comic.

And how will the game in the comic work? It depends. If the questions/dares you choose seem like things that these characters would realistically ask each other, I might just have this be a fun, private camp-out where a real game of Truth or Dare just arises naturally.

But I expect some of these question/dares you come up with will be a little more... unusual. ;) So, the conceit I'll probably use is that this is a private "reality show" taping where a bunch of "high-rollers" have come up with a bunch of these questions—which the team will draw "randomly" from a hat—and each question answered will be worth a lot of money to the askees favorite charity. (God knows why Commander would ever agree to this, but that's why this is non-canon, "what-if" and just-for-fun! ;) ) Commander and Tsunami will be there to make sure things don't get too "out-of-hand" (especially with the underage characters), but because this will be for charity and "for fun", the team will be very open to unusual Truths or Dares and will do their very best to give satisfying responses.

Writing it down here maybe makes it all sound more complicated than it is—which is a fun comic with our team playing Truth or Dare in a (potentially sexy) comedy scene where you get to decide what the Truths and Dares are. It's going to be a total BLAST! ;)

If we hit that stretch goal, of course...

And what's next next?

  • at $77,500, you unlock your 19th Trading Card!
  • at $80,000, you unlock the NEVER BEFORE SEEN ROMANCE PRINT with NSFW OPTION where variety is the spice of life! You'll get to pick which two characters you want to see together who have yet to be featured in a ROMANCE PRINT. This one's going to be fun!
  • I've listened to your suggestions in the comments, so I've changed the $85,000 stretch goal so that, if we reach it, it AUTOMATICALLY UNLOCKS ALL ROMANCE CARDS that have yet to be unlocked through votes! 
  • and then if things get really crazy and we hit $100,000, all backers at the YOUNG HERO pledge level and above will be sent an authentic, embroidered SPOOKY CAP!

All that sounds like a lot of fun to make! And... I've actually been thinking a bit about what I might have for stretch goals after these. You know, if we get that Spooky Cap and there's still time on the clock. Things like a KYLE WHAT-IF ROMANCE PRINT where you'd let me know who'd you want him to be with if The Annihilator were out of the picture. Young Protectors stickers sent to everyone getting a book. A sexy team locker/shower scene print. And a bunch of other fun ideas I've been bouncing around. I've even looked into the possibility of creating a 1/8 Kyle figurine. I think that would be kinda cool...

Will we hit any of these stretch goals? Fingers crossed! But for now it's time for me to send you out your voting link for your 18th Trading Card!

Thank You

Thank you so, so much for your awesome support and enthusiasm. It's amazing to think that we're coming up on $75,000 and reading your kind words in the comments about how you're enjoying this project totally makes my day.

You are my superheroes! More soon!



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    1. Marc on

      Holy cow! I'm super happy I came across and was able to get in on this!! It looks amazing!

    2. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      The truth or dare comic is going to be awesome. Because there will probably be a lot of options to choose from (same question different characters), could there be several heats where we progressively narrow down to the top 10? I know that is more work for you, but it would be so much fun!

    3. Jamie Dutton on

      Congrats, Alex! :) Lol, when I read this, the "Full Monty" soundtrack started playing in my head! The Joe Cocker song "You Can Leave Your Hat On," specifically, lol! ><; Although someone in the main comments mentioned The Hot Chocolate Song, which is also very appropriate!