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Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
Get the book, trading cards & more for The Young Protectors—a smart superhero tale featuring a hero who just happens to like other guys
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Posted by Alex Woolfson (Creator)

The results from our eighth 24-hour voting poll are also in! And for the pairing in our very 1st ROMANCE PRINT WITH A NSFW OPTION you've again chosen our main characters KYLE and THE ANNIHILATOR with 211 votes out of exactly 500 ballots total!

People just can't get enough of you two handsome devils...

And how many folks voted for this print to be Not Safe for Work? 92.6%! I think that's what they call a mandate!  (And I didn't realize the yaoi pun there until just now as I typed that.... I think I'm going to need to get a little more sleep. ;) )

Anyway! That means that in addition to ten trading cards you all are already receiving (with corresponding 11" x 14" Print options) and an ACTION PRINT and another ROMANCE PRINT that y'all have already voted on, backers at the EXPERIENCED VIGILANTE level or higher will now be able to get an 11" x 14" sweet, sexy and Not Safe for Work romance image featuring Kyle with The Annihilator as one of their print options! And all backers will receive the art as high-res digital wallpaper the moment we finish it! YAY!

(Oh, and just a reminder: if you are a backer, yes, you can choose to increase your pledge at any time until the project ends. So if you decide you'd like one of these physical prints, so long as the project is still running, it's very easy to make that happen.)

How did the other votes shake out? Well, fairly similar to last time, except with perhaps less voting for the under-18 characters Flyboy and Fluke (which would have made this print automatically Safe-for-Work had they been chosen.)

Even though Kyle with The Annihilator won by a landslide again, Spooky and Kyle were again the 2nd most popular choice (with 88 votes), then there was Kyle + Flyboy again in 3rd place (24 votes), Spooky + Commander moved up to 4th (with 21 votes),  Commander + The Platinum Priestess retained their fifth place spot (19 votes), then Hunter & Killer as a team tied with + Kyle (15 votes) and + The Annihilator (15 votes), then Spooky + Flyboy (13 votes), Spooky + Tsunami (11 votes) and finally in tenth place we had Flyboy + Tsunami (10 votes). All other pairings received less than 10 votes.

But wait, there's more!

Earlier today, you unlocked the thirteenth stretch goal at $45,000 and this one was a biggie! Not only does that unlock the 11th Trading Card for you to vote on (and I'll be sending that link out to you in a BACKERS-ONLY update after the 10th card voting finishes!), but that also means you've unlocked the 25-PAGE BONUS COMIC WITH FAN FAVORITE CHARACTERS COMMANDER & SPOOKY JONES! WOO HOO!

Oh, yeah. With these two, you just know it's going to be a fun read.

This comic will be added to the printed book (as well as be included in the PDF that all backers from CITIZEN on up will get). You've just made our book like twice as awesome! Thank you so, so much!

What's next?

Well, you're all currently voting on the 10th Trading card and right now we're at $46,454, just shy of $1000 away from the next stretch goal (at $47,500) which unlocks the 12th Trading card. 

And what happens at $50,000? You unlock the Full Monty reward! That means that 11" x 14" print options for all unlocked Romance Cards for a Age-18+ characters will have a fully nude option!

When it comes time to ship, as an EXPERIENCED VIGILANTE-level backer or above, you can always still choose to just receive Safe-for-Work (or Safe-for-Work-ish—they are still sexy pin-ups...) prints of the Romance Card art. But if you want to see everything... Well, if this stretch goal is unlocked, you'll have that option!

(And of course, all backers at the CITIZEN level or above will be able to see the beautiful Full Monty art we're going to create as digital downloads!)

Will we reach that goal? Fingers crossed! But for now, I'm just excited we're going to have this awesome BONUS COMIC added to the book!

And what's next next?

Now that we are approaching the last stretch goal I listed when I launched the project (with still 22 days remaining on the clock!), a number of you have asked if there will be any other nice stretch goal goodies after $50,000.

Indeed, yes. Very nice ones, actually. I've been thinking a lot about that over the last few days. Stay tuned... ;)

Please help spread the word

Oh! And if you can, please help spread the word about this project to your friends and anyone else who you think might be interested (and who could also spread the word!) In many ways, The Young Protectors is the best kept secret in webcomics. And we're about to enter the middle part of this Kickstarter project where the continued success becomes almost entirely about word-of-mouth.

If there's anyone who you think might be interested in this comic or any of the rewards y'all will be getting, please take a moment on Monday to let them know through the Twitters and the Facebooks and the Tumblrs, etc. I'd really appreciate it and it makes the chance of unlocking some of the extra-cool stretch goals I've come up with even more likely.

Thank you so much!

Thank you all again for everything you've already done and for your enthusiasm and support. I might not be getting much sleep, but I'm over the moon with happiness. And I can't wait to make that bonus comic!

You all RULE! :D



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    1. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      I could totally see taking the top 10 lists from the last two polls, removing Kyle + Anniliator and giving us all of the those options as choices of what to vote for.

    2. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      Alex, I'm so excited to hear you say that the new stretch goals will include some more diversity. Can't wait to hear what they are! I'd be so curious to see what happens if there is another print and Kyle + Annihilator is not an option. I'm sure whatever you choose will be awesome!

    3. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on

      @Carlo: Glad to hear it!

      @Stormy: I'm still thinking about that (and will probably run some tests once I have the actual art to make sure I'm happy with the results.) But right now I'm leaning towards 80# Gloss.

    4. Stormy on

      I'm not sure if you've stated it anywhere - what kind of paper will the prints be done on? (...I'm so, so tempted to jump up to True Super Hero level...).

    5. Carlo Hiller on

      Oh, I'm really excited now! Can't wait for you to announce your plans! :)

    6. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on

      @Carolyn & Carlo: You're very right that celebrating diversity is something that this comic is about. And that's been something I've been thinking about when coming up with the next round of stretch goals. Stay tuned. :)

    7. Carlo Hiller on

      I agree, having them win again is somewhat boring as they already have 90% screentime in the actual comic. Personally I would have loved to see Spooky or Fluke get some action with Kyle; or even with each other, or maybe all three together? Oh, the possibilities... :D
      Seeing how well the kickstarter is going and that we're nearly out of stretch goals, I really hope there will be the possibility of further stretch goals with votes for trading cards and prints to get some more diversity going. After all, isn't celebrating diversity partly what this comic is all about? ;)

    8. Hours Left on

      I'm not surprised by the outcome, but I was hoping that more people would of taken advantage of the Hunter & Killer combo with The Annihilator. What better way to break in the first NSFW print than with those three strapping men?

      At least they made it above 10 votes this time. XD

    9. Carolyn Hartman on

      Little sad to see them win again. Not that I don't like our boys together but they're the main focus in cannon and we won't be likely to see any of the other options at all. But any way you slice it I'm sure it'll be an image well worth seeing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chibi on

      oh fluke is under 18 @_@ .. did not know that >>

    11. Missing avatar

      Chibi on

      dang I was hoping for a paring with spooky!