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An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
988 backers pledged $36,551 to help bring this project to life.

Exclusive Artifice Q&A Video Reached!

WOOT! We just cleared $30,000 (!!!) so that means I'll create a special video—just for Kickstarter backers—where I'll answer five of your most burning questions about Artifice

(It also makes us one of the top 20 most funded comics projects in Kickstarter history—stunned WOOT! :D )

The deadline to submit your question (and vote on other questions) will be by end of day, April 15th. So if you haven't already done so

Please submit (and vote on!) your Artifice questions here before April 15th!


There are less than 56 hours remaining, so please make sure

  • the credit card information you used to pledge is correct
  • if you used a pre-paid card, you have at least $1 more than you pledged
  • if you are located outside of the U.S. and chose a printed reward, you included the extra amount needed for additional shipping costs

The first two points are especially important. If you credit card is declined, not only will that cause problems with receiving your reward, but I also get charged a significant fee from Amazon. Which would make me sad. So please make sure that the credit card you used is current and, if it was a pre-paid card, that there is at least $1 extra in its "balance".


I added a couple new rewards about a week ago that allow you to get ALL of the art prints sent to you. If that's something you'd like, you can login to your Kickstarter account and change your reward at any time.


It's really important to me that everyone who wants to get a printed copy of Artifice (and the new Artifice bonus comic y'all just funded!) gets a chance to pledge. I don't want anyone to feel like they missed out because they heard about this too late. You've already done an amazing job in spreading the word about this Kickstarter project. But if you could let your friends know through reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. that there are only hours left to pledge, I would very much appreciate it!


At $35,000, I'll commission another art print for you all to download as a high-res file (and for $100+/$150+/$175+/$250+/$450+ backers to choose to have sent to them as a physical print). I'm keeping it a "mystery" what it is, but it will be both safe for work and a little sexy. I think you'll like it. ;)

And if we hit $40,000, I'd be able to afford to commission a second Artifice bonus comic—a romantic flashback scene between Jeff and Deacon on Da Vinci 4 that would [SPOILER ALERT] also reveal how Jeff got the codes. Definitely be fun to make that!


I suppose it goes without saying that the response to this project has far exceeded my wildest dreams. My friends keep sending me emails teasing me about how much I worried this project would never get funded at all. 

But I want to say it: your amazing generosity has made what I was sure would be impossible possible.  Your backing has already made Artifice—a comic with gay heroes!—one of the top twenty most funded comics in Kickstarter history. That's incredible! And I'd like to think it will make even more comics like Artifice possible. Which is of course what started me on this journey in the first place.

Thank you so much for helping me get the word out and for your generous backing. You all totally rock. :D


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gaby on

      @Alex: wow!! thank you so, so, so much!! i wish i can pledge more, but the shipping cost, and with my room is practically exposed to my families.. it's not a good idea (although i really, really want to) good luck on reaching the next goal! ^^

      @Helen i love that question. if i'm allowed to answer, i'd go for jake. for some reason tho.. i kinda pictured brad pitt as jake. hahah.. jake reminded me of brad pitt on troy with his hair length and the half naked looks. (just sayin) :p

    2. Helen Taylor on

      i just added what i think is an interesting question. i'm gonna post it here, so hopefullly people who agree will go vote for it.

      "If Artifice were live-action, and you HAD to pick one, which character would you be?"

    3. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on

      @Gaby: Not to worry. The bonus comic PDF will be sent to ALL backers. Including those at the $5 level. :) (Same goes for a high-res wallpaper of the "Happy Ending" print. At higher pledge levels you can choose to get it sent to you as a high-quality physical print you can hang on your wall, but ALL backers get it as a high-res wallpaper for their computer.)

      @Elanor: No worries. Thank you for pointing that out to me. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Gaby on

      since i dont have that much money to be able to pledge for $20 and another $10 for shipping, i only pledge for the downloadable pdf. but it means there's no bonus comic like if i do $20 pledge? may i know what's in the bonus comic? just wondering anyway.. :p

    5. Missing avatar

      Elanor on

      sorry, I didn't mean to sound so serious in my last post! You're right, it's not really a competition. I was just worried about people posting questions on the same day the voting finishes.
      I don't really know much about the google program you're using so I can't comment on what is good or not. Just do whatever you think is best :)

    6. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on

      @Elanor: Hmm. That actually had never occurred to me. I had thought of this as more of a fun thing than as a competition. But you make a very good point. :)

      I don't believe Google Moderator allows me the ability to delete people's votes, but I can ask that people stop submitting questions on April 15th, send out an email asking for final voting at that point and then release the final "winning" question list on April 22nd. Would that be more fair?

      (It's true that the folks who got their questions in early have the chance to receive more votes, but that cuts both ways—it also means they have more time to be down-voted too.)

    7. Missing avatar

      Elanor on

      I don't think it's fair that the questions and voting end on the same day. If anything you should remove all previous votes and only take votes after the questions are all there. The way it is now gives an unfair advantage to people who put their question in at the start.