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An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
An android soldier fights for love and survival vs. an evil corporation. Show your support for smart action stories with gay heroes!
988 backers pledged $36,551 to help bring this project to life.

Bonus rewards, a new reward and HOLY COW!

WOW! I launched this Kickstarter project very late on Friday night and I wake up this Sunday to see that we are now 94% funded. Less than two days later! HOLY COW! You are all AMAZING!

I am so excited about the thought that printing these books could actually happen, I'm dancing around the room right now! Thank you! :D

And gosh, seeing as we're basically just in day 2 (!) of my 30 day Kickstarter project and we're 94% of the way to the original goal of $7000, I'm going to do what I've seen that other successful Kickstarter projects like The Order of the Stick and Diesel Sweeties have done: I'm going to offer some bonus goals with rewards that ALL backers can enjoy if things keep going so well—as a way to express my gobsmacked gratitude.

- If we hit $15,000, then I will commission Winona to create a 13" x 19" "Happy Ending" print of Jeff and Deacon, embracing and kissing in front of a beautiful sunset... and the smoking, burning remains of the Noneco Campus. It will become one of the art print options for those pledging $100+, but I'll make it available to ALL backers as a free PDF download (and also downloadable as desktop/mobile phone wallpaper files). This print will be safe-for-work/family (so long as they are cool with fully-clothed guys kissing, that is), so you'll be able to hang it up (or use it on your computer) wherever. :)

- Now, I've read about other Kickstarter projects where the vegan creators have offered to eat bacon (!) if a certain target was met. Well, I'm not a vegan, but I am a very private person. If we hit $20,000, I'll release a "blooper reel" of the especially goofy moments of me making this video. And won't that be fun? :D

- If we hit $25,000 (hard for me to believe, but I'll never underestimate y'all again!), then I will commission Winona to create the line art for a canon 5-10 page "coda" comic that picks up after the events of the webcomic. The comic itself will be full-color and, while I don't want to spoil anything here, will focus on a character (or characters) you already care about and will let you know how they're doing. This comic would be a free PDF download for ALL backers and would come out sometime in 2013.

- And if things get really crazy and we hit $40,000 (!), then I'll commission Winona to create the line art for a canon, full-color 5-10 page romantic comic between Jeff and Deacon that took place on Da Vinci Four. It would answer some remaining plot questions and would also be a full Artifice-level, R-rated romantic scene with all the kissing and stuff that will show how our heroes's relationship developed as they grew to trust each other more. It will be fun, I promise. ;)  This comic would also be a free PDF download for ALL backers and would come out sometime in 2013.

More news:

I've had some backers write to me saying that they'd like to pledge more than $60, but don't need more than one copy of the book. So I've created a new, additional $60 reward with just ONE copy of the book signed by me and Winona but with the THREE ARTIFICE BOOKMARKS included.  If you've already pledged $60+ and just want the one copy with bookmarks, you can log in to Kickstarter and amend your reward at any time before the project is over.

Whew! All right. Honestly, it feels a bit crazy to actually have "bonus goals" for my project, but this seems to be how it's done in Kickstarter-land and there's certainly more to the story that I'd love to share with you all if I could afford it. Either way, though, I'm over-the-moon and absolutely stunned with the success we've had so far. And if all that happens is us raising enough money to print, I will remain humbled and very, very grateful for your amazing generosity. 

You've all made what I thought might never happen into a something that now seems within reach. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :D


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    1. Alex Woolfson 2-time creator on March 15, 2012

      Cassandra: After what I've seen over the last week, I'll admit that the world seems full of possibilities :D

      Kent: I very much appreciate the support. Especially considering your circumstances. :)

      Emily: Thank you! (And I think you'll really like them! :D )

    2. Missing avatar

      Emily on March 14, 2012

      I would have liked to give a 100 but had to settle with 60 because I do have a bill to pay later on this month. Aw well, it's good to see all the fans going out and I at least got the book marks. I probably don't have any more wall space to hang up a print anyways so I'll take it on my ipod any day:).

    3. Kent Anderson on March 13, 2012

      I know the feeling of being a poor college (University) student. I'm stuck right now at the $30 level ($35 after the shipping, God I hope that Canadian dollar is close to or better than par when this ends, there's only $39 left on my prepaid Visa card and there will be a $2 foreign currency fee applied, from experience). I wish I could jump to the $60 price range, I REALLY want those bookmarks, but I can't afford it! (And, actually, I WOULD have been able to afford it if I hadn't upped my donation to the Double Fine Adventure Game kickstarter within two hours of it finishing because I wanted a physical copy of the game). Doesn't help that now I have 2 prepaid Visa cards with ~$40 on them (the one, not anymore with this funding) that I can't put into my bank account in any way, meaning I have to use them at some point. Kind of annoying.

      But, yeah, being broke sucks. So much for my whole "I'm not going to buy anything during March". That turned out to be a MAJOR lie, given the state of my bank account.

    4. Missing avatar

      Cassandra on March 13, 2012

      $40,000!!? You can't just tell me what you're going to do if you reach that amount and then act like it's not going to happen. *pout* I really dislike being a poor college student. Well, there are 26 more days...maybe...