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Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

WE ARE NOT ALONE: 8688 Backers Raised $1.2MM to Save The Vault! So... What Happens Now?

Posted by Alex Winter (Creator)

Good "Morning After", Freaks!

Okay, not much brain power left, so bear with me... Our Kickstarter is over, and even though there's still a lot more to talk about, here's the most important headline:

Together, we've raised a total of $1,214,036!

That'll be enough to help Joe Travers save a ton of at-risk material from the Vault, so that it'll be around for future generations… and, of course, to let us make the definitive Zappa doc!

It's been a fantastic ride so far, and I'm so psyched that more than a thousand of you joined us during our live "Final Countdown" webcast.

Seriously, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Now, I know I've sent a lot of updates over the last month, so I promise, I'll cool it for a little while and let you breathe. In a few weeks, we'll start sending out details about your Kickstarter rewards, so you know what to expect (and when)! But first, just a few more things to tell you.

The Kickstarter is now officially over, which means that...

1. Preservation work in the Vault starts now

There's no time to waste, so Joe and I have already started working on next steps for the preservation process. I'll share more details as we work them out, but I can tell you this: We'll be busy beavers for a while.

2. Add-On Rewards are still available...

By the time I woke up this morning, I had a ton of messages saying that you guys want to keep going, and asking if can still unlock the remaining stretch goal. So, we'll need to figure out a few details, but for now, you can keep getting Add-On Rewards, and we'll keep updating the tally. And yes..

3. So, we can still reach our final stretch goal! 

To be honest, I still can't believe that we managed to pass our $1MM goal, smash through our first stretch goal and came crazy close to hitting our final stretch goal... all in our last 24 hours! It's totally insane. And even though we didn't quite reach the final goal of $1.25MM, a lot of you are really into the "Interactive Vault" app idea… so, if we raise the rest of what we need, yes, we'll still make it happen!

4. Didn't get to pledge? You'll still be able to join us.

Since so many people are asking: Yes, we're looking into ways to let more people join and pledge. We can't officially do it on Kickstarter, but we're hoping anyone who missed out will still be able to join us as a "Slacker Backer." More on that soon, so stay tuned!

And, finally…

5. We'll share the webcast video next week!

I know that, for a lot of you, our live "Final Countdown" happened in the middle of the night... but we shared some crazy unreleased Frank videos and recordings, and we want to make sure you can see it too! 

So, don't worry: We're fixing some audio sync issues and talking to YouTube about a minor legal issue (involving copyright clearances for one of Frank's songs that we played!!!), but we will post the full video on YouTube and send it a Backer update once it's live. Hang tight: It won't be much longer!

Okay, that's it for today. I'm going back to bed.

And, one more time: thank you for deciding to be part of this project. 

We've got an awesome adventure in front of us!


Alex Winter

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    1. Jay Ordway on

      Frank really cared about his fans as much as they loved him. Please, let us not interrupt the immense love of Frank and his music by squabbling over what ever is going on with the family.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Rogerson on

      During your Kickstarter finale, someone asked you about another Petit Wazoo release. Joe Travers gave Ahmet a knowing look that seemed to indicate that something is brewing towards that end. Is this true? Also, is there any video footage from the 1979 European Tour? Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Thad Boyd on

      @Mykll Valiant: Thanks for the response; sorry to hear about what you went through. It's hard when a loved one dies and the family disagrees on what to do with what's left behind. I'm going to be the executor of a family trust myself someday, and sometimes I worry about it creating strife between me and my family. It can be an awfully hard situation; it sounds like you know that from experience. My sympathies to any family in a similar situation, the Zappas or anybody else.

    4. Missing avatar

      Karl Kemberling on


      I pledged a lesser amount, but am interested in the 3000 pledge for the house tour in April. I wanted to know if I could upgrade my pledge and really had no way of contacting you or the effort. If there are still spots left, please contact me, thanks, and congratulations on the fantastic work.


      Dr. K

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Brenna on

      Thanks for this great campaign, Alex! It has really vitalized the FZ fan community.

      In order to reach the final stretch goal I would like to suggest a shorter monthly (or bi-weekly -- or perhaps even weekly) livestream with pre-paid Q&A through 818-PUMKIN, as well as other fundraising activities.

      That might get some extra money rolling in, and will at the same time keep up the enthusiasm.

    6. Jay Kiser on

      Congrats! Looking forward to whatever happens with this project .... Zappa Forever!

    7. Mykll Valiant

      I apologies if my remarks were, harsh. I've recently had to deal with similar issues when my mom died. My step-dad was able to "lawyer up" and basically null both my mom's will and my mom's wishes that were well known and documented by me and a lot of her friends. So things like this strikes a nerve to me.

      Yes, it sucks if they may have no say that the house gets sold. Yes, it sucks that they may have no choice on personal items that are given away through this KS or elsewhere. Yes it may even suck that they may not have been personally consulted. Alex has already explained that this is his movie, and I think the main point of the campaign to save as much of the vault as possible. He only needed to consult with the ZFT. Gail and Ahmed. But I would think they should be overjoyed on the basic fact that people are willing to spend a tremendous amount of time and money to save what can be saved. That they would get this huge boost from people to help out, without costing them any time or money, and yet they get the benefits of seeing more things of their father saved and restored.

      My mom kept a family history and a lot of journals and such on her laptop, and when she got sicker and couldn't work on the laptop her iPad. We generally don't know our family history but my mom was working on piecing a lot together. I was the tech guy. I was her nurse for 7 years and even a live-in nurse her last year. Her iPad and laptop, among other things, were supposed to be mine first because I would be the one to buy them for her and be her tech support, and second because of the tremendous amount of personal and family history that were on them. Right after my step-dad "lawyered up" he erased and sold them to random people that were not even family friends. So there is zero chance of recovering any of her lost work, writings, or anything else. Things were backed up to an external HD. But that HD was erased and sold with the laptop.

      And that is why I backed this campaign. I know first-hand that when something is gone, it is gone. Yeah I could research my family history from the beginning again. But that does nothing to preserve my mom's writings, personal thoughts, notations or anything else. Who SHE really was and thought about.

      I just wish they could at least be happy that people are willing to save as much of the vault as possible. I for one would have gladly accepted that help before losing everything of my mom.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thad Boyd on

      @Chris Sharrock: Well said. I've seen a lot of people say some hugely negative things about Gail over the years, and I'm sad to see people saying negative things about Moon and Dweezil now. I think some fans like to simplify the world into good guys and bad guys -- and that the good guys, invariably, are the people who are giving them what they want, and the bad guys are the people who aren't.

      Real life's not that simple. We're talking about Frank's family, and the family business, here. There don't have to be good guys and bad guys; I think there are just people with different ideas who are all doing what they think is best. And Moon and Dweezil have done a *lot* over the years to help preserve Frank's legacy.

      I was thrilled to see Ahmet and Diva's enthusiasm for the project. And I'm sad to hear that Moon and Dweezil don't share it. Whatever issues there may be in the family, I hope that they are resolved.

      And beyond that, I don't see how it's any of my fucking business.

    9. Christophe Etienne on

      Thank you for giving so much news about your work, i hope we'll hear a lot of music and share lot of smiles along this journey. Take care of yourself and good luck Alex

    10. Chris Sharrock on

      Thanks for the update and the message below .I think it is important at this time for us not to make rash or inappropriate statements regarding any issues within the Zappa family , still grieving let us not forget for the recent sad loss of Gail Zappa.
      Please , let us keep things respectful and considerate .

    11. Alex Winter 2-time creator on

      @ John J Agnoli: Hi John. Good question and I've posted this on comments as well. No there's no effort or ability for anyone to block this project. We were granted 100% support by Gail and the ZFT. Whatever is going on with the family is honestly none of my affair, or business. We have a lot of work to do down in that vault and that's my focus. The rest is explained in my FAQ on this question:

      Thanks for asking,


    12. Mykll Valiant

      Here are my thoughts on Dweezil and Moon. And my apologies if anything is wrong.

      First of all, remember that the Zappa family is something completely different than the Zappa Family Trust. The Zappa website and Kickstarter page should never have said that have the personal approvals of the entire Zappa family. They have the approval of the Zappa Family Trust. And I THINK that that distinction has been made clear.

      There were also comments made by Dweezil and Moon that they were not talked to or brought into this project. Well guess what? Tough. Again, approval is not needed by the Zappa family. Approval is needed by the Zappa Family Trust. And what does that mean? That means talking to Gail who was in control of the Zappa Family Trust. She gave her approval. That means talking next to Ahmet who is now in charge of the Zappa Family Trust. Due to Gail's approval I am not sure if Ahmet could have stopped the project. But, guess what? He is all for it! And, that means talking to Joe. Obvious Vaultmeister reasons.

      Nobody had to go to Dweezil, Moon, or Diva for anything. Because this was a Zappa Family Trust issue, not a Zappa family issue. See the difference? But guess what? Diva seems obviously excited and wants this project to happen. So I am sure she, on her own, decided to show up and show her support ON HER OWN, even though she never needed to be brought into the fold or be consulted about the project.

      The difference? Dweezil and Moon seem to have too big of a stick shoved up their butt to walk on over and show their support. They were not talked to? They were not consulted? THEY DID NOT HAVE TO BE. Zappa Family Trust issue. NOT a Zappa family issue.

    13. John J Agnoli on

      I made a contribution but saw some comments from Dweezil and wonder if there is a split in the ZFT. I would like to know that Frank and Gail were alright with it. I am sort of surprised with the whole thing. It's like FZ life is a open book now and we are gawkers.