Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa (Save the Vault, Tell the Story)

by Alex Winter

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    1. Chris Sharrock on

      So many books , but this is the one I want the most.

    2. Don White - Nada Brahma Media on

      so, the first question (which you should not eat, btw)... if we reserve the book now, and then we cross $900K... do we get two (i.e. the reserved one and the one all track 250+ backers get?)

      'twould make a swell gift, y'know...

    3. Alex Winter 2-time creator on

      Don -- yes! Even if you get one as an Add-On, a promise is a promise: you'll still get another copy if that bonus reward gets unlocked!

    4. Don White - Nada Brahma Media on

      cool! looks like i'll be adding-on tomorrow! :-) $900K, here we come!

    5. Daniel Blaustein on

      Two comments:

      First: @Alex. Thanks, dude. This effort is most excellent, and it would be heinous if we did not get to the $1M goal. Seriously, though, and I am sure you've already heard this a million times - thank you! because this means alot to us long-time Zappa fans.

      Second: Thanks for posting the Steve Allen bicycle clip. I have seen it, but I love it every time I watch it. It's cool because he carried on that interactive style of teaching about music throughout his career as well as in concerts.

      Anyway, be excellent to each other you guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Amy Parsons on

      Frank Zappa has a special place in my heart and I can't wait to see the movie. My dad shared Apostrophe with me as a kid and it inspired me to let my freak flag fly.