Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa (Save the Vault, Tell the Story)

by Alex Winter

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    1. Don White - Nada Brahma Media on

      oh, you don't know how badly i want "the rage and the fury" to finally be released...

    2. Ruby Red Tootsies on

      HOLY CRAP! I was in choir & band in high school & college. I would NOT have wanted to play these. Haha! The photos are too small for me to see for certain, but it looks like there are 32nd AND 64th notes in those compositions. And those meter changes and syncopations - OMG!!! You would literally have to rehearse this until you could play from memory so you can keep your eyes on the conductor for entrance cues. Thx for sharing this! Most interesting.

    3. Gary Titone on

      I hope all find this IN-A-GADDA-STRAVINSKY: Frank, the Composer Update N-Lightening.

      Dateline 1973. I had been taking guitar lessons. So like any 10 year old with a chord chart and an accostic guitar I went out and got myself a bunch of songbooks. One being The Frank Zappa Songbook Vol 1. While I was far more adept to strummming along to the easy teenage likes of Let's Make The Water Turn Black the so-called "Real-Live Manuscript Section" was far more of fetishment in nature as compared to any performance I could do with it.

      As much as FZ would literally poke a little fun at the interest in said liner notes, it was the life-long hours he devoted to putting notes on paper. Just as Joni Mitchell fans had their Song For Aging Children, Frank Zappa's fans had a Case of Serious Music.

      Not to make overt comparisons between Joni Mitchel and Frank Zappa, but just as one artist was writing maps of Canada on the back of a cartoon coaster, it's good to know that FZ was in his own way an American Composer with detailed Serious Music Manuscripts.

    4. Chris Opperman on

      My favorite update yet! What a treat to actually see the letter!

    5. Missing avatar

      Dimitrios Bogiatzoules

      Thanks for this update which makes the necessity of the book obviously.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sully Canape on

      A European performance for those unable to see the one above-


    7. Missing avatar

      Heiko on

      This video is showing FZ working with the Ensemble Moderne in Frankfurt: https://www.youtube.com/watch…