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Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

FREAK OUT!!! (We've hit our first goal!)

Posted by Alex Winter (Creator)


Last night, just before midnight PST, we PASSED OUR MINIMUM GOAL of $500,000, which means we ​will be able to help preserve some of Frank's epic archives!

AND, it means you unlocked the first BONUS REWARD: All backers get a free sheet of bad-ass FZ stickers to plaster your homes, cars, and pets with.

There’s a ton I want to explain, so I’m already working on a longer update for Monday… but here’s the most important thing:

​We’re not done yet.

We’ve still got 20 days left to raise as much as we can — all the way up to our FINAL GOAL of $3,000,000, which would give us enough to save and preserve a ​ton of the Vault, and complete both the definitive doc and companion book to share it with YOU GUYS.

More on Monday, but you guys are fucking ​incredible.

Let’s keep going and SAVE THE VAULT!!!

Rock On,



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    1. Daf Palfrey on

      You're going all the way. I know it. All the way.

    2. Chris Sharrock on

      The idea of a weekly vault cast gets my backing -great idea .

    3. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on

      If this is the place for 'suggestions', may I suggest:
      Where either you or Joe film yourselves examining select areas in the vault!
      If I can't be there, I would, at least, love to SEE you all there, discovering all the vault has to offer!

    4. Missing avatar

      scott zeligson on

      This speaks to the love and commitment of all things Frank by his fans and fanatics. I'm you all have heard the interview where Frank states that he doesn't care if he is remembered after he dies. Well Frank, we care. you were a guy who did what he wanted, when he wanted and who didn't care who he offended. Thank you to Frank, the ZPT, Alex and all of the fans.

    5. Yvan Matteau on

      I find it normal to preserve the work of Frank. For 30 years I collect music and everything is related to Frank, I named my personal museums the Petit Wazoo thank Alex and the excellent idea to give us the opportunity to share a unique moment and have the possibility of being in the world of Zappa

    6. Alex Winter 2-time creator on

      @Kenneth - That's right! More details on how we'll get your shirt sizes here:

    7. Natasha L. Cantrell on

      Rock On!!!! :::::Air Riff:::::
      You Most Likely Already Hit Up Steve Eye LOL!!! (V)
      :::::::::LONGER LOUDER AIR RIFF:::::::::
      Oh Ya.......The T shirt? whaaa whaaa pedle

    8. Matthew Slade on

      Glad to help out. Can't wait for this. #savethevault

    9. Kenneth L Woomer on


      Was wondering, was looking through my Kickstarter account.. and unless I am missing something, I don't see where I entered in my address... just my email address... is that the address you will be talking to us via the T-Shirt sizes and whatever else you need to know?

    10. Missing avatar

      Captain RichardBerlin on

      Kudos, Alex!! I vote that you save the stickers and use those $$ to worc on the doc, the book and the archiving. When complete, those will reward all 2890 of us early Zappaphiles way more than a few stickers ever would! FZ must be sooooo proud of you!!