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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cassidy about 2 hours ago

      @mark belluscio, that is what I have been told (for quite some time)........

    2. Missing avatar

      mark belluscio 2 days ago

      for the people still waiting like myself.. Is it the Matt Groening print thats holding up the last shipments?

    3. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on September 9

      @Steven------ one word.... 'cheepnis'.
      Complete Halloween '77 would've needed 17 CD'S!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sully Canape on September 9

      @Mark - you're right about Mike being the best fit (though ashamed to admit that when I saw the '88 tour I was thinking who's that funny little guy in the hat...), I was just thinking he might be too big a name for a modern day FZ band- with Frank's tendency to go for up-and-coming youngsters- but then again, the rest of the guys are pretty famous and (to my surprise) not that much younger. So- let's just have them all in our modern-day fantasy FZ band! (and with Lili Haydn on violin)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark on September 8

      @Sully Canape - Agreed..but Whilst Guthrie is possibly the most fluid and capable guitarist I can imagine... I still see Mike Keneally (Pre Aristocrats MKB band, Zappa, Z, etc.) as the best fit - he is one of the few that keeps true to staying creative, taking risks and trying new things rather than sticking to formulas that are tried and tested.. I do love the work of all 4 of those guys though - possibly the best in the bizness!!

    6. Tomi H. on September 8

      Hello. Wanted to support this project and was stoked about the digital archive...was wondering when it will open? And how's the book? Thanks!

    7. Steven Nevans on September 7

      Looks like they are going to release the Complete Halloween 77 Boxset all shows on USB stick and NOT CD'S. What's up with that? NO CD'S give me a break!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sully Canape on September 7

      If Frank were still with us I think he'd want all 3 Aristocrats in his band- virtuosity with a sense of fun to keep him young.

    9. Steven Nevans on September 3

      Chris THANKS for sharing

    10. Alex Winter 2-time creator on September 1

      @Simon Houle: whew! Great to hear! Yeah man, I’m on it :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon Houle on August 31

      Hi Alex! I got my third poster and I'm very pleased to see the "special packaging care" (which many suppliers consider to be standard care) was applied. The poster is in MINT CONDITION and I can finally get this sucker laminated and preserved for a long time on my wall.
      Thank you and thanks to Dana at customer service.
      Now go on and make the best movie you've ever made! Can't wait to see it!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cassidy on August 26

      @Alex Winter,

      I have, at least 3 times.

      There are evidently issues with artwork.

      I check monthly, but progress seems non-existent. ....

    13. Choco on August 26

      UPDATE 62 !!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on August 26

      Hey, guys!
      Idiot Bastard Son just put out information on the "Halloween -77" set!
      Now, If only I could read Japanese!

    15. Alex Winter 2-time creator on August 23

      @Kevin Cassidy: Hi Kevin, yes all rewards due now have gone out. Just email our team at and they'll sort you out!

    16. Chris Sharrock on August 23

      @Kevin Cassidy - If it were me , I would definitely contact the team , I think all available rewards have been sent out .
      hopefully Alex or one of the team will respond to your post or message .

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cassidy on August 22

      Am I in the minority or the majority with regard to folks who have not received their pledge rewards?

    18. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on August 12

      Jonesin' for an update!

    19. Chris Sharrock on August 8

      Info for the post below courtesy of
      The go-to site for all things FZ

    20. Chris Sharrock on August 8
      For beautiful guys everywhere.
      Is this a ZFT product ?, if so WHY!!!!!!!!?

    21. Chris Sharrock on August 3…
      1967 and the MOI are invited by The National Film Board Of Canada to travel to Montreal and do the score for a short film about a bike racer called "Ride for your life" ,they watch the film several times and proceed to improvise to it with FZ giving the usual hand signals .They do two or three takes and the results can be heard by using the above link .
      Info from the book "Necessity is...the early years of FZ and the MOI " by Billy James .

    22. Alex Winter 2-time creator on August 3

      @Simon Houle: urgh that's a drag, sorry Simon. I'm on it. And will let the team know as well.

    23. Missing avatar

      Simon Houle on August 2

      I think Alex should have a talk with the supplier (Amplifier) and report this. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

    24. rob parrish on August 2

      @Simon Houle ....Mine came pretty chewed up too and i know of 2 other friends who's come in NOT "mint" condition.

    25. Missing avatar

      Simon Houle on August 2

      Anybody else received a damaged poster?
      I got mine with one side all chewed up. The packing list was also chewed up. Do they take the packing slip and "shove it right in" without making sure they don't get caught up in the poster? Also, the tube is way too big to secure the poster in position.
      I emailed your customer service and had the supplier send me a replacement. I received the later a few days ago and opened it today. IT'S IN WORSE SHAPE THAN THE FIRST ONE! In a bigger and longer tube, packing slip, again, all scrunched-up.
      I paid GOOD MONEY (+ CDN$ rate exchange) for those UNIQUE items. I expect to receive them in MINT CONDITION.
      I've sent another email to customer service with photos of damage and a request for another one WITH SPECIAL PACKAGING CARE. I hope your supplier will make sure to do their job right.
      Just wanted to know if anybody else had this problem and if the supplier is simply constantly careless on packaging or if I'm one of the (twice) unlucky ones.

    26. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on August 2

      @Chris - THING fish is my vote lol

    27. Missing avatar

      Sully Canape on July 29

      Thanks Chris. Despite the vilification, he still seems a decent chap to me.

    28. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on July 28

      As a fan of People Like Us, or PLU,
      I consider myself a PLU-ker!

    29. Alex Winter 2-time creator on July 23

      @Vincent & Victoria Cannata: in a perfect world I would have made a doc on the preservation itself, but we didn't have resources. A lot of it was like watching paint dry tho I know diehard zappa fans would have dug it!

    30. Alex Winter 2-time creator on July 23

      @Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus: �

    31. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 23

      Saw the last show of the Iron Maiden tour last night & couldn't help but think of you @Alex lol

    32. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on July 23

      If it were up to me!......
      I'd want a 24/7 stream of you working on this!.....
      But, that's me!

    33. Alex Winter 2-time creator on July 22

      @Steven Nevans: Hey Steven, I hear you. The thing of it is, there are nearly ten thousand backers and every time I post an update they all get an email from me. The vast majority of Kickstarter backers don't want to be emailed by a campaign all the time. Especially without real news. The fact is most of our preservation work is done, and then we'll set about getting the movie made. Regarding the zft's news and updates; if you want to reach them for info, follow or email them at I truly have no idea what their plans or schedules are. This crowdfund is a Trouper project, that's my production company. We're all busy on the preservation work and other projects I have going. For updates on that you can follow my news page at I hope this isn't all tmi but while it's impossible to please ten thousand people (much less ten thousand zappa fans!), I do care what you guys think.

    34. Steven Nevans on July 22

      Alex THANKS for the update. I don't me to be a cry baby, but I disagree a little update is better then no updates. And how do I find out what's coming out down the line from the Zappa Family Trust. Like new Music and such? again thanks

    35. Alex Winter 2-time creator on July 22

      @Mark: Hi Mark, no there are no royalties for sharing this material with backers because a Kickstarter is a non commercial venture. Of course the ZFT will benefit from having FZ'S work preserved, but remember I am not focusing on commercial material, the ZFT has been preserving that media for decades. In any case I think you get the point; whatever issue people have with the zft, we're not the zft, they don't have access to this Kickstarter and don't read the comments. Only me and my team do. I'm somewhat resigned to this confusion at this point but from time to time feel the need to explain it again. And as you said, the preservation is what this is about, above all. That's been very rewarding work. And I am sincerely grateful to all of you for making it happen.

    36. Ian goodall on July 22

      @alex- cool

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark on July 22

      Alex: "ZFT isn't behind this Kickstarter and doesn't get any money from it"... Surely anything branded, reproduced or not wasn't free of ZFT royalties was it? The material saved will be of great benefit to the ZFT (owners) for possible future releases won't it?... I'm probably one of few that thought the 'goodies' were quite disappointing, but the key to the campaign is in the title -'Saving the Vault' is what it's all about......So whilst there is a huge amount of disappointment with the ZFT/Dweezil situation (which sucks, but we'll likely never know the real story as both sides are stubborn - Remember the Mike Keneally Z Split?), regardless of whom makes money out of this, as long as the vault is saved there is great potential for good things to come of it all.....Thanks again Alex for making this happen.....

    38. Alex Winter 2-time creator on July 21

      @Steven Nevans: Hi Steven. So it's clear, the ZFT isn't behind this Kickstarter and doesn't get any money from it. Me and my own team launched this crowdfund after Gail Zappa gave me the access to the vault and I saw that there were materials in need of repair. If you have a beef with the zft, that would want to be directed to not to us. We're nothing more than a small handful of film production folks working our way through a mammoth amount of materials. I've tried to be clear with everyone that I don't want to waste people's time with constant updates as we wind down and frankly have less to report. But as promised, we will share vault goodies as we find them. Hope that's clear and thanks again for being a part of this important preservation mission. We're almost done!

    39. Steven Nevans on July 21

      Thanks for sharing Chris, I just got a NEW UPATE from Dweezil and he has been touring, I guess ZFT just wanted the money and split?

    40. Chris Sharrock on July 16
      follow Now for live Zappanale

    41. Steven Nevans on July 15

      EXTRA, EXTRA read all about it No More Update

    42. Chris Sharrock on July 15

      @ Ian - Nice one

    43. Ian goodall on July 15

      And all around
      on the kickstarter site
      Stood FZ's friends
      Who could not wait
      for alex's Team
      To give an update
      But among the doubters
      And the frowners
      A cry were heard...(aaaargh!)


      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more

      Your Updates are gone
      They was all you could get
      To ease our minds
      and to some regret
      Over Frankies Film
      So enormous but not ready yet
      Now all you got
      Is your Internet......

      apologies and Ill get my coat.....

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