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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex Winter 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Thomas - that's on me. I tried to reply a few days ago and didn't actually send the email. Let me know if you received my reply this time.

      -Tom from the Zappa Movie team

    2. Bob Ross 5 days ago

      Okay, I tried again, this time typing in the password not doing the copy/paste thing and it worked! Sorry, dude!!!

    3. Bob Ross 5 days ago

      OOPS! Hi Alex, I went back and checked my emails and did find my password sent on 3/31... I was out of town/country and my email access was limited...anyway I tried it today and it seemed to not work....just kept saying "try again" OY!

    4. Courtney Dowdall 6 days ago

      Hi there, I got the link for my Vault Pass YAY! but this led me to the realization that I never received my rewards or add-ons. I see checkmarks next to my Survey answered, Rewards and add-ons locked, Credit card charged in Nov 2016. But I'm not seeing a place to direct this question, so I'm putting it here. What can I do to get this sorted out? Thanks!

    5. Alex Winter 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Anna-Lucia Stone: great!

    6. Alex Winter 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Thomas Domeij: Hi Thomas. I don't know why you haven't received your pass. We have a lot of backers and they're getting to each one as quickly as they can. They'll get to you I promise.

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Domeij 7 days ago

      @Alex I am getting very annoyed over you and your team for not answering why some of us still have not received the vault pass yet. You don't answer here nor privately. A simple explanation could not possibly be that difficult to share.

    8. Anna-Lucia Stone 7 days ago

      @Tom, @Alex - thank you both, both issues now resolved.


    9. Alex Winter 2-time creator on April 11

      @Anna-Lucia Stone: Hi Anna, I'm not too busy but I don't oversee the money stuff (or there would be legitimate anarchy) so have been working on it with the team. They'll get you sorted out :)

    10. Alex Winter 2-time creator on April 11

      Hi, Anna-Lucia. Sent you an email about this as well. Your card won't be charged.

      -Tom from the Zappa Movie team

    11. Anna-Lucia Stone on April 10

      @Alex (or by all means @Tom if Alex you're still too busy) - I really don't think it's unfair to expect a response on the credit card issue, as well. I can only joke on this stuff for as long as I choose not to let things affect me but that's a luxury only afforded to break times and you know, I don't take very long breaks...certainly not long enough to maintain the stance of those of you who DO carry on like it just, doesn't, matter. It does, we ALL do and I'd say that as a priority now, EVERYONE should be checking their credit cards for any other unauthorised charges.

    12. Anna-Lucia Stone on April 10

      @Tom from the Zappa Movie Team - well thank you for that, I just replied to the email, to repeat that no, it's not in my spam folder ...

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Osborne on April 10

      Have not received any info re vault pass

    14. Alex Winter 2-time creator on April 10

      Hi, Anna-Lucia. We'll help you get this sorted out. I just sent you an email. If it doesn't help, we'll try something else, until you have your vault pass.

      -Tom from the Zappa Movie team

    15. Anna-Lucia Stone on April 8

      @Mark - thank you and yes I know, it is, isn't it. Money from a different campaign I recently backed (one where every comment is replied to within 24hours, by the creator, regardless of whether or not you are one of the 'yes' people) is right now in the process of going through after which, once I'm sure that's cleared correctly I'll cancel my card details from kickstarter, maybe only add a new one if there's any future campaign from people I am already familiar with, who I trust and may wish to back and can support in no other way. So, here's to the special shoe-box then, should I ever receive and as for the credit-card, well I gave 'the team' here almost 60 days, then had to to ask my bank to step in otherwise would have been too late for them to fix it...thanks again Mark ;)

      @JoSch - also your reply is much appreciated, thank you. Good to hear that what I was told on that front holds true then. No there's no filter blocking the emails as spam and can confirm, that all folders be they spam, trash or bulk mail as well as inbox, remain eerily quiet on the 'zappa campaign' front.

      @Alistair - unfortunately I don't think what Frank would have wanted is even in it, whether it's this campaign or even (to an extent) the 'other' one, or cashing in on the hologram gimmick whether friend, family, fan or anything else...we've all heard the phrase 'money talks' and yes it does. If the documentary made due to our funding changes the life of even one person the way discovering Frank Zappa changed me forever, then I may feel it was worth it but that said, is also true to say that I'd never do this again. Hindsight hey...wish I'd just told myself at the time, that what I already had and knew was enough and no amount of any last scrap I could grab here or there, could make that any greater, nor make it feel like he isn't really gone. In fact the way everything has played out, I think only underlines his absence all the more harshly..., miserable me, hey! Ha, not really, time to put aside my dog-with-a-bone-edness for a few hours, absorb some of the very best Frank Zappa vibes I have to hand and love the day I am living more than ever, knowing that none of this matters in the end.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alistair McNeill on April 8

      Just used the Vault Pass to access some great Audio and Videos - just a pity that the Audio is limited to MP3!

      C'mon guys you can do better - what would Frank have wanted??

    17. Missing avatar

      JoSch on April 8

      @Anna-Lucia Stone: The vault pass notification was sent by the following e-mail on March, 31. Are you having a spam filter on your account?

      The videos (Apple Movie Format) all have a Zappa Vault logo down right within the video frame.
      Hope that helps?!

      Sender: "The Zappa Movie Team" (
      Subject: New Digital Content for Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa on BackerKit

      Hi [Your Name],

      Hooray! New digital content is available for Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa.

      Digital Vault Pass

      Click Here to log in and claim it!


      The Zappa Movie Team

    18. Missing avatar

      JoSch on April 8

      Joe Travers provides some interesting insigths into the Vault and the Kickstarter-Movie,…

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark on April 6

      Anna-Lucia Stone: that's quite shocking - taking money from a credit card without notification! Should we all be cancelling our cards? All of the clips have Zapa Vault stamp taking up 1/32 of the bottom right corner but I guess it's to be expected to stop them being uploaded again to youtube or such in their current form...remember, everything approved by the ZFT has a LEGAL implication....if you haven't received the vault pass already you will be missing a 2-3 hours of a whopping 12 video clips, and 6 audio clips (one of which has 5 parts and is much of what you might have heard on 'buffalo' or at least the same era)....all good but not exactly a 'vault' - more a shoebox.....

    20. Anna-Lucia Stone on April 6

      @Thomas - No, you are not the only one who has not got the vault pass yet.

      @Alex - annoying as repeat posts are, as you've made several posts since my own in the last update but see no response either here or in email to what I said, here it is again: why tell us to 'hit up the team' when the team are clearly too busy to respond? I hate that the only way to force an issue through is to write publicly about it. It feels so ugly but that's the choice I'm left with so here it is:

      On Feb 6th, you randomly charged my credit card for $106 for some reason I have yet to discover. I told Dana, of course, at the time. I was very good about it, knew you were having survey address issues but, I really dislike that my email contained a very kind gesture that went completely ignored. Further, it is insulting to constantly be palmed off with 'too busy'. So am I, too busy to have to keep chasing things like this. Taking money from someones credit card is a serious thing. She did write back, on Feb 21st, thanking me for telling her and telling me that she would write back after she had learned what had happened. That was the last I heard and honestly, I'm just really tired of this. Can you understand that? And no, I didn't get the email over the weekend.

      Can anyone who DID receive the email and is currently enjoying the digital vault content, confirm as to whether or not it was a true confirmation I was given, that material contained within the Digital Vault would NOT have 'Property of the ZFT' slashed straight through the middle of video clips, unlike the one in the update still spoiled by that?

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas Domeij on April 6

      Am I the only one who has not got the vault pass yet?

    22. Chris Sharrock on April 6

      Wow ! Just had the strangest dream ...........there's this disco dance contest see , and one of the judges is FRANK ZAPPA , really !, and , and he dances !!!!
      Shit just gets weirder and weirder .

    23. Missing avatar

      Chip Melsh on April 5

      Will there be anything added to the vault? The stuff there is great!!

    24. Alex Winter 2-time creator on April 5

      Hey for anyone who had difficulty with the sound on the Apostrophe ad in the vault pass, that’s been fixed!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark on April 3

      @Adrian - My thoughts too - but then I suspect legal issues with the ZFT.... Sadly I would not expect any more - Alex is likely unable to share the many many hours of recoverable footage and audio because of the potential financial value..... I very much enjoyed the video clips though...Steve Vai must love his escapades of the Zappa world are on display.. I loved Zappa dancing very insincerely...the interviews are always interesting.... Very good stuff with little commercial value as decided by the ZFT right there,,,..Fans love it.......I spend a whole few hours enjoying every moment.....but can I be 'Frank'? 'wait - was that a legislative moment I heard somewhere......

    26. Adrian Beaumont on April 3

      Hi Alex - very excited to get the vault pass, it's great! One question - I was expecting access to a LOT more material than this - after all, our money was spent digitising hours of stuff.

      I am sure you are using a lot of it for the documentary, but can you let us know: are you going to add more at a later date? I was really hoping to see some early Garrick stuff for example.

      Good luck with the documentary, looking forward to taking my place at the premiere!

      Regards, Ade.

    27. Ana Damalas on April 2

      Hey Alex.

      Greatly appreciate the updates. Keep up the great work!


    28. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on April 1

      Got my vault pass @alex - greatest atheist Easter present ever ! And Freaked was on yesterday !!! Great weekend indeed !

    29. Alex Winter 2-time creator on April 1

      @Eric Morones: thanks Eric!

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark on April 1

      Arno: Yep that's the closet shelf full of ZFT approved 'Vault' access for the backers....well worth the 2 years wait for the quality, but not so much quantity of content ;) ... Some great moments there...really...

    31. A on April 1

      30 munites before update 69 I got email from BackerKit about Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa directing to:
      Is that for real??

    32. Missing avatar

      Eric Morones on March 31

      Digital Vault pass is AWESOME!!! Worth the wait!! The Village Recorders video stuff is my fav!! Keep up the great work,

    33. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jansen on March 31

      LOVING the batch of ultra-cool super-secret Vault Pass stuff! THANKS so much!

      Just wondering if postcards were (ever) mailed? I gots nuttin' so far... 8^(

    34. Missing avatar

      Chip Melsh on March 31

      How many audio files are there available?

    35. Alex Winter 2-time creator on March 31

      @Vincent & Victoria Cannata: :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on March 31

      I DID say, 'either'!
      I'd heap praises on you for all this..but, I'm busy getting a boner over all this stuff!

    37. Alex Winter 2-time creator on March 31

      @Vincent & Victoria Cannata: the deal is as a special treat we decided to pick one backer randomly out of the thousands and NOT allow them to download Stucco Homes. Congratulations!
      (should be working now)

    38. Alex Winter 2-time creator on March 31

      @Abraham Afzal: thanks to all of you!

    39. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on March 31

      No downloadable "Stucco" for ME, either.....
      "What';s the deal?"

    40. Curt Wiederhoeft on March 31

      Whoops, should have said #9. It's still Stucco Homes, I just got the number wrong.

    41. Missing avatar

      Abraham Afzal on March 31

      The Digital Vault is truly incredible. I have been waiting for ever for a high quality audio of Frank's Nite Owl. Thank you so much Alex & Co.

    42. Alex Winter 2-time creator on March 31

      @Curt Wiederhoeft: fixed, thanks for letting us know!

    43. Chris Sharrock on March 31

      Blimey , and an update !!

    44. Chris Sharrock on March 31

      Digital vault pass anyone ?

      Vault pass and Roxy box arrive on this most excellent of days - great googly moogly

      Nice one Alex !

      @Curt Wiederhoeft - me too , is this a glitch or deliberate I wonder .

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