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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata about 6 hours ago

      I just found out there will be a doc about one of my heroes who NOT Zappa;
      Negativland's Don Joyce!
      It will be getting it's premiere tomorrow in SF! Wish I could go!

    2. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) 1 day ago

      @Alex Winter Thank you for the clarification as I figured the pass was to be digital. I was glad to talk up the project in the meantime. Had a great weekend with the grandkids and playing songs for them like "I'm So Cute!"

    3. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) 1 day ago

      @Choco Sweet on the Roxy Set. We have the movie. BF showed it to me some time ago. Any word on the digital vault passes? :-)

    4. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus 4 days ago

      @Chris @V&V I prefer some Dinah Moe Hum

    5. Alan M Hill
      4 days ago


    6. Chris Sharrock 4 days ago

      I for one prefer HOO-WOO !

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata 4 days ago

      Oh, jeez... I DID write HOO-WOO.......
      ..........I'm an idiot........

    8. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus 5 days ago

      Let me be the third to say Woo Hoo

    9. Choco 5 days ago

      @Arty Cajun: The Roxy Performance 7CD box is the last Zappa (FZT) official release. Not a KS project reward. Hope you will win lotery soon!

    10. Choco 5 days ago

      Let me be the first to say....
      WOO-HOO !

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata 5 days ago

      Let me be the first to say....

    12. Alex Winter 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan): hi there. Sorry for the confusion. The address checks are something Kickstarter does regularly as the reward process is ongoing. The digital vault pass is digital, not physical, just to clear that up :) They're almost done and will be rolling out by end of March. Thanks for your patience!

    13. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) 6 days ago

      Oh my gosh. What happened to the coke machine? My partner was playing Yo Mamma and Harder than Your husband tonight. Always something new to introduce to me. He freaking seems to know every lyric and riff. So I read Choco's post about Roxy. I decide to try and review all the Backer rewards to see what level (if any) that the Roxy CD set is. I find that the Coke Machine wasn't taken in the campaign. I wanted that coke machine and I am a much newer FZ fan than likely most Backers here. If I were to win the lottery tonight and if the coke machine were still available.... I would love to say I was able to procure it. ;-()

    14. Choco 7 days ago

      Received my Roxy 7 CD box this week.....WOW...Fantastic performance...Fantastic music....Fantastic musicians....Fantastic Frank.... Un "chef d'oeuvre". Thank you ZFT....

    15. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) on February 12

      @Vincent & Victoria Cannata The same situation happened to me. BackerKit even provided a tracking number from DHL. The shipment was stated to have been 1-24-2018, but I did not receive the email to update my address until 2-6-2018. I looked over a few of the previous updates here and Alex refers to the digital vault pass as an actual object that was produced to mail out. He had provided the email to see if they can straighten things out. I emailed them late last week and detailed what I am sharing in this post. Patiently waiting to hear back as we are excited about the pass. :-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Lorand Morgan on February 11

      @Sean Jenkins
      I'm in the same situation I forgot to change my address.
      Now I can't change anything :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on February 11

      perhaps the 'vault pass' is an actual THING?.........maybe?.....

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean Jenkins on February 10

      Just realized I got an email from backerkit to update my address.
      Says your account is locked and that something shipped. I've moved since I received the first wave and didn't update my info. Anyone know how?
      Don't want the new residents of my old house getting my stuff's.

    19. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) on February 8

      @ Clinton Morgan RE: your December 31 post on the Morecambe and Wise film restoration. As an imaging technologist (who once had a stuck-together reel of aerial film reel taken by a WWII pilot) I found the article and resulting images fascinating. I worked with medical imaging movie film prior to the transition to digital medical "cine' ". Thank you for sharing the link. It was unbelievable what was extracted and reassembled from the otherwise solidified film reel.

      Quoted comment-
      "Hi Alex (and everyone else). Not Zappa related but I'd thought you'd enjoyed this article on film restoration.

      From article: "The Nigerian Morecambe and Wise film was in an advanced state of decay. The episode was on a form of film stock that isn’t really used anymore and it was suffering from something called ‘tri-acetate film base degradation’ – a truly horrifying film ‘disease’ that can cause film to just rot away to nothing.""

    20. ARTY CAJUN (T. Trahan) on February 8

      @Alex Winter: Vault Passes, were they physical items to have been mailed? I am freaking out a little bit (time to play some "Freak Out", LOL) as the shipping address request from backerkit came after a package seems to have shipped on January 24th. I have been enjoying the project updates and continue to tell others about the movie project. I just thanked GPM on my Facebook account for helping partner with the project.

      I hope I do not miss what was shipped out in January. I am happy to pay reshipping. :-) I do have a forwarding order in with USPS, and am keeping my fingers crossed. I have sent a "help" request to backerkit as I have moved since the last address update request I received in April of last year. :-( . Excited to hear progress on the movie for late next year. :-)

    21. Ian goodall on February 8

      it must be for the vault pass

    22. Patrick Flynn on February 8

      Hi Alex,

      Big fan of all your directed work, I pledged at the 250.00 level and received a BackerKit email to update my address, as I've moved since donating back in '16 - but BackerKit said my order was 'locked'. I sent emails with no answer, can you help? Thanks!!

    23. Alan M Hill
      on February 8

      I got the BackerKit email as well. I'm also at the $300 level, but since I added the Groening print I have yet to receive anything so I'm hoping that means it is nearing delivery.

      I'm patient, but I'm also jealous of all you other backers and your goodies!

    24. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on February 7

      yeah.... and get Robert Downey, Jr. in for 'narration', and you've got a hit on your hands!

    25. Alex Winter 2-time creator on February 7

      @Vincent & Victoria Cannata: Iron Sausage, I think we have a doc title (!)

    26. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on February 7

      Of course..... can I say;
      I'd like to see more vids of your 'prosess'.... You've got quite a hurculean task on your hands, and I'd like to see how this 'iron sausage' gets made!

    27. Ian goodall on February 7

      I also got this message - received my rewards a while ago- also didn’t expect anything more than the vault pass to arrive before the doc is finished

    28. Andy MacMillan on February 6

      Is there a new batch of rewards about to ship soon? I just got a mail from Backerkit saying goodies are on the way but I wasn't expecting anything else until the doc is done. I gave at the $300 level and got my first batch of rewards last year. Yaaaay if more is coming soon! :D

    29. Alex Winter 2-time creator on February 6

      @Anna-Lucia Stone: thanks Anna and everyone else for your kind words. Really appreciate you all!

    30. Ian goodall on February 5

      Alex- best wishes- hope that after all of this increased awareness that society changes for the better.

      @ V&V- fab tip - checked my prime - and yes its there to download 1 month ahead of the uk release date!

      On another note- are these releases ( halloween and roxy box) a consequence of the preservation and archiving work done by Joe, you and the team?

    31. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 4

      @Alex - I've never been on twitter but I understand enough to know that if I were, I might be typing '#metoo' or '#notalone' on your page (if you have one) about now.

      The courage it takes to speak out, I know well having done so myself. The indescribable levels of bravery I know it also then takes, to re-build your life from the aftermath not defined by varying symptoms of ptsd but instead, emerging as the survivor you are and vibrantly so, damn as an example of why it can be worth every effort.

      I could have written this to Dana to pass forward to you no problem, she'd have been very cool with that request and handled it perfectly, I have no doubt whatsoever. To write privately though to say this in particular, could partially miss the point here so, to you as having spoken openly, here doing the same and of course to anyone also reading who might relate, I hope these words are of the strengthening kind.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on February 4

      Can't talk.... listening to ROXY BOX!!!
      Kudos to Amazon for making the downloads available to me, while I wait for the CD's to come in the mail!

    33. Steven Nevans on February 4

      Me also Alex, I'm listening to the NEW Roxy CD box. Sounds GREAT, Thanks Zappa Family. Hope everything is working out fine. Well Alex about time for a NEW UPDATE!

    34. Chris Sharrock on February 4

      @ Alex - With you Alex .

    35. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on February 3

      @Alex I just read about your speaking out about being molested as a child . I admire your strength & I would like to commend you for making what I’m sure was an agonizing decision to bare this to the world

    36. Choco on February 3

      Good news...My "Roxy perfermance" has been shipped today....Canada....expected shipping delivery Feb 16th !

    37. Steven Nevans on February 1

      I will be getting mine on Tuesday, can't wait!

    38. Jim R. on February 1

      Just received my shipping notice from Amazon for the Roxy Performances. Appears the delay may be with Canada and Europe possibly.

    39. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on January 30

      Please, Alex! Distract me from this dog-banned president!

    40. Chris Sharrock on January 28

      Perhaps Mp3 = Feb
      Cd =March

    41. Choco on January 28


    42. Choco on January 28

      My Amazon "Roxy" order still says 13th-16th...Canada

    43. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on January 28

      Maybe delayed in the U.K. ?

    44. Chris Sharrock on January 27

      @ V&V
      "Hoping for the best"

    45. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on January 27

      My Amazon order still says the first week of Feb.....
      so, who knows?....

    46. Chris Sharrock on January 25
      Looks like the roxy box is to be delayed until the end of March .

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