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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex Winter 2-time creator about 18 hours ago

      @Steven Nevans: Hey Steven, I hear you. The thing of it is, there are nearly ten thousand backers and every time I post an update they all get an email from me. The vast majority of Kickstarter backers don't want to be emailed by a campaign all the time. Especially without real news. The fact is most of our preservation work is done, and then we'll set about getting the movie made. Regarding the zft's news and updates; if you want to reach them for info, follow or email them at I truly have no idea what their plans or schedules are. This crowdfund is a Trouper project, that's my production company. We're all busy on the preservation work and other projects I have going. For updates on that you can follow my news page at I hope this isn't all tmi but while it's impossible to please ten thousand people (much less ten thousand zappa fans!), I do care what you guys think.

    2. Steven Nevans about 19 hours ago

      Alex THANKS for the update. I don't me to be a cry baby, but I disagree a little update is better then no updates. And how do I find out what's coming out down the line from the Zappa Family Trust. Like new Music and such? again thanks

    3. Alex Winter 2-time creator about 20 hours ago

      @Mark: Hi Mark, no there are no royalties for sharing this material with backers because a Kickstarter is a non commercial venture. Of course the ZFT will benefit from having FZ'S work preserved, but remember I am not focusing on commercial material, the ZFT has been preserving that media for decades. In any case I think you get the point; whatever issue people have with the zft, we're not the zft, they don't have access to this Kickstarter and don't read the comments. Only me and my team do. I'm somewhat resigned to this confusion at this point but from time to time feel the need to explain it again. And as you said, the preservation is what this is about, above all. That's been very rewarding work. And I am sincerely grateful to all of you for making it happen.

    4. Ian goodall 1 day ago

      @alex- cool

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark 1 day ago

      Alex: "ZFT isn't behind this Kickstarter and doesn't get any money from it"... Surely anything branded, reproduced or not wasn't free of ZFT royalties was it? The material saved will be of great benefit to the ZFT (owners) for possible future releases won't it?... I'm probably one of few that thought the 'goodies' were quite disappointing, but the key to the campaign is in the title -'Saving the Vault' is what it's all about......So whilst there is a huge amount of disappointment with the ZFT/Dweezil situation (which sucks, but we'll likely never know the real story as both sides are stubborn - Remember the Mike Keneally Z Split?), regardless of whom makes money out of this, as long as the vault is saved there is great potential for good things to come of it all.....Thanks again Alex for making this happen.....

    6. Alex Winter 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Steven Nevans: Hi Steven. So it's clear, the ZFT isn't behind this Kickstarter and doesn't get any money from it. Me and my own team launched this crowdfund after Gail Zappa gave me the access to the vault and I saw that there were materials in need of repair. If you have a beef with the zft, that would want to be directed to not to us. We're nothing more than a small handful of film production folks working our way through a mammoth amount of materials. I've tried to be clear with everyone that I don't want to waste people's time with constant updates as we wind down and frankly have less to report. But as promised, we will share vault goodies as we find them. Hope that's clear and thanks again for being a part of this important preservation mission. We're almost done!

    7. Steven Nevans 1 day ago

      Thanks for sharing Chris, I just got a NEW UPATE from Dweezil and he has been touring, I guess ZFT just wanted the money and split?

    8. Chris Sharrock 7 days ago
      follow Now for live Zappanale

    9. Steven Nevans on July 15

      EXTRA, EXTRA read all about it No More Update

    10. Chris Sharrock on July 15

      @ Ian - Nice one

    11. Ian goodall on July 15

      And all around
      on the kickstarter site
      Stood FZ's friends
      Who could not wait
      for alex's Team
      To give an update
      But among the doubters
      And the frowners
      A cry were heard...(aaaargh!)


      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more
      No We ain't got any more

      Your Updates are gone
      They was all you could get
      To ease our minds
      and to some regret
      Over Frankies Film
      So enormous but not ready yet
      Now all you got
      Is your Internet......

      apologies and Ill get my coat.....

    12. Luis Figueira
      on July 13

      Any updates?

    13. Jonathan C. Osborne
      on July 13

      @Chris Thanks for that link! Watermelon in Easter Hay is my favorite Zappa solo.

    14. Steven Nevans on July 10

      I think it's time for another update, Alex

    15. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on July 10

      So..... all is quiet in Frank-world....huh?

    16. Chris Sharrock on July 9

      @Ed - I have been trying to imagine that Ed , and now I have a headache lol.

    17. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 9

      @Chris - no the E string is tuned down 2 steps & every other string is tuned down 1 step

    18. Chris Sharrock on July 9

      @Ed - when you say "de-tuned " Ed , are the guitars tuned to a chord ?

    19. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 9

      @chris old school thrash is like Motörhead/Metallica/Slayer etc .. Slipknot & Disturbed are rather groove oriented with detuned guitars (my bass is tuned to CGCF )

    20. Chris Sharrock on July 9

      @ Ed - I know Sabbath of course recently read the Tony Iommi, biog ,but havnt heard Slipknot, Disturbed ,or indeed have no idea what "old school thrash " is lol
      But like the man said Ed -"Keep on Rockin "

    21. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 8

      @Chris I quit that band & im now the full time bassist for Hair of the Dog - all original music in the vein or Sabbath, Slipknot, Disturbed & old school thrash

    22. Chris Sharrock on July 8

      @ Ed - going to play some Mahavsihnu now .
      Did you persuade you band to cover "Slime"

    23. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 8

      @chris yes I love the D/M/P stuff .. been listening to a lot of Mahavishnu orchestra & return to forever of late

    24. Chris Sharrock on July 8

      @ Ed - I feel the same about Satriani ,he leaves me cold .
      @ Mark - The Terry Bozzio / Alex Machacek stuff might be to your taste as might the Macachek/Marco "24 Tales "cd , and Machaceks own cds with FAT .
      its always hard to recommend stuff isn't it ? .
      Also , anyone with a liking for guitar will love the "Passion , Grace and Fire" cd by De Meola/Mclaughlin/DeLucia -one of the best in my humble opinion.
      Great to see this -

    25. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 7

      @Mark maybe that's why he had that falling out with both Stu Hamm & Jonathan Mover

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark on July 7

      Chris - I also was a big Steve Vai fan since the whitesnake/passion and warfare era. In fact it was through backtracking through Steve's catalogue and interviews that I discovered Zappa & the 1st time I heard of Mike Keneally was on tour with Vai...I collected a lot of the early albums where he contributed & much of it is great - the whole western vacation album (with mostly Zappa related musicians) is fantastic... Vai did truly appear masterful, creative and passionate back then but since the mid-late 90's it really the music has either been live versions of 4 minute tracks with 20 minute solos, way too dark and lacking in fun, or just some strange speech about visualising himself. As for Joe Satriani - it has been extremely derivative of himself since the late 80's.. I remember having brief words with Mike after a Satriani gig in Sydney whereby I made point of how upset I was with Satch not giving some space for MKB (Mike's band with Bryan/Marco which were then Satch's rhythm section) to get their music out there..As he explained Satch as a vision for his shows and all the guys are just hired guns but at least Satch was giving them more freedom than any other previous band! Unfortunately it's a rarity to find many artists creating new music that is interesting without being over processed - If anyone has suggestions of interesting artists making 'art' music please share.... Meanwhile here's something I discovered recently…

    27. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 7

      On the T shirt - WTF ?!? On Cai .. I feel both he & satch have become a tad bit derivative

    28. Chris Sharrock on July 6

      @ Ed - Hi Ed , I was a big S. Vai fan , but find his stuff a bit over the top these days , am I alone in this ? or is my jealousy getting in the way of my enjoyment ? lol

    29. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on July 6

      @Chris .. great interview !

    30. Jeremy Belinfante on July 5

      It's been a week and I've heard nothing from ...

    31. Missing avatar

      Lambert Mulder on July 1

      I just received my number stickers,

    32. Jeremy Belinfante on June 30

      @Alex Winter : I have… It’s been 2 days - I’ve heard nothing. I'm a fellow film maker and I almost did a PHD on FZ - I get what you're trying to do here - I paid for rewards knowing most of the $ was going to this bigger project - but at the same time I've paid for items, waited over a year for them and then half of them are MIA and don’t appear to have even been sent. Two of the ones that were actually posted out are damaged to a degree where I wouldn’t pay for them if I found them in a store in that kind of condition and this was after asking that extra care was taken with postage to protect the items due to the post being rough with parcels here. And I got burned on additional shipping costs... I know of one guy who wouldn't stand for this kind of unmitigated audacity... he had pretty iconic facial hair.

      I was dubious about putting so much money towards this kind of project and now I really wish I'd listened to my intuition.

    33. Missing avatar

      Frank Laforce on June 29

      I received my number stickers today

    34. Alex Winter 2-time creator on June 28

      @Jeremy Belinfante: Hi Jeremy. Sounds like a foul up. Please email the team at so they can take care of it!

    35. Jeremy Belinfante on June 28

      Additionally why was I charged an "add ons shipping fee" of $20 if my add ons were packed into the same parcel as wave 1 of my rewards?!?

    36. Jeremy Belinfante on June 28

      Additionally why was I charged an "add ons shipping fee" of $20 if my add ons were packed into the same parcel as wave 1 of my rewards?!?

    37. Jeremy Belinfante on June 28

      Got my parcel in the mail finally. Mystery bag & stickers were not in the parcel, despite being on the shipping label - the former being the item I was most excited about.

      My Signed John K art print arrived bent, dented and misshapen and the campaign poster has frayed edges...

      Not to be a total fetishist... but feeling totally ripped off here.

    38. Chris Sharrock on June 28

      Just received the number stickers for the prints.

    39. Steven Nevans on June 26

      I received my stickers numbered and ready to apply today. So everyone be on the look out

    40. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on June 22

      "EEZ NOT ENOUGH, NATASHA!!" - Boris Badanoff.

    41. Ian goodall on June 17

      No stickers yet

    42. Missing avatar

      Frank Laforce on June 16

      @Chris - still waiting for the stickers to arrive. I guess they're numbering them in handwriting?

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