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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex Winter 2-time creator 34 minutes ago

      @Tomi H.: Hi Tomi. Sorry, I'm personally looking into this. We just had a full staff changeover on backer replies and assumed the new folks were on it. Give me a minute and we'll figure it out and get you fully sorted. Thanks! -Alex

    2. Tomi H. about 4 hours ago

      Ok so now its been over three weeks since my first mail to and week since my 2nd mail and still no answer. I'm documenting this all to my credit card company and they will take it from there.

    3. Tomi H. 6 days ago

      Still no reply and if they dont sort this out, I'll ask my credit card company to help me out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cassidy on November 15

      I'm still waiting on posters (and those other "rewards" as well).

      My email message of almost two weeks ago has also gone unanswered, aside from the auto reply.......

      I'm beginning to fear the worst.........AND perhaps feeling my fears should have formed sooner....

    5. Tomi H. on November 14

      Two weeks ago I sent e-mail to to cancel & get a refund on my book pre-order. Still no answer. Today re-sent my mail, want also my backing $25 refunded, I never got stickers and audio vault was supposed to open fall 2016.

      I want out. Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark on November 11

      Ian/Choco/Astrid - The vault comes 1st agreed... I also pledged several hundred $$'s..

      I guess the '$100 backer rewards' were where the cheepnis was at & it was pot luck as to what was included. Some people got some good trash and other not so good.....i.e. a piece of UMRK cable - total trash but was likely used during recordings and hence has a sense of inbuilt wonder.... in my case, the liner notes from a vinyl album, without the album or cover which could have been purchased anywhere anytime!.. I was hoping for some trash more personally connected to Frank or the household but I guess I needed to pledge a hell of a lot to get close to that!

      I'm looking forward to the documentary being complete & the soundtrack, etc. being something a little more special and unique....I hope with some of Franks quality behind it rather than the cheepnis we have seen of more recent.... only time will tell...

    7. Missing avatar

      Astrid Nygård on November 11

      I haven't even unpacked many of the items in my bag of "goodies" (and I even chose many of the offered "goodies" away for the sake of preserving the vault - I don't need fucking t-shirts, or posters, or my name listed in credits). I think the majority of the people who donated a great (in my case $450) ,or even a small amount of money to this project did it with good intentions, because we want Frank's legacy to live on. I guess time will show if and when the people in charge feel the same dedication and loyalty, or if they'll go the Gail Zappa route.

    8. Choco on November 11

      @ Ian

      I agree with you. The main reason I backed the project was to preserve Frank's "treasures in the vault, no to receive the same values of "goodies" than my pledge

    9. Ian goodall on November 11

      no- happy- i backed a movie and got some interesting "cheap thrills"
      book, vinyl, movie and digital stuff will come

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark on November 10

      AB - I am sure there are A LOT of us which feel the same way..

    11. Missing avatar

      AB on November 10

      So, I received the BackerKit and let me tell you: I am disappointed.
      Unusable teenage idol paraphernalia. A ridiculous pencil, badges, a super thin rain poncho that will last for a couple of days.

      The whole thing reminded me of ‘200 years old’ on Bongo Fury.

      Seriously! That was a bag of useless trash and I am so, so disappointed. What did you do with my money? Where is all the interesting stuff from the Zappa premises?

      Br, Anders

    12. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on November 7

      Hey, Alex!
      Listening to the Halloween '77 show as I type!
      gonna go read you latest up-date now!

    13. Chris Sharrock on November 7

      Thanks Alex ,
      What are your thoughts on the Halloween 77 releases ?

    14. Alex Winter 2-time creator on November 7

      @Chris Sharrock: soon

    15. Chris Sharrock on November 7

      Hey Alex , thanks for the update .
      Any news on the state of the doc ?.

    16. Alex Winter 2-time creator on November 7

      @Brian Felhandler: it's made from the doc so one of the many rewards that come when the movie is done

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Felhandler on November 7

      What’s the status on the “add on”’Zappa book? Thx

    18. Ian goodall on November 3

      halloween 77 3 cd version is fantastic

      keeping birthday fingers crossed for usb mask edition.....

      time for an encouraging update and now for the vault passssssssssssss please

    19. Chris Sharrock on November 3

      Surprised there is little chat here about the wonderment that is Halloween 77.
      I for one would like to thank the mighty Joe Travers and all involved in the production of these tasty morsels.
      Could do with some news about "The Doc " as well , how's is it coming Alex ? have you started yet ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark on October 29

      Tomi H. - What do you suspect might have delayed this by the now approx. 14 months? The fact that this was a record kickstarter making a huge amount money suggests it wasn't financial.. I suspect that Joe Travers being passionate about Zappa from the get go and Alex making effort to put the kickstarter together in the 1st place shows willingness to please fans... So what's left that could be in the way? Could that be the ZFT legal dept. again?

    21. Tomi H. on October 28

      Amount pledged
      $25.00 USD


      Estimated delivery
      Sep 2016

      let me read it again: Estimated delivery Sep 2016

      Here's something:

      The 10 Elements of Great Customer Service for a Kickstarter Creator

      Responsive: Think about how you feel when you fill out an online customer service form. A part of me always feels a little helpless when I do that as a customer–I almost assume that I’m not going to get a response, at least not for a while. The peace of mind you can provide a customer by replying quickly is unparalleled.

      Compassionate: When a backer tells me that they’re missing a piece to their game, I don’t just ask for their address. I apologize for the mistake. I show them that I understand their frustration. And then I make it right. The same goes for forums and comments on Kickstarter–just because you don’t agree or dislike what a backer is saying doesn’t mean you can’t show them compassion.

      Attentive: A few months ago, a backer told me a story about a missing piece in a game he got from Plaid Hat Games. He got a response right away from the CEO of Plaid Hat, who personally packaged the piece and sent it out the next day. That was several years ago, and the backer has never forgotten that he got a replacement part from famous Colby Dauch. Now, as your company grows, it might not make sense for you to be the one to handle all replacement parts or customer service requests. But it’s a good place to start.

      Fair: At the forefront of your customer service should be to do the right thing. This may sometimes conflict with profitability on that particular sale, but that’s okay. If you ever have confusion on what the “right” thing is (it’s certainly quite subjective), just think about how you would want to be treated if you were in the customer’s shoes. Especially if you sold them that pair of shoes and they don’t fit.

      Proactive: Actively seek out customer conversations about your product. Have Google Alerts set up for your company name and your product’s name. Read forums (and subscribe when possible) about your product. Don’t wait for backers to go to you with questions–find where they’re asking the questions and answer them in public. Also, actively invite feedback from backers through polls and questions on Kickstarter updates.

      Transparent: When something goes wrong, it’s our instinct not to say anything. The thing is, no news is way worse than bad news. Keep backers updated with the good and the bad and their trust for you will not waiver.

      Tactful: There are going to be times when your instinct is to defend your product, your campaign, and your company. Someone might call you out publicly on something you did or even something you didn’t do. They might even make it personal. If they do, feel free to report them to Kickstarter, but don’t get sucked into an argument. Be tactful with your response, let other backers chime in to support you, and if needed, invite the backer to a private conversation over Kickstarter’s messaging system. I talk about that more here.

      Human: A lot of small companies try to appear bigger than they are by being less personable, less human. That’s a big mistake. One of your greatest assets is that it’s just you and your husband or you and your friends or even just you. Show a little personality in the way you talk to customers, and they’ll have someone to root for.

      Humble: Don’t sing your own praises. You’ll look silly. If you do want to point out something clever you did, make it a learning experience for others who are designing a product in the same category.

      Culpable: Last, take responsibility. Take blame. This is just as much about your attitude as it is the public’s perception of you and your company. Once you start taking responsibility, you’ll start to realize how much control you have over…well, over everything, and that will lead to solutions that you hadn’t thought of in the past.

    22. Chris Sharrock on October 28

      USB box just arrived . No 4590 of 5000.
      4 days from Canada ! most excellent .

      Totally cheap packaging and ugly too !
      Great liner notes from various personages and some amazing never before seen photos .
      Playing it through a Panasonic SCBTTT885EB9 Bluray surround system and it sounds not too bad , though I would rather have it on cd for true "hi-fi".
      The music is of course the best .

    23. Chris Sharrock on October 24

      Just received notice USB box has shipped, from Canada , who knows how long that will take lol
      3x cd should ship from amazon tomorrow (please !)
      couldnt wait , so listening to Spotify = show # 1 = Black Page #2 = F*@%ing amazing !!!

    24. fred L. on October 21

      If we’re lucky, a copy of the doc will be sent to us... but when I see the cheapnis of the awards combined with the « Money Money » cover by the ZFT.... mind my words... we’ll never see the beginning of a book or cd! Come on, 99% of the vault is digitized but getting a promised vault digital pass is impossible to deliver in 18 months?! It CAN happen here!!!!

    25. fred L. on October 21

      Mark - Clearly this whole rewards mess is happening because Mr AW (awe?!) had no choice but « rewarding » backers as it is a KS project. The « « « « « poncho » » » » » thing is quote revealing about it. Personally, I ordered a Roxy cd/bd on KS to back up the project and received... a dvd/cd. Well, sh*t happens, so I ask for a replacement and I am sent... a dvd/cd! Again! Why? Because a dvd is cheaper than a blu ray! I think... They’re only in it for the money!�

    26. Peter on October 20

      Mark... true words, sadly...

    27. Chris Sharrock on October 20

      Nice to see loyal and nearly bankrupt fans still waiting for Halloween stuff, meanwhile you can listen to it on Spotify already .
      Just saying .

    28. Missing avatar

      Astrid Nygård on October 19

      I'm having a hard time supporting anyone in the Zappa Family Circus. By airing their dirty laundry in public, they forced fans to choose sides in a conflict that isn't theirs. It's cheap, petty and selfish. And it's ultimately all about the money, which Frank wouldn't have supported at all.

    29. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on October 16

      I'm here to cheer Alex on!....
      Rah, rah, rah! Go, go, go!

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark on October 14

      fred L. - Don't get me wrong - Honestly I'm disappointed because I expected a lot more than the 'rewards' we got so far - the ponsho ( was not a poncho, most of the items are likely stuff which would have ended up in the garbage when the Zappa estate sold and have no real value/ are mostly essentially throwaway items, and the cd's/dvds are stuff many people had already...I enjoy the small clips of video but they aren't really substantial either.....I'm not being rude and was really just trying to explain the conclusion I came to! My expectations were much greater...There is A LOT in the vault but after reading into the Dweezil/ZFT situation and knowing how Gail/ZFT spent so much time litigating against anyone doing anything Zappa in the past I had a few realisations. This kickstarter was aimed at 2 things.... 1. Ensure the vault is saved so that there is a chance of future releases. 2. Give access to footage in the vault to Alex so that a new documentary could be made which contains a true representation of Frank based on much previously unseen footage from the archives.... The 'rewards' are a bonus and really not to be taken too seriously as they are meeting obligations but just not to the standard that many people expected.... To be honest I expect that this is the last I will have to do with any ZFT project or kickstarter project ...whilst the vault is well on it's way to being saved the ZFT/Dweezil thing has left me feeling very bitter and disappointed...The money I put into the kickstarter is more than I ever put towards any other and the misunderstanding on rewards has left me saddened by the whole ordeal... I'm waiting on the end product from Alex to judge whether it was all worthwhile - I'm expecting it to be a final honorable goodbye to Frank and his legacy...Frank would have loved the youtube era of music and creativity - there are a lot of people out there doing great things....

    31. fred L. on October 12

      Mark 1) mind your own business 2) we did not hear tidbits but full tracks like The Fly OS but now that we paid... nothing!Mr AW did not even bother to comment though he was here yesterday like all shameful people do! Remember people there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over! Ouchhhhh!!!!

    32. Chris Sharrock on October 12

      @ Ed , Hi Ed , is $75 for 3xcd or USB box

    33. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on October 12

      $75 = pricy but will get

    34. Chris Sharrock on October 12

      Halloween 77 3xcd release put back to 27th Oct ................. sigh !

    35. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on October 9

      nice to know you're sense of humor is still intact!
      We stand by YOU!

    36. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on October 8

      @ Alex I was hoping it would be called “sinister Extras”

    37. Alex Winter 2-time creator on October 8

      @Ian goodall: thanks Ian. ‘Bonus drama’, I think you just named the dvd extras section :/

    38. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on October 8

      Yes... I'd like to add, "GO ALEX GO!!!"

    39. Ian goodall on October 8

      @v&v - signed up for movie- and got bonus drama too-
      Both camps need to smarten up- seems zft and Dweezil camp paying an awful lot in lawyer fees!!
      Frank would be proud!!!
      Anyway back to Alex- keep up the good work and I for 1 am happy with the rewards so far

    40. Chris Sharrock on October 7

      @ V & V , perhaps they could sort it out with a game of twister .

    41. Missing avatar

      Vincent & Victoria Cannata on October 7

      Jeez, the plot thickens,,,,
      but, as someone on the Steve Hoffman Music Forum said;
      "Hey, Zappas! I sighned up for MUSIC, not DRAMA!"

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark on October 6

      fred L. - from the main kickstarter page: By backing this campaign, you'll help us digitize and preserve (!) these archives for use in this documentary — not to mention for limited, gradual release and distribution, and the enjoyment of Zappa fans for generations to come. The more we raise, the more of Frank's unexplored archives we can save. The point being is that we as backers are paying to the restoration/preservation of materials from the vault for the ZFT to release/profit from in the future......In return we get some minor rewards and Alex gets access to anything the ZFT allows him to to share with us.... Remember... The ZFT maintains control all of the material, hence we are VERY unlikely to hear what you expect.....Tidbits is all that should be expected, disappointing as that may be.....Better off heading to a Dweezil gig if you want ZAPPA music!! ;)

    43. fred L. on October 6

      (Addendum : Whoo.... could imaaagine..... that still absolutely not ONE complete audio track has been heard by the thousands of people that trusted you and gave money in.... 19 months! Yes, I checked twice fellow freaks : NINETEEN MONTHS!)

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