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ENDS TONIGHT! Help us reach $1.25MM to save more of Frank Zappa's private Vault and use the contents to make the definitive doc.
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
Our Kickstarter has ended, but you'll still be able to join us to help save the Vault & tell Frank's story. Check back soon for more details!
8,688 backers pledged $1,126,036 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Vincent & Victoria Cannata 2 days ago

      Nice, Ed.
      I get the feeling Alex can do better!

    2. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus 2 days ago

      I finally saw eat the question .. really enjoyed it !

    3. Missing avatar

      kev sinclaire on February 14

      420 Backers from Canada. 426 in Newfoundland. Hahaha

    4. Missing avatar

      Diggs on February 14

      Very cool. Keep up the great work.

    5. D Scott on February 14

      I'm regretting reading through the comments, it was a bit depressing. I'm feeling a tad duped. If a quality documentary is released I'll be happy. I've given up on the rewards methinks:)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kristen A. Hudak on February 14

      I'm quite excited for my Mystery Bag! Looks like cool stuff. However, how much of stuff is reproduced and how much of it is pulled directly from Zappa's stash? I mean, I love all of the items you showed in the video, it's just that...well, I thought more ephemera would be originals, not repro's. Excited nonetheless.

    7. Theodore McCallion on February 14

      After watching all the drivel that was being passed off as music on the Grammy's the other night, it's such a nice feeling to know that there are those of us who are helping to preserve the work of a true musical genius like FZ ! Keep up your hard work and really looking forward to receiving the rewards and viewing the gems you are finding in the vaults ! Thank you !

    8. Anthony Termini on February 14

      Your Damn Straight ... .. ... ..

    9. Marcin Chorowski on February 14

      Great update, thanks Alex!

      When it comes to the Mystery Bags, I'm surprised both positively and negatively... When I saw that almost everything that hasn't been nailed down to the wall or floor in Zappa house and studios have been sold out on the Internet I was afraid there would be only some utter garbage left for us. Like a receipt from buying a hamburger on a gas station by one of the roadies back in 1975 or something. Completely random stuff. I'm glad that it seems that almost all of the stuff will be super cool. The bad thing is that it seems like almost all of it will be 're-created' not really original. I thought that most of stuff would be original, just some of them would be copies. But well, I can't wait nonetheless ☺

    10. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 11

      Nice links, all of them! I wish I could be there for the storytelling...

    11. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 8

      Tie Me To...what the hey I'm tired...but not tied...haha

    12. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 8

      Or for something completely different, Penis Envy by Crass, some of the instrumentals sounding so Frank Zappa, took me by surprise in the very best way...

    13. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 8

      Gosh...what an experience! I thought Dweezil handled it very well and although I didn't get the jokes that's probably just me (it usually is) and although I didn't know who the guests were (apart from Dweezil of course), well that's on me too for not being involved in commercial American culture but, cool that Mr Kimmel plugged 'Via Zammata', even if he did look slightly unsure what to do with the album he was holding up!

      I'm sure I heard a momentary burst of 'Tie Me To The Whipping Post' at one point in the first half, though I don't think I have it in me to go back and check for sure as I am still left with the ending imprinted on my mind, of what appeared to be a girl doing a gyrating dance in a matching white furry bra, nappy and overcoat miming to a song called 'After the Afterparty' with a possibly dead guy behind her, or maybe he was just drunk..., if anyone else tuned in and feels slightly unsure where to put their brain after all that, you can trust that this is a relevant antidote also of the entertaining and informative kind, lots of you I imagine have seen already, the overview video playing a snippet of every song with descriptions, of Dweezil's aforementioned Via Zammata album, here, I think is excellent stuff:…

    14. Missing avatar

      Quinn Davis on February 7

      @Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus , Damn dude your a champ I had no idea he was gonna be on TV whatsoever

    15. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 7

      @Ed - thanks for giving us the heads-up, will be a first for me watching Jimmy Kimmel, looking forward to this!

    16. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on February 7

      Dweezil will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

    17. Steven Nevans on February 7

      OK Alex
      Time for a NEW UPDATE I see that amazon will be reoffering reissues of Zappa in March. Tell ZFT that they should give us more info on releases and let's get off the political thing that's NOT what this comment post is all about IT"S ABOUT FRANK'S VAULT!

    18. Missing avatar

      mark adams on February 7

      @Marcin Chorowski Since you're not American, why not mind your own ? I also find it curious that you call Obama a war monger, but you are entitled to you opinion ...

    19. Marcin Chorowski on February 4

      Wow, you guys got political again. Just so you realize not everyone here is a regressive and is going to pat you on the back and say how well you were doing the last 8 years and cry about how awful the next 8 years are going to be. Some of us are actually happy that warmongering lying-with-a-smug-on-his-face piece-of-s**t is finally outta office. I'm not even American and it makes me sick how Americans can treat their own legally newly elected president. That's a disgrace.

    20. Ed "Zomby Woof" Marcus on February 4

      Perfect song for Trump - Donnie's such an asshole

    21. Chris Sharrock on February 4

      There is stiff competition , but we all know what the ugliest part of Trumps body is .

    22. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 3

      I mean trump, yeah, absolutely, just, wow...

      ...but don't stop at 3,588 @Chris, surely there's billions and billions and billions and billions more like that left in you ;)

    23. Anna-Lucia Stone on February 3

      Dumb all over, a little ugly on the side...

    24. Chris Sharrock on February 3

      @Ed ,@Mike, on a scale of 1 to 100 , how much do I distrust the Trump thing = 3,588.

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Eder on February 2

      @Ed Nr of comments in this thread i guess ;-)

    26. Anna-Lucia Stone on January 27

      @Denis Le Bret - many thanks for the link to the 'Dweezil Zappa and the Others of Intention' project you posted here on December 16th. I am also very much one of the 'Others'.

      Had this Kickstarter campaign been launched today, knowing what I do now would I still have backed it? Perhaps, selfishly as someone who will very much appreciate seeing, reading and hearing such precious unseen material of Frank Zappa which may otherwise have been lost. Equal to his musical skill, how important and relevant his brilliantly expressed observations on human behaviour remain.

      That said, I feel quite horrible to be associated with - and profiting the lives of - those whose own behaviours are in such direct opposition to the man we all continue to admire so much. I think the best we can aim for now, at the very least is to consider his standards, wisdoms and humour in the way we live out the rest of our own days, to pay attention and of course speak out but not dwell on, the uglier side of what the ZFT has become. What else?

      I hope it's not too naive a hope, that the more material of Frank Zappa can be saved and then shared, then the more people might just go forth to be better in the world which, in my opinion, is reason enough to accept without making too much of a mess, that some just won't.

      I will keep my guesswork on what Frank would have said regarding it all, away from this comment thread. I do however, believe that he would encourage us all to go support his son, right now, if anyone has anything left to give, here:

    27. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 26

      @Henrik Jensen: hi Henrik. The rewards team should be posting more info about the prints soon. And all prints happening as planned.

    28. Missing avatar

      Henrik Jensen on January 25

      Thanks for the schedule:

      Any info on "Original Art Prints", per…

      Matt Groening? Seems like the prints have vanished.

      In eagerly anticipation, Henrik

    29. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 25

      @Michael Eder: thanks Michael.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Eder on January 25

      Just wanted to say as well that I am enjoying the "ride" so far.
      Highlights for me are

      1) Video of Frank arriving at airport + Joe's Garage tribute
      2) Jam Session with Eric Clapton
      3) More insight into the vault and preservation process
      4) Updates + new video snippets
      6) Countdown session event at end of campain.
      Without this project I would not have experienced any of the above .. thanx Alex.

      Sure I can't get enough of updates and also wanted to see everything (including the doc) already yesterday ;-) but things take their time. I am sad as everyone else about the family situation but think that this can only be resolved internally.
      just my opinion

    31. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 24

      @Ian goodall: yes! Thanks Ian :)

    32. Ian goodall on January 24

      Meant trancefusion and dance me this

    33. Ian goodall on January 24

      And let's face it - how long did we have to wait for dance fusion

    34. Ian goodall on January 24

      Thanks Alex

      It seems that things are becoming over complex.....

      The way I see it is

      1 I sponsored a documentary to be made using unique material hopefully found from the vault.

      2 to do that the material needed to be seen / reviewed- this needed to be preserved as a lot was in a precarious state

      3 this will take time - and as it is in so many formats - time consuming and slow- but hopefully oozing the nuggets needed.

      4 all material found belongs to the ZFT- if there are concerts new music this is down to them to release - not Alex.

      5 I get lots of great stuff- a bit behind schedule but that's life

      Carry on and upward

    35. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 24

      @Mark: hi Mark. Thanks for your comment, let me try and clarify something: ZFT isn't 'taking an interest in this material', ZFT are the rights-holders of this material. That is not new, all content is owned by a rights-holder, so that's who we approached for this project. At the time that was Gail. She granted us access and the ability to raise the money to preserve the material that was most in danger of deterioration. I am as saddened by the family situation as anyone else, but with all of your help I am continuing to do the work at hand and get all of this material preserved.

    36. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 24

      @Doug Barnes: thanks Doug :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Doug Barnes on January 24

      As to the political statement I find it extremely interesting that things don’t change much in ~30 years. Good work Alex.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark on January 24

      Alex... I saw the use of the 'updates' video footage which alluded to being commentary over the 'past' 8 years being recent - you have to be more careful with that crap!! :)

      I would agree that when people are pledging their hard earned money for a kickstarter to 'support' their favorite deceased artist, regardless of how little information is provided, REGULAR (weelkly? or more!) updates on the project are kinda expected....there is distinct distance between the communications considering.......

      Of slightly more interest was the other comment - Is this the reason for lack of / minimal content sharing??? ZFT is taking a big interest in maintaining ownership and control of content? There is the obvious watermarking of anything released with ZFT.... And the fact that they will no undoubtedly expect profit from the further material release (at the expense of backers...and indirect expenzze of Mr Dweez.....

      Alex Winter 2-time creator 1 day ago
      @Eric Morones: hey Eric! As I said during the campaign, the money is going to preserve and archive the material in FZ's vault that is in danger of deterioration. I will use some of this material in the doc for sure, and couldn't make the film without it. But it's primarily being preserved for its historic value. And yes there's way more content being preserved than I will use in a film, so it will be there for the zft and whomever else to use down the road. Room for many more docs :)

      Before anyone else makes reference to the fact this is 'all about saving the legacy' (which I'm all for by the way!)... I see so much underhandedness by the certain siblings of Mr Frank and said law manipulators that I can't stands it....

      Alex....this is by no means a dig at you....Or Mr Travers (and friends - Those Dolphins need beer!)....but there should be efforts made to rectify the situation at hand and bring 'peace and love and good harmony stuff' before any more damage is done to the name ZaPpA...

    39. Missing avatar

      Henrik Jensen on January 23

      I think that it has been a while since there has been mention of the various prints sold as add-ons. I bought the Matt Groening one, and haven't seen anything on it. And all prints are off the main website.

      Have I missed something?


    40. Alex Winter 2-time creator on January 23

      @Steven Nevans: Hey Steven. Sorry you're bummed. I'm getting stuff out as we find it, in the best form it's currently in. Most of this media's sound is being preserved separately and hasn't come down the pike yet. It's an excruciatingly slow and painstaking process. As for getting concert stuff out, remember I am not the zft, we're an independent team working solely on archival preservation. I have no involvement in what the zft releases or when. That's something you'd need to take up with them. But I will definitely be working to get more content out as we have it in my updates!

    41. Steven Nevans on January 23

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for the update, but I am a little pissed off on how long it was (way to short) and the consists (also way to short) first we the true Frank Zappa backers deserve more, longer and MORE INFO. Second the video why aren't you guys working on NEW VIDEO concerts that can be released now for all of us to enjoy I'm sure you have found one that isn't in bad shape could be cleaned up and release, as far as AUDIO I think you guys are doing a far job. Don't always keep us guessing on what's coming out and why do you do that anyway? Unfair to us. Remember we are the people who gave you guys the MONEY in the first place. I mean it took thirty years for Roxy the Movie to come out. Believe I know the problems the family having I also gave to Dweezil Campaign to help him. So I am helping you both. I'm not going to start swearing like some have, just more info both on music and video, more video releases and on the updates why just a few seconds why not the whole video? I don't want to waiting two or three years for NEW concert video's of Frank to come out (way to long) I think better planning on all parts would help. That's my beef Oh by the way have a nice day

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