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[TOR] Portuguese Editions, Bonus Videos, and LCS results

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)
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Wrapping up some odds and ends...

Portuguese Language Editions

I'll be printing the Portuguese language editions next month. Turns out there will be even fewer of these printed than there were Limited Editions and almost all of them are going to Brazil. It'll also be the last time I publish anything under the name "Alex Wilson." Because of a screen actor conflict, I'm now using "Lex Wilson.. Changing my name to "Harrison Ford Coppola" apparently wasn't allowed...

If you'd like any copies of this (or anything else), let me know in the next week or so through Kickstarter messages or . I think we're looking at $3 plus actual shipping. And since it's the same size as the English language standard edition, even international shipping shouldn't be too much. 

The Time of Reflection Read-A-Long 

Pull out your books, because it's STORY TIME!

Thank You Video

Contains some potty language which some of you claimed were your names. 

Singing commences at 3:20. 

If I pronounced your name correctly, I apologize. Because where's the fun in that?

Comic Shop Results

Okay, In the end, y'all had me contact:

  • 146 locally owned shops
  • and 16 libraries 
  • across 35 different US States (United States States is like DC Comics = Detective Comics Comics)
  • and 5 Canadian Provinces.
  • Some of these were second choice recipients after the first choice said no or didn't respond.

Because I said I'd contact the stores before mailing (to reduce unwanted comics... this thing is kind of an odd duck for a store), some said no. Some didn't respond. In these cases, I attempted to contact backers for alternatives. Those alternatives sometimes worked out, sometimes didn't. I also offered an alternative of my own: to donate the printing cost (of the issue I would have sent out) to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

I had this in mind as an option even before I launched the Kickstarter, but it's against the site's rules (and probably some laws) to advertise or solicit money on the site by promising to donate it elsewhere. And indeed one of the hurdles towards getting this project approved was a Kickstarter reviewer considering my sending-a-comic-to-a-shop proposal as a form of donation. So I haven't shared those backup plans publicly until now.

So with 251 backers total (some below the $3 threshold, but who's counting) (and some who didn't name a shop, but that's okay) (and some who didn't know any stores in the US or Canada because they don't live in the US or Canada, but that's okay, too), here are the results of this Kickstarter in addition to what you received as your pledge rewards:

  • 60 different shops and libraries actually chose to receive the comic 
  • 96 comics in total were sent to those 60 shops and libraries
  • The printing cost of 156 comics (251-96) has been donated to the CBLDF

 You made this happen. Thank you.

And congrats to Chapel Hill Comics, which was the most recommended shop, and which is the recipient of a Limited Edition!

Kickstarter Experiment Lessons Learned

The tweak on the business model, to actually try to distribute the comic to stores using the Kickstarter itself, was an interesting experiment, and I think it worked beyond what I could have hoped for a 5 page comic. I think the next steps would be to try this with a traditional comic, and then try with a more stablished name on the cover.

It was probably a mistake to say, right there in the video, that I would try to contact stores first, before sending the comic unsolicited. I don't feel inconvenienced when an artist sends me links to her or his portfolio, but I do feel like I'm inconveniencing others when I send them links to my work. It's a whole thing. With a more traditional comic, if I tried this again, I'd get over myself. I wouldn't ask for permission. I'd just send the thing and eliminate an extra step and all the tracking that went along with it.

Libraries weren't that into it. Neither were non-comics-focused shops. But I like having those options, so I'd include them again. 

Multiple comics to a single shop, along with comics dimensions/page size is what made this economically viable. 

Interestingly, all the local book stores and comic shops had high numbers of recommendations, and I've never met many of those backers. So thank you, if you found this Kickstarter via location search in your area.

A number of these stretch goals (along with the Limited Editions, which needed to be shipped to Brazil and back as a single package) depended on receiving a critical mass of backer responses before moving forward. 

This I feel put an undue burden on the backer, who was already being generous with her or his money. I've received apologies from those who feel they caused delays in the Limited Edition, etc, but I'm the one who should apologize. I shouldn't have put you in that position. For that, and for the structure of this Kickstarter which resulted in these delays, I'm sorry.

So there you go. A few things that worked. And a few things that could have worked better. 

Thanks for being a part of this experiment with me.

Alex / Lex

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