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Alex and Silvio won the Eagle Award at the London Comic-Con with their fantasy short. Now help them bring it to this side of the world.
251 backers pledged $5,139 to help bring this project to life.

[TOR] Last chance to adjust your pledge amounts!

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)

Just over 24 hours left, and the $5K stretch goal is well within our reach!

So I thought I'd quickly go over the "extras" you can add to your existing Time of Reflection reward levels, if any of these interest you. For example:

If you pledge at the Limited Edition reward level of $20 and you also want "The Man in the Cellar" DVD--which is $10--please pledge $30 and select the $20 reward level.

If you have any questions, please ask via the Kickstarter messaging system. After the Kickstarter closes, you officially make your selections when you share with me your mailing addresses, names to say in the YouTube videos, and favorite shops.

I shouldn't be more than an hour or so away from my email (except during the wee hours of tonight) between now and the Kickstarter's end. It'll just be a matter of dealing with the volume...

For Retailers:

  • Add $10 for ten copies of "The Time of Reflection" booklets. Or just pledge $10 if you don't want any other reward. Includes shipping in the United States. Add $5 to ship internationally.
  • Add $10 for ten copies of the "You Got Your Schwarzenegger in My President" minicomics. Or just pledge $10 if you don't want any other reward. Add $5 to ship internationally.

For Additional comics:

  • For additional copies of "The Time of Reflection" booklet, please add $2 each to any pledge reward $3 or higher.
  • For additional copies of the booklet signed by BOTH Silvio and Alex, please add $7 each to any pledge reward $10 or higher. (Note: Alex will sign just about anything at no additional charge.* Shipping the item to Brazil and back is the reason Silvio's signature costs extra.)
  • (*Among the things Alex will not sign for free: Porcupines, downed telephone wires, or unidentifiable fluids.)
  • For additional copies of the booklet in Portuguese, please add $2 each to any pledge reward $4 or higher. (You may also add $1 to any pledge level to choose a Portuguese language edition of the booklet instead of an English language edition.)
  • For an additional signed and numbered Limited Edition book, please add $10 to any reward level $20 or higher. BUT PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST ABOUT IT, so I can reserve you a copy. These really are going to be limited in number.
  • For the almost entirely unrelated "You Got Your Schwarzenegger in My President" minicomic, add $2 to any pledge. (Note: some of you get this mini free by pledging $5 or more in the first three days of the campaign and keeping your pledge at or above that level. And if we reach the $6K goal by tomorrow night, everyone will get a PDF/digital copy of this.)

For other fun stuff:

  • For "The Man in the Cellar" DVD," please add $10 to any reward level $3 or higher. Note: if you pledge $80 or more, you get this free.
  • For one of the two T-Shirts, please add $25 to any reward level.
  • For a song commission, please add $100 to any reward level. BUT PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST ABOUT IT TO MAKE SURE I HAVEN'T ALREADY AGREED TO TOO MANY SONGS. I'm only human; I can only sing so much...

For shipping, um, "bonuses:"

  • I'm planning on one shipment per person. However, backers in the United States may add $1 to their pledge and I'll send their not-needing-to-go-to-Brazil-and-back booklet(s) separate from (and earlier than) the rest of their rewards.
  • Backers outside the USA: please add a flat $5 per pledge to help pay for shipping. 
  • A few people have offered to pledge more than $5, since international shipping can and often will cost more than that. In case there's any doubt: I have absolutely no objections to anyone pledging above the minimum amount for any reward level, but I did plan for this.
  • So if non-USA-based backers want to add another $5-10 to their pledge, that would be great. (Particularly for rewards like T-Shirts, commissions, DVDs, puzzles, or more than 8 or so comics; at the single booklet level, $5 shipping is plenty.) But it's not necessary.

And finally:

  • As much as we've been treating this as a straight-up preorder system, Kickstarter is a fundraising platform, and clearly we're here because we need you more than you need us.  So anytime you want to pledge above the minimum amount for a reward, by all means we very much appreciate the support and interest.
  • And you might even get more out of it as backers! You've already unlocked six stretch rewards with the seventh goal just about to join them. Dare we aim for the motion comic goal ($7K) with so little time left on the clock?

And about that Dothraki translation...

HBO has rejected the idea, even as a freely released, not-for-profit PDF. I do want to thank David J. Peterson (who created the language for the Game of Thrones series) for his helpfulness, as well as for getting me in touch with HBO's legal department. And I want to thank HBO Legal for having an answer for me so fantastically quickly.

Perhaps this is something we can revisit after the TV series concludes, but for our purposes, this isn't going to happen. Not as a stretch reward, and not as a paid translation during this campaign.

Thanks so much for being a part of this!



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