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[TOR] And the crowd-chosen song commision will be...

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)

Votes have been tallied! Thank you all for participating! I will compose and record a song for you all about...


The complete rankings, in order:

  • Firefly
  • Lando Calrissian
  • The Hunger Games (tie)
  • Kill Bill (tie)
  • Fringe
  • Resident Evil
  • Gully Foyle

And here's the complete tally, for transparency's sake:

(There was a single question on the survey, and backers only needed to make a 1st choice; the others were optional. For the final tally--not the same thing as SurveyMonkey's "response count"--I counted first choices as worth three times as much as 3rd choices, etc.)

We are talking about November 17 for the Time of Reflection launch party at Chapel Hill Comics. No promises, but I will try to be ready to perform it for the first time then.

Not the song subject you were looking for?

Back at the "Song Commission" level (which now also includes a free DVD of "The Man in the Cellar") and I'll do a song about any fan-relevant  subject you want.

Want a second copy of the Limited Edition?

Please contact me if you want an additional copy (or copies) of the Limited Edition. (This is only for people who are already pledging at the $20 level or higher.)

I shouldn't be more than an hour or so away from my email during these final 36 hours (except during the wee hours of the night, US Eastern time), so I'll let you know ASAP that I'm reserving it for you. Then you may add $10 to your pledge for it.

If you add $10 to your pledge without getting in touch with me first, I can't guarantee availability. I meant what I said about limiting the print run of these to about 250 at the very high end, but enough of you have asked me about this option that I wanted to figure something out.

(And I know the Kickstarter page has become something of a monster of clutter, so I'll post another update this evening with all of the options combined, so you can adjust your final pledge levels.)


If you are already pledging at one of the higher reward tiers and want to preorder an additional higher-tier reward (for example: you have an art commission reserved, but want to request a song commission as well), please let me know and I'll try to work something out.

Thanks, all! I can't believe how quickly this thing grew!

We hit 1,000% funding over the weekend!

And by "we" I mean "you."

Meanwhile I was neglecting you all by shooting a film and learning that the wax used to seal envelopes (which I had to do for one scene; I don't think this quite qualifies me as a stuntman...) gets a lot hotter than typical candle wax. When the blister on my finger goes down, I'll get started on that song.


(Okay, you caught me. Here's me striking a pose wearing the real hat I wore for the film):

(I'm sexy and I... think it?)


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