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Alex and Silvio won the Eagle Award at the London Comic-Con with their fantasy short. Now help them bring it to this side of the world.
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[TOR] One Week Left (new stretch reward + photos from NBC's Revolution)

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)

We're about to hit $4,500, which will be 1,000% of the initial funding goal!

A new stretch goal for illustrators:

Assuming we reach $4.5K, then any current or aspiring comic book illustrator who backs The Time of Reflection may send me, through the Kickstarter messaging system, links to up to five sample pages through the end of 2013.

I'll (this is Alex the writer here) offer a short portfolio review. One review per person, sequentials preferred over standalone illustrations/pinups. My advice will be less technical that what you'd receive from a professional illustrator, but if you've ever read or received any critiques from me, you know that my focus is on helpfulness and thoroughness rather than general platitudes. My feedback will be from the perspective of what I look for in potential collaborations, and what I look for as a reader and fan of pretty much all genres of comics.

(Other visual artists in the medium: My ability/helpfulness in reviewing colorists and inkers will be limited and brief, but I'll do my best. My feedback to beginning letterers can be helpful, but after you've had a few years of experience, it would make more sense if I asked you for advice.)

Please let your artist friends know! We've got one week left!

New Reward!

At the new $25 level, backers can receive Asimov's Science Fiction, the February 2007 issue, which includes my novelette "Outgoing." Includes everything at the $20 level as well (Limited Edition, etc). Only a few of these available.

And my then-new friend Ted Hobgood (the multimedia artist who will be creating the Motion Comic if we reach $7K) thought they should have given me the cover story...

And last night's episode of Revolution...

For those watching NBC's Revolution: last night's episode ended just moments before the scene in which I was walking around as a militia member. While there's a chance that this will be shown next week (just as there's a chance my sequences from a marine base flashback in Episode 3 might eventually air), it's more likely that my beautiful mug has been cut for good... though that's great news for me because, if the series continues, I might eventually get a chance to read for an actual speaking role.

However, the moratorium on sharing photos taken in the holding area (not on the sets, sorry) ends when our episodes air, so here's me in uniform for Episode 5:

I'll be talking more about background acting and how to find these jobs in backer-only posts as part of the $5K stretch reward.

One more week!



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