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Alex and Silvio won the Eagle Award at the London Comic-Con with their fantasy short. Now help them bring it to this side of the world.
Alex and Silvio won the Eagle Award at the London Comic-Con with their fantasy short. Now help them bring it to this side of the world.
251 backers pledged $5,139 to help bring this project to life.

[TOR] Nominate and Vote for your Next Stretch Reward/Freebie (ACTION REQUESTED)

Waiting on some final quotes and confirmations before posting the future, higher tier Time of Reflection stretch rewards, so in the meantime...

For a new $4,000 stretch reward--which we should hit in a few days--I'll create and record for you all one of my "song commissions" parodying or sending up your favorite fan-related subject, as nominated and voted on by backers (hey, that's you!).

Please nominate anyone/anything from an author (like Ray Bradbury or Alan Moore), a comic book character (like Iron Man or a horse from Hope Larson's Gray Horses), a media property or specific story-line (like Harry Potter or X-Men: Days of Future Past), or any other aspect of fandom (like cosplay or San Diego Comic-Con's traditional Sunday morning cannibalism brunches). 

Accepting nominations in the comments to this post, now through Friday night.

We'll put those to a vote next week, and then I'll announce the winning song subject a few days before the Kickstarter closes (so if your top choice doesn't win, you'll have a chance to demand that it happens via one of the song commission stretch rewards).

(Just an FYI: In general, already-meant-to-be-funny properties--like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again--often make less interesting subjects for new comedy. You may also suggest your least favorite subjects, but you're more likely to hear me excessively sing Rob Liefeld's praises than make fun of his table-manners at the cannibalism brunch.)

More about this and some recorded samples under the heading of "Song Commissions" on the Kickstarter page.

I look forward to your challenge!

Let's limit it to one nomination per person, please, but you're welcome to post again before Friday night if you want to change your initial nomination.

I'll start with my own nomination:




    1. Alex Wilson Creator on October 13, 2012

      Thanks, all!

      If a few more suggestions come in this morning or so, I'll add them to the list, but otherwise... nominations are effectively closed!

      I'll have a voting form up on Monday.

    2. Carl Tipple on October 10, 2012

      Just a happy coincidence. I always recommend 'The Stars My Destination' to anyone who hasn't read it - one of my favourite books.

    3. Alex Wilson Creator on October 10, 2012

      Good one, Carl. Did I profess my love for Alfred Bester in an interview out there, or is that a coincidence?

    4. Alex Wilson Creator on October 10, 2012

      You think you're being clever, Richard. But do you really want to change your nomination from Resident Evil to Dolly Parton? :)

    5. Alex Wilson Creator on October 10, 2012

      You know what? I've never seen the Resident Evil films. You're going to put me to work, aren't you?

      Lando Calrissian... that's a Harry Potter character, right? :)

    6. Richard Boom on October 10, 2012

      Resident Evil the movie(s)