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Alex and Silvio won the Eagle Award at the London Comic-Con with their fantasy short. Now help them bring it to this side of the world.
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[TOR] T-Shirts, New Stretch Reward, and Amazing Press!

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)

The Time of Reflection has hit $3K! Thank you so much! This means I'll be reading "The Time of Reflection" to you all story-book style on YouTube. You know what else this means?


I mailed a few copies of the test printing to Silvio the first week of September, and they arrived in Brazil around the time the Kickstarter launched.

Silvio told me how he gave one to his mother and read and translated the comic for her, since she doesn't speak English. He said how she enjoyed it and was proud of him, but was very sorry about... (ahem) about what happened with one of the characters.

This next stretch goal is because we have an amazing illustrator here who has won the longest-running international comics industry award in existence... for a story that doesn't currently exist in his first language. I have a "translate this story into the language of your choice" reward option, but I can't bring the price down any lower than it is. So...

If we reach $4K or if 10 people buy T-shirts (whichever comes first), we will translate the story into Portuguese and make a Portuguese language booklet available for preorder in the final week of this Kickstarter.

"What T-shirts?" you ask?


I've had requests for shirts, and it took me a bit. I didn't want to just slap a random panel or the title on a piece of cloth for a quick buck. (And we didn't plan ahead to make a cool logo for our story, which would've been smart...)

So we have two designs: white and black. Each design has a line from the story on the front, and Silvio's work on the back.

Shirts are $25 each. You can select the new $30 reward, which includes a shirt plus everything at the $5 reward level. Or you can add $25 to any existing pledge level and let me know it's for one of the shirts. Or add $50 if you want both.

Or you can add $75 to get a puzzled email from me, wondering where you got the idea that there were three T-Shirt options.


We've still got 18 days left, and the thing I'm most excited about right now is how people are starting to talk about the big experiment we're trying here... between the strictly crowdfunding and the strictly retail models of distribution.

Even if nothing else happens with this Kickstarter or our comics careers, I hope this encourages others to play and push with the business model.

This week Stephen Jondrew interviewed me for the Fanboy Buzz podcast! (formerly Project Fanboy). Episode 137:

(My, um, opening comment on the above podcast refers to Stephen's surgery, discussed in Episode 136.)

And so did Richard Bliss ("The Game Whisperer") of Funding the Dream, the only dedicated Kickstarter podcast out there. Quite an honor, because his usual focus is games! Episode 89:

And we've been highlighted a few other places like Chip Reece's column for Stash My Comics:

And Techdirt:

And Comic Bastards:

And I want to especially thank Richard Boom at Broken Frontiers for helping us get our press release out there:


Tomorrow I'll send out a backers-only update so you can all see our short comedy film (fulfilling an earlier stretch goal), which world premieres tonight at the International Cycling Film Festival in Herne, Germany.

And next week I'll be revealing most if not ALL of the remaining stretch rewards that will take us to the end of this campaign.

Thanks everybody!



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