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[TOR] Songs and Song Commissions

Posted by Alex Wilson (Creator)

I've had some questions about songs and song commissions (a limited number of backer rewards available at $120 and $250) and I don't want to make the main page even more unwieldy than it is.

So in this update you'll find:

  • 1. The lyrics to the Star Wars humor song, because the recording I posted is old and over-compressed but I'm not exactly going to restart this Kickstarter just so I can re-record it, now am I?
  • 2. The full song I used in the Kickstarter video, "Since We Never Could Stand Still," which also might serve as an example of a "serious" song, just in case a humorous one isn't a good fit for a requested commission. It's also more on par with the quality of recording you'll get with your song commissions.

Let me know if you'd like more info or examples before deciding whether you'd like a "song commission" based on your favorite comic book or literary character, film, book, author, actor, or other fan-related theme.

$120 per song (also gets you everything at the $20 reward level). Or for $250 you can get one based on your own book or other creative property.


Lyrics to "Hutt Seeks Slave (Wear My Chain)"

(Listen to the song on the main Kickstarter page.)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
In the only known hole in the ground in which you could hear Max Rebo play
There once was a slug with a heart so large
That he would help the pathetic for just a modest charge
And he'd never hunt them down and kill them unless they didn't pay.

Well, sometimes it gets kinda lonely on a desert world
When you sort of resemble the remains of a meal that a rancor just hurled.
You know it's not easy to find yourself a date
When all you do is sit there and munch on live bait.
Sometimes you get the longing to capture and abuse a pretty girl.

I am just a Hutt trying to enslave a princess.
Just a lonely guy with a tongue that leaves a stain.
Well, Salacious Crumb is my only friend
And I've never ever been outside my den
And I'll never be lonely again if you wear my chain.

I'll dress her in a metal bikini that will look just fine.
And I'll make her wear a collar so everyone will know that she is mine.
Just as long as she loves me for who I am
And responds very quickly to my every demand
And if she never refuses me I probably won't kill her this time

Like Oola. Oo-oo-oo-oolah. Oo-oo-oo-oolah. Oo-oo-oolah.

I am just a Hutt trying to enslave a princess
Just a lonely guy who promises not to maim
I'll treat you less like my enemy
If you'll only do a little dance for me
And I'll never be lonely again if you'll wear my chain.

Since We Never Could Stand Still

If I recall correctly, this was an extrapolation on the idea that an ancient nomadic culture might have held the carrier of its coal in the highest regard... as steward of the community's source of heat and life.

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