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Absurd, modern and fantastical, this play plays with the desire in all of us to escape our own responsibilities for something new.


Homegrown Theater is an all-local company of actors and artists coming together to create refreshing new plays that expand our understanding of theater in the 21st century. With works focusing on modern themes such as the role that technology plays in our lives, and the growing wanderlust that comes with an ever-shrinking world, we know that our youthful perspective must be as present on stage as our years of experience. We aim to disrupt the line between the fantastic and the everyday while broadening the medium with a healthy dose of surrealism.

Our actors have appeared in productions at the Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati, the Prague Fringe Festival, the Ohio University Theater program, and Monomoy Theater in Massachusetts. 


This is our first play, and let’s be honest- fantasies are expensive! The Doppelgänger Cometh and Overtaketh is whimsical and fun, and it includes amazing sets and props, all of which are custom made and cost quite a bit. We’d also like to provide water and food for our (pro bono!) cast at the many rehearsals this play will have. We’ll also be creating custom posters for the play.

The first run of Doppelgänger will be at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival from 5/29-6/9. If we're successful there, our hope is to take the play to as many other venues as possible!

None of us at Homegrown Theater are seeking compensation for our work, and, no matter what, we’ll be spending hundreds of long hours on this project because we believe in it. We’re eternally grateful for any contribution you can make, and we can’t wait for you to see the results!


This is Homegrown Theaters' first full-length, original production, debuting at the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival! This Kickstarter is meant to, well, kickstart our production of The Doppelgänger Cometh and Overtaketh.

Absurd, modern and fantastical, this play realizes the desire in all of us to forgo and escape our own responsibilities in favor of something a little further down the rabbit hole. Leah summons a doppelgänger in order to shirk her responsibilities, only to find herself locked in a cell and being prepared for sacrifice, leaving her friends back home in terrible danger. A demon is involved, as well as some cannibalism. 

With a semi-interactive set, a visible Twitter feed and local music, this play is exciting, strange and engrossing all at once! We believe that fantasy doesn't get its due these days, and as theater lovers, there's no better place to make our contribution to the genre. Doppelgänger is meant to be raucous, outrageous, and a whole lot of fun.


We're excited to announce that we'll be performing at historic Emery Theatre at the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival!

Saturday, June 2 @ 7:45pm
Monday, June 4 @7:15pm
Wednesday, June 6 @7:00pm
Friday, June 8 @9:15pm
Saturday, June 9 @8:45


Leah Strasser- local Cincinnati actress.

Ben Dudley- local Cincinnati writer and performer.

Jon Nutter- actor in Cincinnati and Athens, Ohio.

Stephen Geering- local teacher and actor.

Mary Kate Moran- local actress.


Alex Parks (Producer)- local video and multimedia producer

Michael Englender (Designer)- local artist and designer.

Tyler Smetts (Writer)- local writer and pizza fanatic.


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