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Go! Go! Kids! is a film project that gets kids to exercise with interactive adventures. Please help us make this a TV show!


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The rising rate of childhood obesity in America has been a well-documented problem.  There are advertising campaigns, reality shows, documentary films, and presidential councils that have made the health and fitness of kids part of the national consciousness, but parents and schools still struggle finding ways to give their children healthier lifestyles.  

We would like to play a part in finding a solution

How are we going to do that?

Go! Go! Kids! is a film project designed to get kids to exercise through interactive adventures.  It's part video game, part TV show, and part narrative storytelling.  Each episode would feature our 8-year-old host, Morgan, as she leads the audience through an imaginary adventure that requires Morgan and the kids at home to overcome obstacles, which are actually exercises in disguise.  

For example, in our pitch video, Morgan wants to take the audience to the beach.  She teaches the kids a magic cheer that is supposed to transport them there, but instead drops them in the ocean.  On the way to the beach, they play with a starfish (stretching), learn how to surf (cardio), and play with a beach ball when they finally reach the sand (cardio).  Each episode would conclude with a cool-down exercise and a healthy eating tip.  

Most importantly to the kids, it would all be fun!

So what can I do?

Go! Go! Kids! is currently a five-minute short film in post-production, but we would like to use it as pitch material to create a television series.  So, that's where we need your help!  We completed filming using our own limited resources, so now we're trying to raise money that would go toward finishing costs, including final computer animations, music licensing, and sound design.  Then another portion of the money would go toward pitch resources like "leave-behinds" and transportation to pitch meetings.

I want to help!

We're using Kickstarter, which is a website designed to help creators of independent projects to raise money.  The way it works is that we set a financial goal and a deadline to reach it.  Then we ask generous people like you to pledge money and help us spread the word about our project.  You also receive one of the cool rewards listed on the right side of this page, depending on the amount of money that you pledge.  The catch is that if we don't reach our financial goal, we receive NONE of the money.  And if we don't reach the goal, you are not charged for your pledge, but the rewards are not sent out as well.  So, we could really use all the help we can get!

Thank you for your time and support!

You can find out more about the show's creators and stay updated on the project here:


Graphic Artists: Adam Thair Stevens and


Twitter:  @GoGoKidsTV


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