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A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
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Shipping begins...

Posted by Kano (Creator)


It's happening. 

It's what you've been waiting to hear, and what we've been striving to say. 

It's 290 days, 22 hours, and 16 minutes – since 13,387 of you and a dozen of us came together to build a new kind of computer kit.

It's time to ship

The first 2,000 Kano Kits are on their way – with no surprises, the rest will follow in 7 to 10 days. If you're an Early Bird, you should receive your tracking number in just a few days. (Feels good, man.) 

In our first update, we said "remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always." Now begins something a lot bigger – your time with Kano.

From China to your mailbox

Yonatan and Becca have been going hard in Shenzhen. With the help of our partners, we've built a global supply chain – circling, magnetizing, testing – that brings together 31 components from far-flung factories and gets them kitted, picked, packed, and posted in days.

Our assembly line is complex. The most important part of the process: testing.

We have four testing stations at the start of the line. Quality is a "no compromises" zone for us – even though all of our components are 100% tested at the factories where they originate, we want to make sure that they are 100% tested once again, as a full kit, before they go into the post, to you.

Get ready

Like the Apple I (heh), Kano doesn't come with a screen, and building it with your own display is part of the fun. This week, it's worth checking if your screen at home is ready "out of the box" for Kano. Does your display have this?

If so, you're set. If not, don't worry – we're here to help, with adapters and options. Our content and customer service wizard Mathew is on call, with witticisms and wires. Check out our full display solutions rundown.

Away we go

We're just getting started. The first kits are heading out the door, but there's still much to do to make this ship epic. Your patience keeps us alive. Your passion keeps us purpose-filled. Yon's in China, showing eager young Shenzhenites how to fold up a perfect pack. Alex is criss-crossing the states, showing your kit to friends, fellow travelers, and writers. At home in London, the team is pushing the envelope, bringing more projects, speed, and sweetness to the Kano universe. We can't wait to see what you make. And we're here to help.

We'll keep you updated as the shipping sallies forth. For now, as we began, with bits and bytes and orange fingers, we remain,

Team Kano

(And we wouldn't leave you without a bit of eye candy...)


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    1. Bob Reuter

      Got mine this week in Luxembourg/Europe. Very nice. My son, 4yrs old, was very eager to BUILD his computer. Using the OS and the applications is still a bit hard for him, right now... But he loves to type, just type on it...

    2. Angus Zhu on

      Still waiting for the tracking number...

    3. Danny on

      I got mine!!!! Beautiful!

    4. Jonny Power on

      Got mine! Cheers kano!

    5. Missing avatar

      Riccardo Pelli on

      I'm live in Italy and Kano ir's arrived today!! Nice work team Kano! i love it! Thanks

    6. David Erosa on

      Mine is arriving in 2 days. I can't wait to see my daughter playing :)

      I already sent a support request via web, but you may want to know that the download button for the books no longer allow to choose the language. Instead it downloads the English version directly. Changing the url by hand makes the trick.

    7. Danny on

      I got my tracking info on the 23rd but when I check it, it shows that the post office got the info on the package but no shipping data on where it is. Suggestions?

    8. Esmond Liew on

      I got my Kano today thanks love it

    9. Jason Thompson on

      Still......waiting.....this is getting beyond ridiculous.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nancy Ruzycki on

      I finally received my Kano on 9/27 w/o any shipping notification. I am happy to receive it, and it is very nice. I wish Kano the best moving forward with their project.

    11. Ted Graham on

      My son just received his Christmas present and is thrilled (maybe this was just a big lesson in delayed gratification?)

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Roark on

      Finally got a shipment notice on 26th noting USPS notified on 23rd w/ 2-day priority but, no updates on progress. :/

    13. Missing avatar

      Don De Tina on

      Eureka! Shipment just came in by surprise with no tracking email warning. A very happy surprise though. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Grafham on

      I just received my tracking number, and I backed in the last 24 hrs of the KS (although I dont know if they're sending them out in order). But don't give up hope, it seems like they're still in the process of shipping them.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff Norber on

      What's the word on getting a shipping date?

    16. bogeun.park on

      I also don't seem to have my tracking number, when do i get the kano?

    17. Robb Pattison on

      I too have not yet received any tracking details. Any information would be nice.

    18. Geoffrey McCaleb on

      I'm in the same boat. I was on the early bird tier so I would have assumed to have gotten some sort of tracking number by now?

    19. Missing avatar

      E Laycock on

      I also don't seem to have my tracking number - is there any way to check on progress please?

    20. Missing avatar

      Nancy Ruzycki on

      I have not yet received notice, as to the tracking, and I have some concerns about if the packages have actually been sent yet. Can you provide us with an update?

    21. Missing avatar

      John H. Prouty on

      Would it be possible for the Kano team to provide another update on the status of shipments. Many haven't received notification of a pending shipment, we're almost three weeks into that 7 - 10 days and getting concerned. Thank you.

    22. Michael Stahle on

      I am with Stephen... No tracking numbers yet

    23. Stephen Lange on

      Have a bummed out 13 year old waiting for his present we thought would be here early July, any way to check status?

    24. Missing avatar

      Graham Smith on

      Mine just arrived, what a buzz. Thanks and well done all!

    25. Missing avatar

      aqeel kamarudin on

      Havent got my tracking no. Sure hope my Kano will arrive this month.

    26. Manoël Trapier on

      Have you a rough idea on when you will receive, then send for the rest of backers?

    27. Justin Eames on

      Check your address by clicking on your survey response under the item you pledged...

    28. Steven Ley on

      So proud of the team! Where do we stay connected to your updates, especially about the educational work, after the Kickstarter?

    29. Jose Luis Gouveia on

      Where can I check my address ?

    30. Manoël Trapier on

      You even put your logo on the weight in the keyboard?

    31. Bizcom on

      Awesome :D we wait it !

    32. Ivan Moreno Tagle on

      I can't wait to finally be able to play around with it, I'm going to spend a LOT of time with my kano. ^^

    33. Andrea Glorioso on

      That's awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on my unit!