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A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Akshay on

      How to update shipping address?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Dancy on

      So stocked to get this.. (since I backed the early bird shipping special) it should arrive sometime in June 2014. Better fire up that time machine that I backed earlier in the year!

    3. Missing avatar

      Luciano Colombo on

      Better have a good quality that a earlier shipping!
      i can wait, still I'm so anxious!

    4. Luis R. Camacho on

      I just wanted to check I backed this project a long time ago and am aware that it was successfully funded but I haven't received my reward yet. So I just wanted to see what was going on?

    5. Terry Cabeen on

      Say we want to use a B+ (because we need additional USB, or because we just like the newest, shiniest thing). Are there any plans to offer a B+ form factor Kano case, fancy speaker and all?
      I super dig the idea of, say, getting a B+ for my home and donating the B (in its case) to a teacher who can put it to good use.

    6. Kano 2-time creator on


      Early Birds on track to ship in August.

      All else on track to ship in September.


      We've tested Kano with both Model B and Model B+ boards, and the performance is identical. The latter does better on the power-management front, but given the optimizations on the Kano Speaker, Keyboard, and Wifi Powerup (which all draw power from the Pi), we're more than happy with the B, and all Kano Kits will ship with Model B inside.

      Of course, everything about Kano (other than the case) is compatible with the Model B+ out of the box, so if you want to add a B+ for a cool project, we will celebrate and share it on Kano World –

      Thanks for the great questions and patience.


    7. Michael Rubin on

      So is it fair to say that Early Bird, originally June will now be August and those of us originally due our kits in July will now be September or will that slip to October? Cheers!

    8. Rahul on

      Is it possible for us to get the Raspberry Pi B+ boards, please :D

    9. Missing avatar

      arianamania on

      :-( Mine was a Birthday present for my son, born 3rd of August. Could not find any E-Mail-Adress to get an excuse for him...

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon Zylstra on

      D'oh! Don't tell me we're getting the old Model B boards..... such bad timing!

    11. Missing avatar

      Rienk Papma on

      I think you could have expected difficulties with production and could have calculated extra time for that and not set the time for sending in july (for a lot of kids holiday here and therefore be happy to spend time on the kano-computer).

    12. Missing avatar

      John Espo on

      Mine was July 1st, no biggie though, I'd rather better quality and can certainly appreciate the difficulty it must take to assure the quality of your product!

    13. Patrick W. on

      I'm not angry about the delayed shipping.

      I _am_ angry that this has only been announced 2 weeks after a "Shipping soon!" email :(

      It really sounded like it was going to ship that week:
      Kano: A computer anyone can make is getting ready to ship rewards. This is the address you provided in your survey response:
      If this is NOT the correct address, update it here. Please make any changes within the next 48 hours.

      I suspect that this is an automatic email from kickstarter, but the Kano team should have reacted to it and managed our expectations better!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sathish Jeyakumar on

      Yes team, it was a birthday present for my 2nd kid Aqeel, July 6th born! since the delay is for the quality (which i appreciate) i forgive you :-P ;-)
      Take care and keep up the good work as usual !!!

    15. Paul Cockerton on

      Hi guys - your update is great. Informative, entertaining, useful. I really believe you're doing everything you possibly can to get a great (in all senses) product into our hands. I don't mind waiting a bit longer - my daughter has been excited all summer - she'll just have to wait a bit more!

    16. Sébastien Brothier on

      Keep on the good work, we can still wait a bit ;) Taking care of details and keep everything simple ! You guys rocks !

    17. Missing avatar

      Igor Krymgand on

      Mine was a present to my 10 for finishing the 4th grade...we have been waiting for the kit for months with great anticipation...wishing it will make our summer vacation...

      Now we both are very upset...

    18. Missing avatar

      Colin Kelly on

      Thanks for making sure our kits are of good quality. I'm just a little disappointed with the shipping delay but I see that the reason for it is to make sure my kit is the best that it can be and that matters more to me then shipping. Thanks for keeping us updated

    19. Jesstern Rays on

      Such attention to detail! Kudos!

    20. Missing avatar

      Miichael N Budreski on

      Hi, mine was supposed to be a birthday present for my 11 yr old son on July 30 th. Too bad!

    21. Victoria Phillis on

      Mine is a gift for my daughters Birthday on 2nd September

    22. Wouter de Valk on

      Love the outlook, would appreciate the date it arrives rather then when it ships. Any expectation?

    23. Torsten Stelling

      @ed young as for the shot of the case you can see the raspberry b not b+.

    24. Missing avatar

      John Glancy on

      Terry said it well. The easy decision would have been to ship as is, I appreciate the leadership and attention to quality and working conditions. You guys have provided fantastic updates throughout, looking forward to a great product.

    25. Missing avatar

      Albert Tu on

      Mine is a gift for my niece, but there is nowhere to leave a message on the shipping label

    26. Terry Cabeen on

      You dropped a supplier for a crappy part, and we appreciate you for it.
      You dropped a sub-supplier for a perfectly fine part, but bad working conditions, and we LOVE you for it.

      Thank you.

    27. Kirsten Haugen on

      Totally awesome on every front! Thanks for caring about quality and environmental and social conditions over timelines. I had planned to give this as a gift, but now I'm not so sure I'll be able to part with it...

    28. Missing avatar

      Christine Fluor on

      The waiting, with great updates, makes the receiving more exciting. Your attention to quality and adherence to high standards in all aspects of production, is commendable. Congratulations!

    29. Garrett Mickley on

      The last little bit of waiting is the hardest because you know it'll be here soon.

      I'm excited!

    30. Vaughan on

      We (my now 7 year old & I) love the updates and follow with great interest. Especially my son Jackson as he (im)patiently awaits his 1st computer. I really appreciate your team digging deep and ensuring the quality of your brain child, even if I have to explain to him that it will be a little later than we expected. Rock on Kano!!

    31. Rich Anderson on

      Missing the school holidays is going to make a few things awkward, but I guess the finished result will be better because of it.

    32. Ed Young on

      Great! Will the boards be the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ or the B?