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A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
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Everyone, everywhere, loves a good story

Posted by Kano (Creator)


...from a little café in Tel Aviv, fresh off a week flying across South Africa, Kenya, and Sierra Leone. We're running on crushed coffee-beans and wacky Pong hacks and thinking, whoa, if this is the beginning of the story, what's next? 

We have nine days left – SHARE US (Twitter or FB), and we can make Kano with more projects, more languages, and an AMAZING robotics expansion kit.

Kano in your country

22 languages are in motion. Kano translators will be the very first to try all our software and content. Join us here to help drive the next generation of creative computing.

Tell and teach your own story, with Kano art

Storybird let's anyone, anywhere write and share their own storybook using beautiful open-source illustrations, crafted by artists around the world – once you try, you'll be hooked.

Teachers, introduce your kids to code with stories and characters! Parents, script your own tech-literate bedtime tales! Everyone, make your own graphic novels and poems with Kano!

NEW STRETCH GOAL – worldwide keyboard layouts

If we can get to $1.5 MILLION, we'll localize our keyboard for the world's three most-popular layouts, like so:

(Should we use stickers or covers?)

The future

If we can keep pushing toward that magic $2 million mark, dreams like Bluetooth in the keyboard and a whole new web-maker Kano level will become feasible. Wherever we end up, we can thank the stars, the robots, the Raspberry Pi, the Linux kernel – but mostly, you guys. Your story, and your kits, are in worldwide motion. Nine days to see how far we can go...

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PS: Santigie, a boy we met in Africa, drew us this, and we promised to share with the world...

 PPS: The prodigy, the DJ, the legend, Kelvin Doe

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    1. Torsten Stelling

      For the Keyboard: Covers please ;) Great we made the 1.5 million ;)

    2. Joffre B. Sanchez Flores on


      Let us mention in social networks, we continue to support the project.


    3. Missing avatar

      ReidOnly on

      Looking at the reviews for both of the suggested solutions (stickers vs. covers), covers appears to be the clear winner.

    4. Maria Alexandra Lovera Montero on

      Je suis très très fier d'être d'avoir contribué à realiser votre magnific projet!!!

    5. Maria Alexandra Lovera Montero on

      worldwide keyboard layouts-(Should we use stickers or covers?): Oh definetely covers, cause that allows for multi language usage. I work in french but my native language is spanish!

    6. David Middleton on

      You guys are awesome. A true balance of humanitarianism and business. Proud to be a backer!

    7. Ira on

      Shalom indeed, Ahalan WaSahalan as well :-)
      Are you giving any talks or demos while you're here?

    8. Edmundo Oliver

      Could be double language stickers for English / Hebrew or Spanish / Hebrew or English / Spanish, etc. if you know you will be using two Languages frequently, otherwise, covers should suffice

    9. Sijawusz Pur Rahnama on

      +1 for blank keys (and white marker?) or covers otherwise

    10. Missing avatar

      Zack Keys on

      Are the stickers/covers going to be purely for the alternate layouts (with a printed QWERTY layout on the base keyboard) or do you plan to have the keyboard blank?

    11. Faiq Hussain on

      wtf is up with the last location link?

    12. Ivan Moreno Tagle on

      Definitely a cover, they are way more durable than stickers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Malte T. Burchard on


    14. Laird Popkin

      I'd prefer a cover to stickers, because stickers slide around and come off. Ideally the covers would snap around the keyboard so they're held in place and don't get lost.

    15. Manuel Z on

      Since I'm gonna use it for my students in school I'd prefer the cover - makes for easier cleaning and protects the keyboard!

    16. Dan Pearce on

      Stickers and covers both seem pretty messy solutions - and writing on the keys ourselves seems like a bit of an untidy hack as well. Would it not be possible to request the keyboard we wanted (given the most popular as choices)? And provide stickers/covers for the more exotic layouts?

    17. Rasmus Malver on

      Stickers and covers are equally bad. They get messy, and cause unnecessary obstruction. How about the suggestion of keeping the keys blank, and letting us write the letters on them ourselves?

    18. Missing avatar

      Stefan Paetow on

      Covers probably make sense, but I guess stickers will do. :-)

    19. Rob Bezouwen

      stickers are fine by me, for the keyboard please.

    20. Missing avatar

      dean salomon on

      if your in tel aviv give let me know :) meet you for coffee tomorrow :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Dicke on

      sticker for the keyboard please.