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A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
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Come to Africa with us

Posted by Kano (Creator)

Backers, awesome and mighty,

You came from Nairobi to New Jersey to help us build an affordable computer kit for all. Now, as we reach our fingers towards the $1 milllion mark (whoa), it’s time to stretch (goal) – we know this is bigger than our little orange office. We want to fly with you literally.

Help us get to $1 MILLION, and we’ll – 

  • Translate the Kano books into eight more languages 
  • Host computer creation clubs across three African cities – in Kenya, South Africa, and Sierra Leone 
  • Bring the backer that breaks the million along with us, all expenses paid, to work with us on improving the kit

(We'll hack with prodigy Kelvin Doe, Nairobi's iHub, and an amazing free university. Thanks to your backing, we're able to do more research, which helps us build you a kit that's more simple and fun – and accessible to even more people.)

Two clicks that help: Facebook and Twitter shares.

More stretch goals to come if we can hit the million – keep telling us what you want, and we’ll keep making it.

With love, until Africa and China meet, and the salmon sing in the street, 


PS – If you already backed and want a shot at the Africa trip, just add some small amount to your pledge.

PPS – Follow @TeamKano and join our Facebook community to hear cool stuff and make us feel socially semi-cool.

(kelvin–in his free time)

 (kano–in our free time)

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    1. @dewanapparel on

      It was a pleasure to back this project. Let's see more creativity in the world; we'll be following your progress even after the Kickstarter is funded.

    2. Kano 2-time creator on

      @Marcelo Martinez Franco if someone volunteers to translate, or enough people vote, we'll translate it!

    3. Kano 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Marcial thanks for your suggestion! It's something we'll be looking into providing next year.

    4. Kano 2-time creator on

      @Trond Klakken email me at if you want to sign up to help translate!

    5. Daniel Marcial on

      I guess you guys would have a better chance to reach even 2 or 3 million if you had some pledge reward options between 99/119$ and 999$. 999$ is quite a leap, but I know for sure some people spend "casually" in the 200-350$ range. Just a thought....

    6. Marcelo Martinez Franco on

      I'm From Paraguay and here we have 2 languages the spanish and the Guarani, It would be amazing to have a KANO with that language.

    7. Trond Klakken

      I would love to help transelations to Norwegian if needed

    8. Joffre B. Sanchez Flores on

      Hi Alex & Co.

      It's a pleasure to have sponsored your campaign and know that your project is well received, however this is the start of a good project .... and patience to reach your goal.

      Perform two clicks to help share with Facebook and Twitter, I am with you on social networks.

      Greetings to: Yonatan, Saul, Alexander, Tommy, Tancredi, Mathew, Radek, Nathan, Albert, Emma, Justine, Caroline and Tom.