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A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.
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    1. David Levy on

      I'm so glad I backed this project, you've grown so much @Kano team
      Congrats and thank you for making a difference!

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      Belinda B Maynard on

      I got this for my granddaughter and she loved it. However, she has "lost" the dongle. Is there any way I can replace this? Thanks

    3. Nate Johnson

      Anybody else's keyboard have any issues. A whole set of keys on our keyboard stopped working out of the blue. Like a dozen different keys don't respond at all! Is there any kind of warranty coverage for this? Is there some simple fix? Any thoughts?

    4. Nick C on

      Likewise - sold out already??

    5. Willie Pretorius on

      Help!, I'm unable to place my pre-order for the Kano Screen Kit, the shop is unavailable....maybe because the whole world is trying to order a Screen kit?!

    6. Kano 2-time creator on

      Hi Paul - really sorry for any confusion surrounding the translations. We originally released them 12 months ago and they were available on our downloads page. Since then the Kano Kit has changed and the books we originally created became less useful.

      We started a new translation campaign in Spring this year and were blown away by the response. The books take a long time to convert from simple strings into pixel perfect pages, and with only one graphic designer it's taken a lot longer than we had hoped.

      We're going to double down on getting the books to you for the holidays and in the meantime we've re-uploaded the old books for you to enjoy right away:…

      Thanks for giving us a poke on this one - your hard work on the translations really does mean the world to us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Wiegers on

      I am feeling _very_ disappointed in KANO. I backed it with great enthousiasm. For me (and many others!) is was importand that at least the books would be translated. I could see that volunteers translated strings in very high gear, so I was expecting downloadable PDFs in the same pace.
      Now, more than a year later, there is nothing.
      My girl (8, by now) speaks no english. For persons from the US this is apparently very hard to understand. But learning to use a computer AND learning a foreign language at the same time is too hard.
      Can you please at least distribute the source for the PDFs? We (the wonderfull community you keep talking about) will put in the translated strings ourself, if need be...

      I saw many people with the same question, here, and elsewhere on the net. It is really shameful that the KANO team never seems to formally reply to this.

      If I bought this in a local shop, with the same promise, I would have returned my KANO by now! :-(

    8. Missing avatar


      Unfortunately I have not received my Kano either. I've had more pressing personal issues in mind since late last year but would like to follow up on this. Have the others I see below who never received a shipping number or a package got any tips as to how to proceed?


    9. Johnnydement on

      And although upgrade looks great, no time to make OS multilingual... gamebreaker for a lot of kids...

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Davis on

      Hi all! I've been getting a lot of emails lately — unfortunately, I've sold my Kano unit.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Davis on

      Looking to purchase a Kano kit? Mine is for sale, for much less than retail! Aside from peeking inside the box, I have never used it. Please contact me at chrisdavis at if interested. USA only please.

    12. David Stosik on

      I'd like to ask the same question as @Marc Meillon.
      Apart from simple text files for the books on Transifex, I have seen nothing.
      Having translated PDF files for the books would be the bare minimum, getting the OS translated too would be great, though I don't see that happening in the next few months... :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Marc Meillon on

      french, german... when is it finally going live?
      If this is scratchedd from production line, I would want to return the bunch as non english speaking kid.

    14. Missing avatar

      Renato Barbosa da Silva on

      Hi guys! I'm from Brazil and unfortunately did not get my Kano, my order came here and returned to China. I was very upset because it would give my son. :( I would appreciate my Kano.

    15. Martin Ritchie on

      THANKS @Jeehoon AHN. OMG can't believe there wasn't a bit of papering the box to say fn+bluetooth on to enable pairing. Did you figure that out by trial and error? You have way more patience than I did. Pairing worked with OS X will try the iPad later, but fn button was the magic combo that was missing.

    16. Shaun Ward on

      I'm still waiting, come on Kano, please reply to your support email.

    17. Missing avatar

      Freedman on

      Still waiting for my KANO... Im the only one who cannot recieved it yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeehoon AHN on

      To people who can't pairing the keyboard,
      Try to push bluetooth key while pressing fn key.
      you're welcome

    19. Diane Faye David-Davesen Thru CFSPI on

      HI,I know some people have bigger problems than I do(they still dont have their units) but just a quick question- So far where do I get an update on the stretch goal for mobile scratch. We hit 1.5m right? Did you release it? I dont remember seeing any mention of it in the 31 updates. I could be wrong. Im a lazy reader. PLease address martins blutooth issue. I havent really gotten into my kano yet coz i had some hardware issues with mine but eventually when i encounter their problems also. I hope theres a solution by the time I experience them. Hope everyone is enjoying their KANO. We all waited so long for it.

    20. Martin Ritchie on

      Hey guys any update on the bluetooth? I can see a number of people saying they can't connect to phones or os x I have the same issue. Press bluetooth button blue light is on green light flashing but OS X(10.10) and iOS devices (iOS 7&8) can't see any bluetooth devices.

      What am I doing wrong? There was no manual with the keyboard so if there is some mystic incarnation beyond turning on and pressing bluetooth button it would be great to know would love to get to use the keyboard.


    21. Hans Winterfeldt on

      I´m still waiting mine >:(

    22. Shaun Ward on

      I have finally got a contact back, but all it did was tell me to submit a ticket at their help page.

      Tip for the Kano team, just create the support process for the person, don't say, sorry not sure why, you should submit a ticket here to fine out. ....


    23. Shaun Ward on

      Yeah, and when I try to send them a message so far no reply, not the only one.

    24. Missing avatar

      Enrique M on

      @Shaun. Kano team has given details for contact in every update, as well as in this very page on the right side of your screen , just click on the "Contact me" link.

    25. Shaun Ward on

      Where do we contact you, as I still don't have a tracking number?

    26. Missing avatar

      stefano bozza on

      I received the parcel last week. It works as I expected. I has been waiting since january, so I'm happy.

    27. Tamir E. on

      I was so excited to receive my Kano only to realize that I had pitched in for just a keyboard and not the Kano. Can I still get a Kano at the pre-order/kickstarter price? A keyboard is nice but pretty useless without a computer to go with it.

    28. Waitat See on

      Posting for benefit of Tesa who received my Kano package.

      On 11 Oct 2014, at 7:44 pm, Mathew Keegan (Kano) wrote:

      -- Please type your reply above this line --
      Your request (4942) has been updated! Want to respond? Just reply to this email.

      Mathew Kee
      Mathew Keegan (Kano)
      Oct 11 12:44

      Hi there,

      Sorry for the delayed response - as you can imagine we are receiving a huge number of enquiries at the moment.

      I can confirm that the tracking code is correct, and the address UPS has matches the one we hold on file.

      Best Wishes

      Mathew Keegan
      Head of Customer Service

      Waitat See
      Waitat See
      Oct 11 02:51

      Hi there,

      Not gotten a response. Could you confirm on the shipping address.
      Not received any tracking number and noted your mention of delivery completion.

      Do help

      Waitat See
      Waitat See
      Oct 10 00:47

      Could you advise the delivery address? Not having a Tesa at our place nor seeing the package anywhere.

      Close Window
      Dear Customer,
      This notice serves as proof of delivery for the shipment listed below.
      Tracking Number:1ZV930E90448966794Service:UPS Worldwide Express Saver®Weight:1.40 kgsShipped/Billed On:09/26/2014Delivered On:09/30/2014 12:48 P.M.Delivered To: Signed By:TESALeft At:Residential
      Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you.

      Mathew Kee
      Mathew Keegan (Kano)
      Oct 09 16:41

      Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. It appears that your kit was delivered and signed for:

      Best Wishes

      Mathew Keegan
      Head of Customer Service

    29. Waitat See on

      Another person here who has no tracking code. wrote in and:
      informed package was delivered and received with a sudden tracking code with recipient as "Tesa". Neither having a Tesa at home nor a package received.

      Requested to verify the address sent and was advised it was per address on file.

      Tesa must had submitted an awesome unpacking video.

    30. Missing avatar

      Pam Christensen on

      Still waiting... and no tracking number either.... sigh....

    31. Shaun Ward on

      Yeah, I have to agree with Rodney there, my initial reaction is like yo WTF, where is mine, spend less time making email campaigns like that and more getting the product shipped and updating the people who are still waiting.

    32. Rodney Hunt on

      I find this amusing, having all these unpacking videos, much self praise for yourselves when as with myself & others zero has arrived, tracking number tells me zero, as a business I would have thought that all the self praise bullshit would come when you have delivered all the items that have been ordered by the people who backed you & made this possible,pissed off, YES !!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jean-Yves Mead on

      My eight-year-old pinged his first URL. I'm so proud! *sniff*

      It's a fine product - my eldest boy enjoyed plugging everything together and getting his kano up and running, while the twins (four years old) are now plotting how to steal it from him.

    34. Michael Rubin on

      2 things:
      1) Some of my friends backed and got the keyboard thinking they were getting the whole Kano...can they order the full Kano and get a discount??
      2) This thing rocks!!!! My 9 year old totally is digging this.

    35. Petr Sedlacek on

      I have the same problem with the Kano keyboard - I am unable to pair it over Bluetooth with any of my devices (3 Androids, Linux). The keyboard is just not discovered.
      I have the green light blinking and blue light steady on.
      Any advice?

    36. Douglas Neal on

      Wow! Just wow!

      After spending months trying to walk the complex maze of hardware, software and language options to introduce my 6 and 8 year olds to code, KANO knocks it all OUT OF THE PARK!

      I couldn't be more blown away with the ease, simplicity, fabulous tutorials and code-writing awards and accolades built into the Kano ecosystem.

      You guys have set an exceptionally high bar for any future Raspberry Pi project kits - and an incredibly inviting interface and ecosystem no one else can even touch.

      I want to buy many more of these. There's no better gift than the gift of discovery and invention you folks have created for kids with Kano.

      Absolutely brilliant!

    37. Samson Yee on

      Greetings from Tokyo. I got mine today, the details and thoughts that has gone into the packaging and crafting each of the little apps is amazing. I haven't been so excited about a box since I got my first Macbook Pro. As a Brit I am so proud to see Colour spelt right too. So looking forward to what you guys will do to the world in your next months and years.

    38. Missing avatar

      Supeazn on

      I only received my keyboard ??

    39. Missing avatar

      ReidOnly on

      Kits arrived! Youngest boy has built his and it's updating now. His words, "I'm so happy." :)

    40. Missing avatar

      ReidOnly on

      No tracking. No Kano kits here in Texas.

      Did receive tracking numbers for someone else's shipment that was coming here but got rerouted to Illinois. @Stacy Cochran, did you get your 10?

    41. Tom on

      East Cost US, here. I received mine on 10/2, and the whole experience from opening the packaging to building to first bootup and login is really great. The instructions in particular are spot on. I truly believe this could be built by a curious child. What a step in the right direction; Bill Nye would be proud! I also appreciate how the packaging doubles as a case so you can take apart and rebuild to your heart's content and also challenge your friends. Great project.

    42. Tatiana Canales on

      I got mine today, I just unboxed it and I haven't played with it but it looks gorgeous!. Very well thought from hardware to packing. I'm so looking forward to play with Minecraft!

      I did have to pay 80 USD to get it in Chile, but those big taxes are always a given when using UPS and its local associates (who don't alert of the payment until is delivered).

    43. Carl Spira on

      Not since the days of the Sinclair ZX81 have I been this excited about a box! Apple quality packaging and the pure feeling of quality as you carefully caress it in your hands. This was an extremely gratifying project to be part of and could stand as an example for others to follow. The old Empire strikes back I guess. Excellent work!

    44. Missing avatar

      Chia Swee Lee on

      Received mine yesterday.....Good.....

    45. Tieg Zaharia

      Got mine yesterday.... So. Damn. Good.

    46. Missing avatar

      jenny on

      Just received my Kano. It looks gorgeous! Thanks!

    47. Martin Ritchie on

      Hey @Torsten noticed your comment about your keyboard box being opened. Mine was the same and the cardboard insert was resting inside.

      LOVE the vibrancy of the orange keyboard. Also having the | symbol is going to rock my HTPC world. My Dinovo mini doesn't have one and makes life interesting.

    48. Martin Ritchie on

      Hey Cheeyoon, I've got the same issue, tried with iPad but it also doesn't see the keyboard. Looks ace and dongle works so may just use that in a different machine as macbook only has two ;)

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