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A documentary style series telling human stories within geek culture. From zombie walks to game competitions; we take an honest look.


Sometimes it's hard to describe things. You have a clear idea of what it is in your head and the moment you try and put words to it everything fumbles out of your mouth and it sounds like nonsense. This is not what our show is about. What it is about… is, well it's about a lot of things. It's about life, it's about love, it's about you. 

The Uncanny Valley is a documentary styled show that tells stories about people who love things not because they're cool; but for the pure sake of loving them. It's about that time you camped out in the rain for first screening tickets to Star Wars; but it's not about Star Wars. It's about all those hours spent putting together and crafting the perfect costume for that cosplay convention; but it's not about anime. It's even about how you took first place in that Starcraft competition; but it's not about video games. 

This is a show about the people who never let that childlike love of things escape. 

But this is a show about them, not the things they love.


We've shot 3 episodes already. Everything we've shot was with borrowed gear. We'd like to raise funding to purchase equipment so we can be self sufficient and shoot further episodes without having to call in favors every week. 


We followed Team Blackwolf as they enter the Global Game Jam, a 48 hour game development competition. From inception to completion, we tracked to see how they went. 


We covered the Sydney Zombie Walk where hundreds of people all get together and dress up as zombies to walk through the city. We also take a look at the culture and popularity of the undead. 


The term gamer is still often viewed as an ugly word. We take a deeper look into what the term means to people and talk to gamers and find out what gaming means to them.


The Secret Lives of Cosplayers: We follow a cosplayer as she makes a costume, enters a competition and find out why she loves what she loves.

Relationship With Technology:
People have an emotional attachment to technology these days. We look at the dependency of some people and talk to others about their love affairs with their tech.

A Day in the Life of: We follow a few people in the games industry and get an idea of what a day in their shoes adds up to. 


I've been really lucky working with such an amazing bunch of people that make up Capsule Computers. When the opportunity came along to develop my own series I jumped at the chance. I've had the idea for this show for years. To my knowledge there isn't a web series that tackles this culture in this way.

The issue is trying to create a show with no budget. It's pretty hard when you have nothing to start with. Luckily I have a lot of amazing friends that did me the favour of lending us some equipment so we at the show can capture what we needed. We've also had some help from Gameloft. They've agreed to sponsor the show which is rad, however what they're giving us just covers hosting. We're doing this show in our spare time. I'm not complaining. I absolutely love it. If the kickstarter funding doesn't work out then we'll explore other avenues. If I have to use a disposable camera and tape photos together to make it work then I'll do that. We're determined to make the show. But if would be a whole lot easier if we had the tools necessary to get the job done. 

So there you have it kickstarters, the ball is in your court. 


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