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A beautifully designed travel guide book from the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché. Pre-order your copy today.
A beautifully designed travel guide book from the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché. Order your copy today.
A beautifully designed travel guide book from the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché. Order your copy today.
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    1. Missing avatar

      PR on

      The book has arrived now, although it was not in a good condition. On the edges you can see wear marks, which is kind of bad as a gift. Better packaging could have prevented this.

    2. Missing avatar

      PR on

      I did not receive a physical copy of the book either. A status update would be nice.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dat Tran on

      I still haven't received my book either. Unfortunately I also didn't get the digital version as the email went to my junk folder and the link was in y good for 1 week.

    4. Uli Gottwald on

      Hey Alex,

      I still have not received my copy and have not gotten any response from you via message. would you mind sending me the tracking number, please?

      Thank you so much
      Uli :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Chang on

      Hi Alex, I couldn’t find any where to contact you expect on here. I was away (traveling!) when the book arrived & hence couldn’t collect it from the post office. Unfortunately, the book was returned to sender. What can be done in this situation? Thank you.

    6. Alex Hunter Creator on

      @nealeAu: can you be more specific about the errors?

    7. nealeAu

      Received the digital version. The book looks create but content is weak with numerous errors, for example Japan. Glad I only backed the digital version and not spent the extra on the hard copy.

    8. Ke Jing GOH

      The book gives very brief and general view about the country. Simple but I wished it could have gotten a little more in depth. But realizing that there is so many countries, it would be reasonable to accept that it and it did cover a very diverse range of places. Likewise, food and budgeting part is great gives a view about what to plan for.

      However, there is another mistake I would like to add to the list under Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “saya faham” means I understand and it does not translate as I do not understand. Seems to be disappointing realizing there was not a more detail check before publishing.

    9. Taru Kesänen on

      Received mine sometime ago, forgot to post here. I like the quality of the cover, it's nice to touch. Overall the book seems to be high quality. Nice tight package of most crucial information about the cities. Really not the book to take along if you want a lot of information about your travel destination. I feel like this is more of an "at home browsing" book.

    10. Missing avatar

      RachelP on

      *which would be...

    11. Missing avatar

      RachelP on

      I have received my book and enjoy the little snapshot of the included countries. I also enjoy the wide margins would be helpful to do handwritten notes/updates if I'm not visiting a country before there are significant changes to any of the information.

      Just a note/question, demonstrating my own ignorance that Google is not helping me unravel: Under transport, I am still a little unsure about what exactly CSV stands for. Contextually, I can deduce the general implication, but since I don't see it explicitly outlined anywhere in the book, my desire to know exactly what it stands for is distracting me a bit.

    12. James Vazquez on

      I received mine in the mail a few days ago and I’m very happy how it came out it came out great! It’s straight to the point and gives you what you need to get around. If you want a tourist book that tells you the sites this is not the boom for you but if you need useful things and ideas for food this is great!

    13. Artur Lille on

      Received my copy of the book. Haven't read it yet, but first impression is a little bit of disappointment. Was hoping for maybe a different kind of paper (something more glossy that feels better in hands); current one in my opinion will get damaged quickly if not careful (especially since it doesn't have tougher/thicker cover). All the sides of the book cover and also lots of pages already got damaged during the shipping...

      Also seems like not a lot of information per city. (I was mostly looking forward for information about Japan and since this book only includes 2 japanese cities the amount is underwhelming. "Luckly" the book was delayed so much that I already visited Japan myself and the information provided here is too little too late anyway).

      But at least I got the print that looks nice, so that's something!

    14. Ben Kelmer on

      i still didn't get my copy of the book :(
      is there an email address that i should send my address again?

    15. Missing avatar

      Zoe Cowin on

      Just received my signed copy can't wait to check it out - thanks Alex look forward to your next installment 😊

    16. Rishi Thornhill on

      Amazing, thanks so much received and looks great. well done ! Also I am launching my Kickstarter in 2 days aquanautia here is the preview… and if anyone has any advice on anything to add, that would be awesome :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Adi on

      I just received mine. Looks great ! Solid book. However, some Korean phrases should be improved to phrases that are much easier to pronounce for foreigners.

      Oh another thing, “Wakarimasu” means “I understand” not “I don’t understand” in Japanese. “Wakarimasen” is the right phrase.

    18. spongefile

      one bit of info the guide could use, under ettiquette, is local attitudes and laws re: LGBT folk, religion, etc. It's often vital to know if you need to watch yourself and tell white lies or not.

    19. Missing avatar

      yz on

      Just received my copy today. Flipping through it, I can’t help but notice that the Mandarin phrases had some errors - for instance, someone saying “sorry” would probably go with duibuqi instead of baoqian and the translation for wodong is “I understand”, not “I don’t understand” (in the Guangzhou section). There’s also some pages that are copied over into multiple sections (like repeating the Mandarin phrases for each Chinese city).

      I’d been planning to gift this to someone, but given just the mistakes that I’ve noticed so far...I’m rather disappointed, unfortunately.

    20. ricardo Gerstl on

      I just got my copy!!!! Looks great!!! Congrats on the hard work - worth the wait.

    21. Missing avatar

      Brianna Hofstetter on

      My book arrived today which was really exciting! I love the layout and the photography is truly beautiful. Was expecting maybe a little more information per city. But overall I'm pleased :) the book is beautifully put together. Thank you!

    22. Dan loy on

      Got my Copy Yesterday , thank you!!! Very impressed though I feel it lacks a little on content. Love the materials used.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland

      When do ye expect the last Kickstarter backer to receive their product by?

    24. Jonathan Campbell on

      Got my copy yesterday looks great thanks

    25. Gianfranco Chicco on

      Got it today (London). Thanks Alex.

    26. Missing avatar

      Aaron Sin on

      Looking back, I felt I was over zealous in my comments and I apologise for that. Thanks for the update and congrats on your new addition in the family.

    27. Jason Lucchesi on

      Hi Alex, just saw your update. Congrats on the new member of your family.

    28. Alex Hunter Creator on

      @Tzukasa again, per the last update, we go to print this month and will notify backers when that happens.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tzukasa on

      Well I guess there won’t be any book soon ...

    30. James Vazquez on

      Delays happen people! just relax I’m sure the book will be worth the wait but on the other hand this project does have to do a better job with the communication ....the last update was December 5th it’s now January 26th. If there’s no new update just inform everyone that it’s still being worked on and a shipping update will be around soon.....people have invested money for months in this project and just want to be kept informed. At the end of the day I’m sure this book is going to come out great and will be worth the wait!

    31. Alex Hunter Creator on

      Also, while I appreciate your frustrations at the delay, please keep your comments civil - we're working as hard as we can despite some hiccups. I appreciate your patience and support in this final stretch.

    32. Alex Hunter Creator on

      For those asking about the digital version, they will be released when the physical books ship.

    33. Alex Hunter Creator on

      @Daniel we will communicate when we have something to say. I appreciate your patience until then.

    34. Alex Hunter Creator on

      @Aaron I can assure you that we are continuing to work on the project but won't ship crap. There will be an update when we reach another significant milestone .Your patience is appreciated until then.

    35. Missing avatar

      Aaron Sin on

      Poor management of the project. Over promised on something you cannot deliver.

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Huckestein on

      Mr. Hunter, this project has very poor communication. I'm very disappointed so far.

    37. Jon Raymond on

      "..update shortly" That was 2 weeks ago. I guess we have different definitions of "shortly"?

    38. Laura

      I would also appreciate an update. Thanks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah Eliza Green

      Hi.Been looking forward to the book.Realise there is a delay,but of arrival for the book would be r.appreciated.

    40. Alex Hunter Creator on

      We'll be issuing another update shortly that will address the digital version release date. Standby.

    41. Tomes on

      Has the digital version been released yet? I know usually they have a 2-3 week head start from the hard copies. Thanks for any update. Looking forward to reading this soon.

    42. Terence Ang on

      Any idea when it’s gonna be delivered? A rough month?

    43. Missing avatar

      King Heiple

      I have not received a backer survey

    44. Uli Gottwald on

      I don't think it'll go out within the next 2 weeks. The update from Nov. 6th says:
      "... while we don’t have a concrete ship date yet..."

      Surveys for book backers haven't been sent out yet either, so you may want to consider getting an other christmas present. :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Cillian Molloy on

      Can we get an update on deliveries, I was hoping to give these as Christmas presents need to know if that’s going to be possible or not ?

    46. Jonathan Hollingsworth

      Any updates?

    47. James Vazquez on

      Don’t think they sent out surveys yet....just sent out the Signed picture to those who purchased it. I’m sure we will see an update before Dec 1st since the original shipping date was November which obviously they aren’t going to make.

    48. Jon Raymond on

      @ Terence - I have not received a survey yet.

    49. Terence Ang on

      Has anyone recieve the online survey yet?

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