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A beautifully designed travel guide book from the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché. Pre-order your copy today.
A beautifully designed travel guide book from the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché. Pre-order your copy today.
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    1. Jon Raymond 1 day ago

      "..update shortly" That was 2 weeks ago. I guess we have different definitions of "shortly"?

    2. Laura
      3 days ago

      I would also appreciate an update. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sarah Eliza Green on January 12

      Hi.Been looking forward to the book.Realise there is a delay,but of arrival for the book would be r.appreciated.

    4. Alex Hunter Creator on January 5

      We'll be issuing another update shortly that will address the digital version release date. Standby.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tzukasa on January 5

      Still no pdf

    6. Tomes on January 1

      Has the digital version been released yet? I know usually they have a 2-3 week head start from the hard copies. Thanks for any update. Looking forward to reading this soon.

    7. Terence Ang on December 31

      Any idea when it’s gonna be delivered? A rough month?

    8. Missing avatar

      King Heiple
      on December 5

      I have not received a backer survey

    9. Uli Gottwald on December 4

      I don't think it'll go out within the next 2 weeks. The update from Nov. 6th says:
      "... while we don’t have a concrete ship date yet..."

      Surveys for book backers haven't been sent out yet either, so you may want to consider getting an other christmas present. :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Cillian Molloy on December 4

      Can we get an update on deliveries, I was hoping to give these as Christmas presents need to know if that’s going to be possible or not ?

    11. Jonathan Hollingsworth
      on November 30

      Any updates?

    12. James Vazquez on November 29

      Don’t think they sent out surveys yet....just sent out the Signed picture to those who purchased it. I’m sure we will see an update before Dec 1st since the original shipping date was November which obviously they aren’t going to make.

    13. Jon Raymond on November 27

      @ Terence - I have not received a survey yet.

    14. Terence Ang on November 26

      Has anyone recieve the online survey yet?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Ryan on November 16

      Any news on the shipping survey being sent out? Still waiting on it

    16. Missing avatar

      Ariel Shelton on November 14

      If we backed this project for the online copy, when are those being sent out and are we getting a backer survey for that category as well?

    17. Jon Raymond on November 5

      Please confirm when shipping will start. Also an update would be great.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brandon Lang on October 30

      Hi. Im just wondering if the survey was sent out already?

    19. Missing avatar

      Tapani Murto on October 30

      Any news or updates? I know it's no small feat to make a book like this and I rather see this done well rather than rushed to meet estimated delivery time.

    20. Rishi Thornhill on October 8

      are we still on target for November delivery ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Sarah Eliza Green on October 1

      Hi.When is the survey coming out?Thanks,S.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Merker on September 30

      Did not get an update. Poor communication with this project.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Merker on September 30

      Did it get an update. Poor communication.

    24. Paul Stamatiou on September 25

      Was there a backer survey I missed? Forgot if I had already provided a shipping address, but I'll need to change it on all my kickstarters.. used to use a doorman/pobox-like service for my packages that just went out of business

    25. Suleiman Abdu on September 23

      Last update on 11 august. Is that the last update or is there one im missing?

    26. Missing avatar

      Arwyn Jones on September 20

      Same, no update for me either.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Mut on September 16

      Hey there everybody!
      I also did not get an update that seems went out early August.

      Has there been another update since or is this what we have for now?

    28. Jon Raymond on September 11

      A new update would be nice. Are we still on target for a November delivery?

    29. Brian Summers
      on September 10

      No update here either.

    30. Max Slinger on September 6

      I didn't get an update either and the last update on Kickstarter was from August 11th!

    31. Missing avatar

      Eugene Cheong on September 6

      I did not receive any updates beyond the e-mail sent on 11 Aug as well.

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Huckestein on September 5

      Hi. Didn't get the update, too. Last mail I received was the update from 11th August.

    33. Aaron Smeding
      on September 4

      Hey guys,

      I didn't get the update either. The last update I received was the 11th August. Aaron.

    34. Jon Raymond on August 24

      Updates can be found on the "Updates" tab next to the "Comments" tab in the browser version or above the "Comments" tab in the mobile app. Updates are also emailed to you via the email address you have registered with kickstarter. Check your spam folder?

    35. Zak Kanoff on August 23

      I didn't see any update last week. Where should I be looking for it?

    36. Missing avatar

      on August 23

      I didn't get the update!

    37. Alex Hunter Creator on August 21

      Hey gang, we sent out an update to all backers last week - holler if you didn't get it!

    38. Missing avatar

      James Harrison on August 21

      helloooo......any updates.....?????

    39. David Hill
      on August 11

      Almost a month since campaign ended. No updates. Not a word. Did you take the money and run?

    40. Jon Raymond on August 8

      Any further updates?

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexis Arupo on July 23, 2017

      Congrats on reaching your goal! Can’t wait to see the final product and future volumes! Good luck and I love your YouTube show!

    42. Missing avatar

      on July 19, 2017

      So excited for this, seeing the YouTube channel I have no doubt this is going to be a great guide .
      Wish you the best.

    43. Derek Conley
      on July 19, 2017

      How cool is this! Happy to be on-board.

    44. Angela M. on July 18, 2017

      As a passionate traveller and owner of numerous travel books, this one really Looks exciting to me.
      Can't wait to see some other parts of the world described by you as well!

    45. Missing avatar

      Elliott Tulloch on July 15, 2017

      I am a long time follower and I can not wait to read your book

    46. Board Game Garage on July 8, 2017

      Really excited for this project! Where can I learn more about future editions of the book? Will you do one for South or Central America?

    47. Katherine Shan
      on July 5, 2017

      Hi Alex and team! I am new to Attaché, but the book as your campaign has presented it captivates me. I shy away from most travel guides for the exact reasons that you discuss, and I am likewise excited to make use of my Attaché Travel Guide. Thanks for taking your project to Kickstarter and giving people a chance to get to know about you and support you. Being of Asiatic descent (and a first generation emigrant), I'm particularly looking forward to this edition and will be eager to provide feedback on how well you did in showcasing a location to the best of my ability.
      With love from Canada :)

    48. Guy Alter on July 1, 2017

      Looks wonderful!!! Would love to see some more stretch goals before the campaign ends (More cities perhaps �)

    49. James Vazquez on June 27, 2017

      Love your YouTube show can't wait to get this book!

    50. Uli Gottwald on June 23, 2017

      Congratulations on reaching your goal so quickly!! Super excited, the book includes 90% of the places that I'll be going to next year.:)

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