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(mŭm) n. An LGBT short film about silencing insecurities, embracing oneself and the importance of human connection.


(mŭm) n. An LGBT short film about silencing insecurities, embracing oneself and the importance of human connection.
98 backers pledged $4,348 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jonathan Michael Sawyer (Shenrai) on

      ...For a second I thought I'd hurt someone. XD

      Congratulations on reaching 25 backers *and* 25% funding. : )

    2. Alex Bohs 2-time creator on

      JONATHAN OW! Where do we even begin?! There's so much to thank you for. Your time. The donation. That response. We are just overwhelmed. Having our campaign be compared to those incredible films is both inspiring and plain outstanding. Lastly, we can't wait to SHOW YOU our film once it's made. It's because of you we are now 20% funded! Sending all our ♥ your way from The Windy City Mr. Dow! :)

      Lastly, be sure to follow our page on Facebook for the most up-date updates good sir:…

      HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND JONATHAN! Thanks again for your time/support!

    3. Jonathan Ow on

      Much love & support to you & your team from London, UK. So glad to have discovered your campaign on Kickstarter. Your brilliant trailer had this kind of magical quality to it that reminded me of my two favourite films, Weekend & Keep The Lights On. I wish you & your team the very best of luck & I can't wait to see this film once it's made.

    4. Alex Bohs 2-time creator on

      THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH MONIKA! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the most up-to-date updates:… Also, don't worry, once we upload "Franklin" online, I'll make sure you know where to watch it! Scout's honor! :)

    5. Monika on

      Hi Alex. That's $50 pledged as promised on twitter (I'm the @merdesign person). You are a fab filmmaker (and the crew too, of course!), I wished I could go back in time and pledge for the 'Finding Franklin' which I would love to see!
      Anyway, all the best from London UK and good luck!

    6. Jonathan Michael Sawyer (Shenrai) on

      Hmm... my "double meaning" senses are tingling in the approximate direction of the title.

      But, of course, mum's the word.

    7. Alex Bohs 2-time creator on

      Here's hoping indeed that our vagueness with the details of the plot pay off Shenrai! There's a lot packed in this film that should be exciting! Excited to make it and have amazing people like yourself along for the ride! Thanks again for your support!

    8. Jonathan Michael Sawyer (Shenrai) on

      *sees what you did there*

      Well, you certainly look like you're off to a good start. (7.5% already!)

      Best of luck. Here's hoping that the little "secret" this films stands on will be worth all the interest.

    9. Missing avatar

      Omar Haro on

      Best of luck, Alex! It only gets supercalifragilisticexpialidociously better...