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A mythological tale about the relationship between Mankind and Nature shot by 2 friends across America’s natural parks and landscapes. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2014.

A mythological tale about the relationship between Mankind and Nature shot by 2 friends across America’s natural parks and landscapes.

About this project

Cliquez ici pour la version française du texte et la vidéo sous-titrée

ONE is a narrative film, it is not a documentary.

ONE is about the birth of ego. It is a mythological tale, a reinterpretation of the history of Mankind, told through the journey of a man and his relationship to Nature. It is the allegorical story of Man, living in perfect harmony with his surroundings, until the day this fragile balance is broken by his becoming self-aware for the first time. This event will bring about profound consequences, such as the invention of art, the advent of worship and idolatry, and set the foundation of future civilization. 

ONE is a work of fiction, and the viewer will be guided through the story by the voice of a narrator.  

In the fall of 2011, we decided to go on a trip across the United States. We wanted to shoot a film while on the road, be close to Nature, search for beauty off the beaten track.

Shooting an entire film with a two-person crew presented its challenges, and it certainly was one of the aspects that appealed to us in the script. Very soon in the process, we began to experience that telling a story, no matter how vast the subject is, isn't about the money, or having a large crew. All you need is an idea, determination, and time… So one trip turned into three (fall 2011, 2012, and 2013).

ONE is the story of a voyage crafted along a lengthy road traveled by two friends on a journey into the unknown wrought with surprise, laughter and of course a few heated disagreements.  

ONE is a story of friendship and collaboration. We knew each other well when we left, we were brothers when we came back. 

ONE is a story of filmmaking stripped to its very core. We shot the film our way-- personal, free, demanding and above all, different. A skeleton crew of two, using only natural light-- sometimes waiting hours on end for just the right feel to convey the story, the aesthetic beauty and the urgency created and challenge inherent to get things right in a limited amount of time. We tell our story through carefully sculpting it, shot by shot, take by take, making the best use of what Nature has to offer. 

ONE is a story about our World, because this film is a hypothesis, a philosophical tale, an accelerated narrative of the construction of the Ego, the evolution of Mankind, told like a poem, a fantastical sacred text. 

ONE is the First Myth. 

  •  Emmanuel Solotareff - Writer/director

Emmanuel Solotareff was born in 1982 in Saint Denis de la Réunion, from a French-Italian mother and a Lebanese-Russian father. He developed a passion for film and began to write at an early age.
 He studied cinema in Paris at La Sorbonne but soon realized that writing and directing was a far better school for him than a formal education. He then published two children's books and started writing his own music. An avid traveller, his adventures fuel the creative thoughts that help to shape the projects to come. His directorial debut was made with the short film Rubber Souls. In early 2014, he published his first novel: 52nd Street.

  • Alexandre Ayer - Cinematographer

Alexandre Ayer was born in 1980 in Paris, from a French mother and an American father.
 After studying business, spending a year in Hong Kong, then specializing in media and telecommunications, he chose to steer back towards his first loves, photography and cinematography.

This path took him to South Asia for a bit, where he practiced his skills and found inspiration, then on a three-year adventure around the world with Galatée Films/Disney Nature’s feature documentary Oceans. After shooting his first full-length documentary in India and a few short films, he moved to New York where he now works as a cinematographer in film and television, and is working on his next photography exhibition.

  • Stéphanie De Latour - Actress

Stéphanie is a French-Mexican writer, director, producer and actress. After receiving her early education in Mexico City's French school, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre from New World School of the Arts conservatory in Florida. Soon after she moved to New York City where she received certifications in filmmaking and film producing from the New York Film Academy and New York University. In 2009 her short film Gone received the prize for Best Short Film at the JPII International Film Festival in Florida. Her latest piece is the short film My Days to Count that she wrote, produced, and starred in. In ONE, she plays the incarnation of the goddess Ilya.

  • Etienne Prieuret - Music composer/performer

Etienne was born in 1987 in Normandy, and raised in the south of France. At the age of 11, he fell in love with the sound of a guitar playing on one of his father's records, and decided there and then he would become a musician. He moved to Paris at the age of 18 to pursue his career as a guitarist and composer. He toured in the UK with Black Cat Bones and Mani in 2005, then in the US with Matthew Flowers, and has since then has worked with great artists such as Keith B. Brown, Al McKenzie, Neal Black, Minino Garay and his friend Larry "Mr.Sticks" Crockett, both touring and recording.

  • Victor Berbesson - Motion-designer

Victor was born in Paris in 1984. After getting a diploma in filmmaking and cinematography, he started to work in advertising as a motion designer and freelance filmmaker. With a friend, he then created Ayctor, a web and motion-design agency in Paris. He moved to NY in 2012 to broaden the company’s reach and to be with his lovely wife Julia.

At this point, shooting is over. But we're starting post-production and we need your help to finish the film. Quality post-production is expensive.

We've spent a lot of time to come up with a straightforward and realistic goal for this project. We fronted all the money so far, and now have to hire outside talent. As a matter of principle, we would like to do our best to pay these people a fair wage, which is all-too-often not the case with smaller films. Essentially, we are paying for their time and talent. Our goal is $66,000.

  • Editing: Editor extraordinaire Flora Volpelière has agreed to join us and will be editing the film. This will be the very first step of post-production, starting mid-june.
  • Special Effects: While shooting in certain locations, we couldn't avoid certain problems, like an airplane flying into the shot, telephone poles in a beautiful landscape, etc. The film is set in a land before time, so these eyesores will need to be digitally erased to make the film credible. Also, at one point in the film, our main character has a terrible nightmare. We have great footage, but it will need quite a bit of doctoring and special effects to make it nice and scary. 
  • CGI (Computer Generated Images) : The entire last sequence of the film is computer generated. We've been in touch with several digital artists/companies, with varying degrees of quality and price. If we reach our goal, we'll be able to work with the best of them. This end sequence will be EPIC! 
  • Color correction and grading: The footage you just saw is still quite raw (straight out of the camera with minor tweaks to contrast and color). We plan to work with a gifted colorist in order to achieve the look this film deserves. 
  • Writing and recording the soundtrack: The entire soundtrack of the film will be original material. Our talented friend Etienne Prieuret will help us compose it (he’s the guy you can hear playing the guitar in the soundtrack for our Kickstarter film). But we'll need to hire musicians, rent a recording studio, and hire a sound mixer to make it all sound perfect. 
  • Recording the Voice Over: The narrator will be the driving force of the film's narrative. We’re hoping to work with someone very special as our voice over artist. We can’t tell you who quite yet, but you might be in for an EPIC surprise! Regardless, we’ll have to rent a studio and possibly travel to where that artist is based. 
  • Foley and Sound Effects: We did not record pro quality sound during the shoot, for lack of proper equipment and crew. We will need great sound effects to make Nature really come alive. 
  • Final Sound Mix: When everything else is finished, the voice, music and sound effects need to be mixed together is a compelling and pleasing way. 
  • Festival Fees: Festivals will be a great way to bring ONE to the public, create buzz around the film, and possibly help secure a distribution deal. 
  • Distribution: Platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu require an extensive application process, where applicants usually have to hire a third party aggregator that has a library of content to offer. That's where you come in! With your support, we'll submit ONE to an iTunes-approved distributor who will in turn submit ONE to iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and more! We've set a lower dollar amount goal that would allow submission to a few key platforms including iTunes and Amazon, though if we get more than the goal we'll have a higher budget to submit to more platforms and languages. 
  • Processing fees charged by Kickstarter and Amazon to run the campaign (8-10%)
  • Carbon compensation: We drove over 20.000 miles to shoot this film, and used a lot of gas. We would love to reduce our footprint and compensate all those carbon emissions by purchasing and planting a few trees.
  • Cost of rewards: All those neat rewards we cooked up for you come with a cost (well some of them do), and we need to take this into account for our final budget. 
  • Make a pledge via Kickstarter. Any contribution, no matter how small or large, will make a difference!
  • Spread the word by telling your friends, family and social networks about our film and this Kickstarter campaign. Please send the URL of this page with a heartfelt endorsement to everyone you know! “Like” and Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, by email or on your blog. Encourage people to follow us. We can be found online here: Facebook, Twitter (@OneTheFirstMyth)
  • Help us get the press about this movie and our Kickstarter campaign! Share this news with bloggers, journalists, websites, etc.
  • Have mad post-production skills? We’ll need help with effects, CGI, sound design, grading, and just about anything else.
  • If you have other ideas on how to help, please contact us at
Did somebody say "walking on water" ??
Did somebody say "walking on water" ??
  • Is my pledge amount publicly displayed? 

No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount.

  • If I donate, when can I redeem my reward? 

All rewards will only happen if our goal is met. If we meet our goal, immediately after our deadline we will contact you to start the process. The screenings, party, downloads and dvds etc. can only happen after the film is completed, so this will take a bit of time. Bear with us!

  • What if I don’t want the reward and just want to support? 

No problem, there is a button that you can select if you don’t want the reward.

  • Can we exceed the goal? 

YES! This would be incredible. Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. 

  • Can I increase my pledge once it’s been made? 

YES! Once you donate to our campaign, you may want to change your reward to a different one, or increase your pledge amount. To do so, go to Kickstarter and sign in. If you go to our campaign page, the green “Back This Project” button has been replaced with a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click it and you can enter a new amount, or choose a new reward.

  • Can I give my reward to someone else as a gift? 

Sure, why not? If you would like to support the film but give your reward to someone as a gift, go through the normal process of making a donation in your name. For billing purposes, this action must be in your name. After our deadline, we will send a message to you through Kickstarter. (It will be forwarded to the email address you provided). We will request things like your address, and If you’re giving your reward as a gift, simply include the recipient’s information, and any note you’d like to include. We’ll make sure they get it.

  • What happens if the money isn’t raised in time? 

If our goal isn’t met before the deadline, your card isn’t charged, and ONE doesn't get made. Everybody looses :(

  • Who does the money go to? 

Every single penny (minus the fees for Kickstarter’s involvement) will go directly to the ONE movie budget--your money goes directly to funding this film's post-production and distribution.

  • I'm not in the US. Can I still pledge to projects?

YES! You can pledge from anywhere.

  • How do we contact you? 

Glad you asked. Just click the Blue "ASK A QUESTION" button below. We'll quickly get back to you.

Risks and challenges

All creative projects present risks and challenges, from production delays to technical limitations. The good news is that, with all the shooting behind us, ONE is in its final stretch.

As a small and totally independent production, finding the time and funds to complete it has been a challenge. So far though, the project has received constant support from friends, family and a few total strangers (many of which have become friends).

At this point, it's just a matter of time before the project sees the light of day. But time is, in this case, a very direct function of funds. The more funds, the more time we can afford from the freelance creatives that are and will be collaborating with us.

If you help us reach our goal, we foresee no obstacle that would prevent us from completing the movie by the end of this year. Of course, if an unforeseen issue should arise, you'd be the first to be updated.

We truly appreciate your patronage of this project and will do all we can to make it the best it can be, complete it as soon as possible, and make sure that you are proud of being a supporter!

Even if creative, production or scheduling changes occur, that is one promise you can count on!

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