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"Interplay" is the first ever evening length dance concert at Carolina Actors Studio Theater (CAST) in Charlotte, NC on March 31, 2012

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Who are we?

While pursuing dance degrees at the University of Oregon's School of Music and Dance, eight dance students crossed paths and passions in Eugene, Oregon.  Celebrating friendships and artistic partnerships, we desired continued opportunities to learn, create, and share together.  Working as a collective that honors each contributor, we strive to practice our craft through educational and artful community exchange.   

TRANSForm is a collective of dance artists that extends across cultural and geographic boundaries.  Founders Alexandra Taylor (New York), Marcie Mamura (Philadelphia), Valerie Ifill (Charlotte), A.T. Moffett (St. Paul), Carrie Goodnight (Seattle), Amanda Herman (Seattle), and Gina and Kyle Sorensen (San Diego) delve into cross-country collaboration to open contemporary discourses on and through the art of dance. 

Comprised of alumni from the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, TRANSForm builds on a foundation of shared experiences with collective investment in new intersections, presenting contemporary dance work and creating opportunities to engage with dance communities across the country.  TRANSForm dance collective is wildly curious about the TRANSfer of ideas in the process of exchange, TRANSgressing old models and standards of performance, and the TRANSpiring possibilities of dance-making within a community of artists. 

What's happening?

This year, TRANSForm presents Interplay, an evening length dance concert performance at the stunning Carolina Actors Studio Theater (CAST) on Saturday, March 31st.  Including a pre-show gallery installation, 
the six-piece performance comes at the conclusion of a residency at Johnson C. Smith University, where collective members will present and discuss excerpts of their works and teach master classes to Johnson C. Smith University students and the Charlotte community.  We will also be at Winthrop University in South Carolina for an additional master class early in the week. 

A self-producing group, TRANSForm is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach at Johnson C. Smith University and to connect with the Charlotte dance community.  We are also honored to present the first dance performance at CAST. 

Last year, TRANSForm successfully held their first concert in San Diego, CA at Southwestern College where over 200 patrons attended the two-night performance.  We also held a week-long teaching residency at local studio, Academy of Performing Arts, where we taught over 50 students. 

How can you help?

To make Interplay possible, we need to fly out 3 choreographers and 1 dancer from the west coast, drive two dancer/choreographers from Philadelphia to Charlotte, pay for the cost of the venue, event insurance, publicity materials and materials to built light booms.

Here is a breakdown of costs...

$950 for a single-evening performance at CAST
$400 for a Technical Director
$200 for building materials for light booms
$380 for one day event insurance
$300 for publicity materials
$1,750 in flights
$300 in gas
$260 for four nights in a double-room hotel

Total: $4,240

As you can see, our costs far out weight the goal we are trying to reach.  We are aiming to reach donations of $1,000 to help lessen the financial burden of such an amazing opportunity.  To date, collective members have already contributed $1,700 of our own personal funds.  We need your help to raise more.

A donation of any size is greatly appreciated and it will directly support the production and success of our second TRANSForm dance concert. 


  • Yes! Please keep donating as much as you are willing (or able to) right up until the campaign closes 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 27th. As you can see above, the goal we set for this campaign is to help us ease the financial burden of self-producing. Any funds we raise above that will be used for the remainder of the venue costs, event insurance, building materials for the light booms, and travel/lodging expenses. If we were to raise far beyond our goal, we could also give a little something back to our artistic collaborators such as our composers and our fantastic photographer, Ari Denison.

    Or, you could think about it this way:

    $25 will pay for the box office personnel at the performance.
    $25 will pay for the bartender serving refreshments at the performance.
    $30 will pay for a bus ticket (NY to Philly, then driving to Charlotte).
    $45 will pay for our postcard advertisements.
    $50 will pay for the light and sound technician.
    $80 will pay for a double bed hotel room for one night.
    $100 will pay for the ticketing system used through CAST.
    $100 will pay for gas from Memphis to Charlotte and back.
    $150 will pay for the gas from Philly to Charlotte and back.
    $200 will pay for the building materials needed for our lighting booms.
    $380 will pay for the event insurance.
    $750 will pay for the single-evening show at CAST.
    $875 will cover approximately two round-trip plane tickets from San Diego to Charlotte.
    $1,200 will cover approximately two round-trip plane tickets from Seattle to Charlotte.

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  • In 14 days, due to the incredible support from our communities, we've managed to reach our $1,000 goal! We're so grateful for everyone's support, but are continuing our efforts to achieve our more realistic need. We set a small goal in hope that we would reach our mark, but our costs are much greater. For the duration of our campaign, we are now aiming to raise a total of $2,000 by 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 27th.

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