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We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels.  Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels. Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
1,174 backers pledged $77,504 to help bring this project to life.

Solar Pocket Factory in NYC, with 35 hours to go!

35 hours to go!  And we need your help to make a final leap into the future of microsolar. 

If you suddenly find a few pieces of loose change in your pocket, please consider making those solar energy pieces of change.  If you find yourself sitting at a bar next to a beautiful guy/girl/rubber tree with nothing to say, we recommend the Solar Pocket Factory as a great ice breaker!  And if you find yourself with a piece of torso-width cardboard and a pocket full of  sharpies on Madison Avenue, make that "Solar Pocket Factories are!!!!!!" sandwich board poster you always dreamed of.

Spread the word about the new Arduino Shield reward.  And spread the word about Solar Pocket Kits and the Solar Pocket Book.  We aren't going to let this campaign trickle to an ending.  We are aiming for the moon - - the $100K stretch goal of opensource lasers seems impossible, but remember -- 'impossible' means 'solar energy fantasy' in latin.

Ok.  That is not true.  Please help us anyway.  Help us accelerate this Kickstarter in the last 35 hours into orbit!

p.s.  To garner a bit more support, the Solar Pocket Factory traveled to New York City last night.  We took in a Broadway show, got some great Argentian ice cream on Bowery Street, and showed off some solar manufacturing karate chops in Brooklyn. 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is "Solar Pocket Factory goes to New York City". 

Thank you again everyone for your incredible support.  And thank you New York Police Dept. for not tasing me. 

-Shawn and Alex


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    1. Chuck Marshall on

      I don't understand the complaint about updates. One of the most frequent complaints is usually a lack of updates. You don't have to read them if you don't want to. As many have said before, the updates boost the enthusiasm, help the non-techs learn, and let us know that "things are happening." Great job guys!

    2. Jonathan Hunt on

      Never thought I'd see the day you could make a solar panel and get a pint in the same place. You guys rock!

    3. Tom Higgins on

      The more updates the better. It helps folks understand more of what is involved in the project and the chance to learn more of the particulars. Yes...learn. It is odd to find anyone on kickstarter wanting less involvement with the projects they are involved in...sort of cuts against the premiss of the place.

    4. Helena on

      The best thing about this project IS THE UPDATES, the enthusiasm and the fabulous spirit.

    5. Echo Chow on

      agree with Barbara, I am a business person. I don't really know much about Industrial design, engineering blar blar always give me a hard time. Even one day I place an order of solar panel on their website, that's only because I don't have to chase the sale person at factory for a quotation.
      And I see the potential , I like to invest my time to know how far they can reach.

    6. Barbara on

      You don't have to read them, and I kinda like knowing how passionate they are bout the project :p

    7. Jeff Mcneill on

      It would be nice not to have so many updates.