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Update #9

Solar Pocket Factory in NYC, with 35 hours to go!


35 hours to go!  And we need your help to make a final leap into the future of microsolar. 

If you suddenly find a few pieces of loose change in your pocket, please consider making those solar energy pieces of change.  If you find yourself sitting at a bar next to a beautiful guy/girl/rubber tree with nothing to say, we recommend the Solar Pocket Factory as a great ice breaker!  And if you find yourself with a piece of torso-width cardboard and a pocket full of  sharpies on Madison Avenue, make that "Solar Pocket Factories are!!!!!!" sandwich board poster you always dreamed of.

Spread the word about the new Arduino Shield reward.  And spread the word about Solar Pocket Kits and the Solar Pocket Book.  We aren't going to let this campaign trickle to an ending.  We are aiming for the moon - - the $100K stretch goal of opensource lasers seems impossible, but remember -- 'impossible' means 'solar energy fantasy' in latin.

Ok.  That is not true.  Please help us anyway.  Help us accelerate this Kickstarter in the last 35 hours into orbit!

p.s.  To garner a bit more support, the Solar Pocket Factory traveled to New York City last night.  We took in a Broadway show, got some great Argentian ice cream on Bowery Street, and showed off some solar manufacturing karate chops in Brooklyn. 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is "Solar Pocket Factory goes to New York City". 

Thank you again everyone for your incredible support.  And thank you New York Police Dept. for not tasing me. 

-Shawn and Alex


    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Chuck Marshall on September 13, 2012

      I don't understand the complaint about updates. One of the most frequent complaints is usually a lack of updates. You don't have to read them if you don't want to. As many have said before, the updates boost the enthusiasm, help the non-techs learn, and let us know that "things are happening." Great job guys!

    2. Missing_small

      Creator Sarah Bird on September 13, 2012

      I want to see this victory dance -…

    3. Jonathan-hunt-headshot-800.small

      Creator Jonathan Hunt on September 13, 2012

      Never thought I'd see the day you could make a solar panel and get a pint in the same place. You guys rock!

    4. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Tom Higgins on September 13, 2012

      The more updates the better. It helps folks understand more of what is involved in the project and the chance to learn more of the particulars. Yes...learn. It is odd to find anyone on kickstarter wanting less involvement with the projects they are involved in...sort of cuts against the premiss of the place.

    5. Images.small

      Creator Helena on September 13, 2012

      The best thing about this project IS THE UPDATES, the enthusiasm and the fabulous spirit.

    6. N738018310_1152462_7337.small

      Creator Echo Chow on September 13, 2012

      agree with Barbara, I am a business person. I don't really know much about Industrial design, engineering blar blar always give me a hard time. Even one day I place an order of solar panel on their website, that's only because I don't have to chase the sale person at factory for a quotation.
      And I see the potential , I like to invest my time to know how far they can reach.

    7. Rose.small

      Creator Barbara on September 13, 2012

      You don't have to read them, and I kinda like knowing how passionate they are bout the project :p

    8. 13143_10100505638907566_1515242337_n_(1).small

      Creator Jeff McNeill on September 13, 2012

      It would be nice not to have so many updates.

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    Take us out to lunch--Inventors gotta eat. Lots of famous kickstarter-ers put up rewards where you can pay $10,000 to get lunch with them. We're not that famous, so instead, _you_ can buy _us_ lunch. Give us whatever you feel like, and in your message to us, tell us the fanciness level of the restaurant we should go to. We'll take a picture of us eating the cheapest thing we can buy and send it to you. If you're in Manila or Hong Kong, come eat with us!

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    Early Bird Special--Our first 140 backers get a whopping 28% off our kit. This is the same Solar Pocket Kit you see below, but at a low low price for our early backers. Look at you! You're punctual, excited about solar energy, and you've got great taste in shoes. You really oughta reward yourself with a kit to make solar panels. And, international shipping is included!

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    The Solar Pocket Factory Book--Read the story of our next year as we work to change the way the world makes small solar panels. Chock full of dreams, designs, plans, stories, freaks, We want to open up not just the invention itself, but talk about the people and motivation behind the invention, the different tacks we try to get the thing to work and to bring our idea out into the world. Now with more truth! Free shipping, anywhere in the world.

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    The Solar Pocket Shield--This shield is the easiest way to use cleantech to power your arduino project. This is an assembled and tested shield that harvests energy using a built-in solar panel, providing a constant 5V to your arduino while storing excess charge in a built-in battery. Just plug it into your arduino and the shield takes care of the rest!

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    The Solar Pocket Kit--This kit comes with everything you need to make your own solar panels quickly and easily. Convert all your portable electronics to solar power, come up with your own solar creations, and just experiment with making solar panels. Every kit has an assortment of pre-cut solar cells, glue to assemble strings of the cells, waterproof covering for your panel, a length of copper tape and small magnets. Free international shipping!

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    Double pack--Solar invention is more fun with two! Get two Solar Pocket kits and save $10. Give one to a friend and make some solar panels together! Nothing says friendship like sunshine and silicon! Free international shipping!

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    Solar Experimenter's Kit--This is everything you need to make your own solar panels from scratch and explore the potential of the power they produce. Each pack includes a Solar Pocket kit with everything you need to make your own solar panels, as well as an assortment of stuff to power off solar--high-powered LEDs, a transistor radio, a DC motor, assorted phone charge cables (not for smart phones--if you're interested, check out our solar phone charging kit below), and a nickel metal-hydride battery pack. The kit also comes with a manual with step-by-step instructions showing how to build your panels and run experiments. Perfect for classroom activities, science fairs, and just experimenting with solar on your own. Every kit comes with trace amounts of our DNA! The free shipping fairy will bring these kits to your doorstep.

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    Sunlover's package--For people who love to make solar, we're bundling our standard Solar Pocket Kit with a large assortment of extra solar cells. In addition to everything that's in the kit, this package includes one hundred of our standard pieces, and fifty pieces each of our thin and stout pieces. Make solar projects galore! Free international shipping is part of the deal.

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    Solar Phone Charge Kit--Keep your phone charged with solar you built from scratch! This is a bundle of our Solar Pocket kit, a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery and a Seeed Studios' LiPo Rider Pro circuit. The Solar Pocket kit has everything you need to make your own solar panel, and the LiPo Rider circuit board comes pre-assembled and takes care of charging up a lithium battery and providing a regulated power output that can power most iPhones, Galaxy, Blackberry, and other Smartphones . The LiPo Rider outputs to a female USB port that can accept any USB charge cable--you supply your own cable and phone. And you just _know that shipping is gonna be free, anywhere in the world.

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    The "I love what you're doing and want all of it!" reward -- You get the Solar Phone Charge Kit and a copy of our book, fresh off the presses. Additionally, we will send you an eight by ten color glossy photograph of the machine you help create, signed robotically by the Pocket Factory. The Phone Charge Kit ships in February '13, and the book ships in September 2013. As always, free international shipping!

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    Classroom kit--get three Solar Pocket kits and two Solar Explorer kits, enough for ten students to simultaneously tinker and discover new things about solar! Free international shipping!

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    Friend Of The Sun!--You get the solar charge kit, the book, AND we will write a song in your honor and program the pocket factory's stepper motors to play a digital solo. You can choose from the following premises for the song: (a) what your life would be like if you were a viking, (b) if you were an astronaut, how you would deal with loneliness, or (c) an instrumental electronica piece based on mapping the frequencies from a 2D fourier transform of your facebook profile photo to different scales, played entirely by the Pocket Factory Actuator Orchestra. We include a youtube video of the Pocket Factory playing the song and a printed poster of the algorithmically generated source code that creates the music.

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    Solar Sea Haiku! -- We mail you an electronic, solar-powered plush sea animal shouting a mildly obscene yet flattering haiku written about you in a language that you do not speak. Also, you get a Solar Phone Charge Kit and a copy of the book, but really, you're in it for the offensive solar-powered stuffed octopus. (sea creature plush toy is at our discretion; a haddock, mantis shrimp, coho salmon, and octopus are all under consideration)

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    Make Your Mark On Solar--For the first year of Solar Pocket Factory production, you'll get a 1" x 1" space on the back of every panel we ship, and you can fill that space with any image, pattern or text you wish (must be classy). We'll be laser-marking the backs of each solar panel the pocket factory produces to mark down the power output and quality check of the panel, and we'll use this same laser to mark down the image you provide, as well. Naturally, you also get the Solar Phone Charge Kit, a signed copy of the Solar Pocket Factory Book, and something pretty and undisclosed.

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    World's Best Solar Pocket Party!! We will bring the Solar Pocket Factory to any city, village, or pastureland on this wonderful planet of ours. And we're gonna rent out that pastureland, apartment, industrial building, or airplane hanger (depends on location). And we're gonna throw a two-day solar energy party unheard of since Helios drank so many photons he had to change his name to Apollo. But this isn't just about glorious solar bacchanal. We're gonna have a fully operational Solar Pocket Factory as a centerpiece after all, and that means we are making some solar panels. One hundred solar smartphone chargers to be exact. Made of old bottles of whiskey, 3D printed cases, coasters, potted plants -- solar craft in one giant make, with the Solar Pocket Factory. Oh, and one more thing--Here's where it will take a true visionary, a true humanitarian, and true lover of the sun to grab this reward: All the party goers are gonna paint the town solar. That means we are going to take those 100 solar chargers made in the party and peel-and-stick them around your city. Think solar charging utility, rising from the crowd! Bike racks, lamp posts, friendly coffeeshops -- wherever we can add a solar charger, we will in one glorious night of solar sharing. The idea is these chargers will be geotagged so that people in your town can find them whenever they need a charge. It's a giant experiment in solar power, flashmob-style. Invite up to a fifty of your closest friends -- you have to provide your own transportation and we will provide the rest. We'll be your hosts and help ensure everyone makes a functioning charger and gets them into town for all to benefit from -- and has a weekend to tell their kids about. And we'll provide all the accoutrements that come with a party of this magnitude. + some surprises. We may be geeky, but we know how to throw invention parties. Search "TacoCopter Party" for reference. This reward can be fulfilled anytime between June - Dec 2013; we will do our best to match your schedule request, but message us if you have a very specific date in mind right now so we can confirm it will work

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