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We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels.  Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels. Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
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Solar Pocket Makeover!

Hi Kickstarter!

We've got three days left in the campaign.  We've hit our initial goal, and the solar pocket factory is happening!  However, the more we can raise with this campaign, the more we can focus on building the pocket factory and shipping panels.  So--let's finish strong!  If you haven't pledged yet, consider supporting our efforts and getting one of the Solar Pocket Kits, a solar arduino shield, Phone charge kit, or one of the higher rewards.  If you've already pledged, but you're interested in more than one reward, you can up your pledge level and mix and match multiple rewards--if you have any questions, message us, and we're happy to oblige.  Pledge, help spread the word, and help us make the world's first crowd-funded advance in cleantech a resounding success!  We're profoundly grateful for every email you send, dollar you pledge or facebook post you make.  

For the rest of the update, here's a video about some improvements I made to the Solar Pocket Factory.  I added a high-speed, high-precision mechanism to place silicon solar cells, assembling them into a panel.  Check it out:

I also want to share an video from the concert in Manila for the Solar Pocket Factory.  It was awesome!  There were some great singers, and it was also great to talk face to face with some of our backers.  A great big thank you to everyone who came out, and an even bigger one to everyone who played and helped put it on.  Without further ado, here's Reese Lansangan singing "Us" by Regina Spektor:

So, that's the news.  Oh!--I want to ask for your feedback.  I'm exploring ways to document and share our progress on the Solar Pocket Factory with all of you, and theres a balance between spending all my time editing video or writing, and releasing piles of dense, unclear footage or technobabble.  It's pretty easy to make updates like this--I just set up a tripod to film me while I work and spend a couple hours editing afterwards, but it's only useful if it conveys what I'm working on and why it's important.  Please let me know in the comments if this video (or videos from other updates) was clear, or if there's parts that were hard to follow or understand.  Documenting work on-the-fly is tricky, and I'm working to get better at it, so I very much appreciate any feedback you can offer.




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    1. Jared Hudson on September 13, 2012

      I remember when Alex was making mp3 player ear rings. LOL

    2. Ariel S. Betan on September 12, 2012

      Thank you for giving a talk at the Y4IT event. Glad to have met you Alex, this is the first time we met a kickstarter project initiator/hacker/inventor. Hope to meet you again in future events.

    3. Amy Sheck on September 12, 2012

      the music you play with each video is so important to me

    4. Rommel Feria on September 12, 2012

      Nice to have finally met you, Alex! :) Hope we can invite you to talk in our other events... there is one in Cebu soon. :)

    5. Echo Chow on September 12, 2012

      - agree with one subject in each update, easy to follow.
      - happy to see updates other than engineering topic.
      - I personally, consider regular update (i.e monthly update) is better than update after any breakthrough. As I need time to load what's happen in last updates and my interest on the project is diminishing.

    6. Arnold A Sitorus on September 11, 2012

      - the average time of giving attention for general is about 1-2 minutes, so try to make the movies in short segment and one subject each.
      - use of multiple cameras for multiple angle than edit it later to give more dinamic views, just like when you staring at an unanimated object or driving in a flat scenery (highway) tend to make the mind wondering away. also useful for close-up and wide angle alternatively.
      - use a separate mic (wearable wireless will be great) to have more clear speech/sound.
      - use of pre written script to avoid 'babbling' and for planning ahead of what necessary and interesting to say and stick to it. maybe using 'teleprompter' or just write it on a paper (not necessary exact words, just the points).
      - extra lighting than what's already there to liven up the scene to be more interesting.
      - reduce the clutters. make the scene as simple as possible to not to distract from main subject.

      You can try to set up the working area to be 'filming friendly' in the beginning and then work as usual and just turn on the cameras etc when you want to start filming.