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We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels.  Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
We are two inventors working to revolutionize the world of small-scale solar panels. Follow our story and make awesome solar things!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Melissa on May 18, 2017

      I contributed for the solar factory and was supposed to get a kit. What happened? is small scale solar a thing?

    2. Missing avatar

      Otmar Foehner on October 8, 2015

      Hey guys,

      I contributed for the book, which was supposed to be "released" in September 2013 - did this ever get created and shipped? If so, I haven't received a copy, but would still be interested in reading that book. The email updates were entertaining and insightful, I think a book would be even more entertaining.

    3. Nicolas R Dufour on March 20, 2015

      Sorry about that :-/ Thanks again for reaching me so quickly.

    4. Alex Hornstein Creator on March 19, 2015

      @Nicolas -- according to our records, we shipped your kit in our main batch of rewards by May 9, 2013. I've PMd you the tracking number for your order and to discuss further details.

    5. Nicolas R Dufour on March 19, 2015

      NEVER got my kit ... Nice scam ...

    6. Healthy Rainforest Ltd. on January 6, 2015

      I would still be very interested to read your book (or any other medium, not picky). Are you still planning to share the rest of your story?

    7. Missing avatar

      Vigor (deleted) on September 30, 2013

      Am I the only one who did NOT receive the solar pocket kit? Since July I contacted this guys several times per email and here, but aparently even after giving them my adress (again), they didn't bother to send it.
      Since you are so totaly incompetent, would you be so kind and give me back my money? Oh yeah and I am also reporting this project to kickstarter staff.

    8. Alex Hornstein Creator on July 25, 2013

      Hi @carnivalius: We've posted some more instructables here: -- and if you've any specific questions shoot us an email or message and we'll get you setup. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Carnivalius on July 23, 2013

      I wondered if there was a link to a manual (if there is one) for how to use the parts in the experimenters kit. My kit only came with the manual on how to assemble the panels.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lois Dirkes on June 26, 2013

      I don't know whether to wait or check and see if mine was sent.
      Soooo I'm checking.

    11. Linda McEnerny on May 23, 2013

      Yay! Got my kit yesterday - 5 hour bus trip to ransom it from customs (Costa Rica) - now to decide what to make . . .

    12. Braunbaer on May 13, 2013

      mine just arrived today in hamburg germany Woob woob. Ty and keep up the great work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Woody on May 8, 2013

      I was going to send an email asking if my address was missed, but seeing that Jacob just received his yesterday, I guess I'll hold out until the end of the week.
      -Western New York

    14. A Jacob Cord
      on May 7, 2013

      Mine just arrived today in Northern Idaho.

    15. Evaristo Ramos on May 2, 2013

      WOOT !!! Received today in Houston, but no time to play :( leaving in two days and I just got my own laser cutter yesterday so that has precedence sorry :P but your on my shortlist of projects to play with.


    16. Linda McEnerny on April 28, 2013

      Thanks for the response - looking forward to getting my new toy!

    17. Alex Hornstein Creator on April 27, 2013

      @Raymond Hebert -- yep, we got your info just fine, and your package mailed your last week

    18. Alex Hornstein Creator on April 27, 2013

      @thomas fisher-york -- yep, we got your info, and your package shipped out last week

    19. Alex Hornstein Creator on April 27, 2013

      @Jessica -- your kit shipped out last week and is in transit

    20. Alex Hornstein Creator on April 27, 2013

      @ Linda -- your kit shipped out last week, and it's in transit now

    21. Linda McEnerny on April 26, 2013

      April and still no pocket factory! Has Anyone gotten one???

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessica Harpole on April 26, 2013

      I'm with Ray and Thomas. I remember filling out the survey but I haven't received my pocket factory so I'm concerned I never pressed submit or lost connection. Will there be any follow up for people who didn't get their gifts?

    23. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hebert II on April 24, 2013

      Love all the stories and updates. You both are truly amazing and I look forward to the kit to experiment. By the way when I complete the address survey for receiving my pocket factory my computer may have lost it internet connection. Any chance you can verify that Ray Hebert put in his address or if I can complete it again I will.


    24. Missing avatar

      thomas fisher-york on April 24, 2013

      I got the email requesting I fill out the questionnaire with the shipping address.
      Maybe I already filled it out and forgot, but now clicking the link
      in the email takes me to
      Do I still need to provide a shipping address? Thanks.

    25. Arnold A Sitorus on February 16, 2013

      Any news?
      It's past mid February now.

    26. Alex Hornstein Creator on January 21, 2013

      @Nicholas -- thanks for asking. We're running production right now, and we'll send out a questionnaire for people's latest addresses in mid-february, right as we're preparing to ship. Stay tuned.

    27. Nicholas Perry on January 21, 2013

      I moved recently, and I want to make sure that you had the right shipping address for the sunlover's package. Where should I update my address?

    28. Brad Dancer
      on October 29, 2012

      Just curious how its going!

    29. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 30, 2012

      Good call, man--I saw that article, and it's neat. Light on details, though--I haven't figured out what he's doing that boosts the efficiency of the cells. I want to learn more!

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex K on September 19, 2012

      bummed I missed you when you were in NYC.... let us know if you come back!.

    31. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 16, 2012

      @kfcito Claro!

    32. kfcito on September 16, 2012

      I love your idea. Congratz Alex and Shawn.

      PS. I was just wondering if I can change my Solar Pocket Kit to the Shield.

    33. Missing avatar

      Marcin on September 15, 2012

      Hey guys congratulations! I'm looking forward to outcome.

    34. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 15, 2012

      @Truls Thanks! We'll definitely keep updating as we keep working!
      @Rob Thanks!
      @Richard Stinky tofu, here we come!

    35. Truls Bjørvik
      on September 14, 2012

      I've had fun reading about you guys! The idea is "too good to be true", but I would be delighted to see you prove me wrong.

      If you make progress, I see the potential for further projects. Remember to inform your backers if you do! Cheers!

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Cohen on September 14, 2012

      So I guess we're having lunch in HK some time :) Not entirely sure what this whole thing is - but it's an impressively bonkers pitch...

    37. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 14, 2012

      @Zack Bo-selecta! Gotcha down. Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Zack on September 14, 2012

      Hey guys, I love the your ideas. Keep up the good work. I added an extra $35 to my pledge to get the solar arduino shield. Can't wait to use it.

    39. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 14, 2012

      @Carl-Niclas Marked you down, Thanks!

    40. Carl-Niclas on September 14, 2012

      I have added $60 for a Solar Experimenter's Kit in addition to my Solar Phone Charge Kit pledge :)

    41. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 14, 2012

      @Jean and @Erica: Noted, with huge thanks!

    42. Jean Hunter on September 14, 2012

      Hey Alex, I added the extra $35 for the solar arduino shield with battery. Great idea, looking forward to seeing you guys invent and adapt more creative new stuff.

    43. Missing avatar

      Erica Stevenson on September 13, 2012

      Little extra scratch at the last minute; getting the solar kit & book, plus an extra 35 to get a solar pocket kit if that's alright.

    44. Alex Hornstein Creator on September 13, 2012

      @Chuck: Sweet!

      Thanks everyone for pushing this into orbit -- 14 hours to go...!

    45. Chuck Marshall on September 13, 2012

      Have you guys seen this: It seem to pair well with your pocket factory and general ethos.

    46. m9365428 on September 13, 2012

      Well i finally backed this one. Too bad I only have $30 (just lost job) would love to see this go open-source.
      @jakob on August 26
      Unfortunately I think this system is designed around the use of per-manufactured components. However, I love the idea about creating your own doped silicon and I wish I could help you do it but I can't find the info on doing it myself.

    47. Missing avatar

      Regil Golez on September 13, 2012

      Hi Alex, I added $30 for the extra sollete pack on top of $100 for the smartphone solar charger kit.
      Thanks and more power to you (solar power of course)!

      Best Regards,

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