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Bringrr™ reminds you to bring your most important things before you drive away and helps you find them if they are misplaced or lost.
Bringrr™ reminds you to bring your most important things before you drive away and helps you find them if they are misplaced or lost.
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Full steam ahead!


Hey Core Crew,

This being our first Kickstarter, we are still learning. We have been communicating mostly through BackerKit, and using MailChimp to send out updates from emails collected through the “Keep Up With Bringrr” subscription list on our website (at the very bottom of the main page). I’m going to make sure that we post more frequent updates on here, and keep everyone in the loop!


We will begin manufacturing our first batch of test devices starting in early May. After we conduct various tests with the devices and make sure the quality is up to standards we can expect to have everything manufactured by June. Delivery and shipping is still expected to be on time at the moment (July) and we will hopefully have a better idea/timeline for this within the next few weeks.

App & Software

We now have a preview link on our website to give everyone an idea of the design and interface of the Bringrr App:

Website, Blog, & Social Media

Our website has undergone a facelift and we’ve created the new Bringrr Blog at We have a bunch of stuff on there already and we’ll be adding more content, news and updates. 


If you haven't filled out your Kickstarter survey yet, please do so on  :)

New Offiice

We just recently opened up the Bringrr headquarters at the South Station WeWork workspace in Boston ( WeWork is an incredible collaborative space that has been a great way for the Bringrr Team to gather, share ideas, and innovate.

Upcoming Events

There’s a ton of events coming up in the near future, here’s a few that the Bringrr Team and myself will be attending and taking part in.

I will be presenting at the UMASS Lowell DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge on April 15th. (

TEDxLowell is an independently organized TED event that I will be discussing all things tech in and around the Internet of Things trend on April 27th. (

A few members of the Bringrr Team along with myself will be traveling to China to check out Poly-Products Industries HQ and their factories. We will most likely be going there in early May to get our hands on the test samples right after they are manufactured so we can take a bunch of videos and pictures of the finished devices in action for you guys!

Until next time,

Aldo & the Bringrr Team

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    1. Aldo Beqiraj Creator on

      Hey Marsha! Most of the BackerKit updates have been through direct email, and we're also redoing our newsletter feature on the website but you can submit your email in the box at the bottom of the site (I added you on already). That's a great idea about posting our videos, I'll have to collect everything in one place and post them on our vimeo/youtube pages. Everything is moving extremely fast at this point (we added a few more software engineers/coders to our team recently) and it's extremely exciting. I can't wait to visit our manufacturer and get our first batch of test samples so we can shoot and share a bunch of videos.

    2. Marsha Tyszler

      Thanks for the update!

      No worries about miscommunication! Like others, I had no idea that you've been sending out updates via other modalities. I guess this is the precise reason that most backers prefer to receive updates via Kickstarter. I'm fine with getting updates anywhere so long as I am actually receiving them, lol! Since I didn't get them, how may ensure that I start receiving all news from here on out? I had "thought" I signed up for news via your website ages ago when you announced that we could sign up. And how would I see BackerKit updates if their website doesn't have social features (to my knowledge)? Is there also a way to view the "back issues" (for lack of a better word, lol) that I missed? I would love to hear the news I missed! All in all, it's no biggie so long as you're hard at work ... and it sounds like you are! :-D

      It's great that you're continuing to get out into the field to participate in speaking engagements, educational pursuits, and conferences. Bringrr is going to turn the GPS world on its head, and there is a lot you can teach others ... developing a tech product, how to start a business, showing people how to get media attention, the benefits of using Kickstarter ... and much more! If these events are taped and/or there is news coverage, I hope you'll collect all of this information in one place in your site. Plus, besides for your Bringrr ads, please add any videos of speaking engagements, interviews, etc. to YouTube so that many of us can easily watch and share.

      Keep doing what you're doing. Seems its (mostly) working despite a few minor hiccups on KS. You'll be checking testerrs (hahaha) for QA before you know it!!

      I'll be in touch soon!