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Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
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    1. ALCHEMA Creator 3 days ago

      Hi @Philip,
      Sorry that we keep you waiting for a while. You will definitely receive your device.

      Hi @Neil,
      You're right. We are about to ship soon!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Nixon 4 days ago

      Hi Alchema, I am moving in a month and need to change my address. I am worried that I will be gone before the Alchema is shipped out :(

    3. Philip Lester 7 days ago

      Neil, Mine was to arrive in July of 2017. I have seen a couple of Kickstarter campaigns go south. I am starting to see the exact same language being used here that was used in those. We will see, but no matter what happens, this is my last one that I spend money on, other than a dollar.

    4. Neil Ardron on February 17

      Philip Lester, are you sure you are posting on the correct campaign? I see no indications here that it will not be fulfilled.

    5. Philip Lester on February 16

      I highly doubt most of us will receive our devices. I understand that with kick starter you take that chance. I do believe that kick starter should require that if a campaign fails the products information should be released to the backers.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Pfister on February 15

      In Nov/Dec time. We were required to confirm our shipping address for a January delivery. Now US delivery is expected in March. I have moved and NEED to change me delivery address. Please provide the means to do so.

    7. Zach T
      on February 15

      Hello Alchema, I sent you a message and haven't received a response concerning it. When you have the time can you please look over it. Thank you:) I am super eager to try my Alchema soon and can I just say your bottle opener is delightfully minimal and I enjoy using it everytime I pull it out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Nixon on February 8

      Got my yeast packets. One step closer!

    9. Daryl A. Iverson on February 7

      Got my yeast packets! So excited!

    10. Missing avatar

      Blake Saul on February 5

      No yeast packets for me

    11. Missing avatar

      David Clarke on February 2

      Got my yeast packets today - thanks it feels like we are getting close. Let us know when the Early Bird orders start going out - I am on one of those and can't wait to try this thing - got the app and ready to go!

    12. ALCHEMA Creator on February 1

      Hi @Tom, we just fulfilled first Taiwan orders. Now we are making devices for KS backers. KS Early Birds are the next!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Mahler, Jr. on January 30

      Have you gotten to shipping Kickstarter Early Bird pledges?

    14. ALCHEMA Creator on January 28

      Hi @Jeremy, yeast packets were shipped separately. You should have them soon!

      Hi @Laird, Yes, the app is ready and you are able to downland it now. Search "Alchema cider" in App store and you should be able to find it. :)

      Hi @Justin, Thank you for answering for us! :D

    15. Justin Bobsein
      on January 27

      In the last update it states that it ships separately

    16. Laird Jeffrey Payne on January 26

      I am sooooo looking forward to this! I can hardly wait till it gets here. I truly hope it is everything you promise it to be. Is the app ready yet?

    17. Jeremy on January 25

      Hi Alchema, I’ve just received my unit and didn’t see the extra pitcher that my pledge should come with. Will the pitcher be shipped separately?

    18. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Nixon on January 23

      Hi Alchema! Super excited to receive my product this has been a great kickstarter to follow. I'm not sure if you plan on putting out another update but would love to hear how many have been sent so far if you do.

    19. ALCHEMA Creator on January 19

      Hi @Neil, no worries! Good to know that you are keen :). Currently we are able to ship around 100 units a week starting from Taiwan orders, we will speed up each week since factory will run better after time.

    20. Neil Ardron on January 16

      Can you give us an idea how many per week you are able to ship? (Not pushing, just trying to work up a thirst!)

    21. ALCHEMA Creator on January 16

      Hi @Neil, yes, when we ship out, we will provide the tracking number.

    22. Neil Ardron on January 15

      @Creator, and will there be tracking numbers for other parts of the world? Like Canada?

    23. ALCHEMA Creator on January 14

      Hi @Timothy, yes, we will send you the tracking number when we ship out your unit in the US. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Timothy Kubista on January 12

      Will backers get emails as their unit(s) ship? Any tracking info?

    25. ALCHEMA Creator on January 8

      Hi @TARAN and @Rachel, you may send me the new address via message, we will update it for you.

      Hi @Hank, we started shipping last week. Due to the production capacity, we will ship out devices bath by batch based on order times.

    26. Hank Chen on January 7

      When will you start to ship it?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rachel on December 29

      Is it possible to change my address? I hoped it would get here before our move but I don't believe it will.

    28. Missing avatar

      TARAN singleton on December 29

      How can i give you my nee address for shipping?

    29. ALCHEMA Creator on December 7

      Hi @John, we will ship out devices in the end of December from Taiwan via sea, it may arrive in the U.S. in Jan 2018. It would be better if you give us your new address?

    30. Missing avatar

      John Pfister on December 5

      When are the us units shipping? The address I provided will be changing in January 2018.

    31. ALCHEMA Creator on December 4

      Hi @Meredith, I am sorry that the app is currently available in US, Canada, and Taiwan only. Sorry about that. :(

      Hi @Hank, yes, the app has the Chinese version, too. You can switch recipe languages in "Setting". And the app language follows the language setting of your mobile phone. And yes you may receive your device a bit earlier but still in the end of December since we' re shipping out from Taiwan.

      Hi @Chelsea, thank you for the positive feedback on the app! We are so pumped! :)

      Hi @Gentleman Explorer Zip, yes, at this moment we still aim to ship out at the end of this month. And we've been working hard to make this happen! Woop woop!

    32. Gentleman Explorer Zip! on December 4

      How's the delivery estimate looking? Still on track to start shipping end of month? Looking forward to this!

    33. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Nixon on December 4

      Love the app, it is making me even more excited to receive this product. The layout is very simple and user friendly. It seems all the information you need is easily accessible.

      Keep up the great work!

    34. Hank Chen on November 30

      Will the app also available in Chinese? I am living in Taipei, does that means that I may able to get my before end of December this year?

    35. Missing avatar

      on November 29

      Please help, I still can’t find the app in the Australian App Store (Apple)!

    36. ALCHEMA Creator on November 26

      @palenoue Thank you for sharing the info!

    37. palenoue on November 25

      Just looked through your app and I am psyched! Going to try them all before I start experimenting.

      I noticed you even recommend when to use ice or not. I appreciate that, most cider places don't even consider it. However, if you want ice to keep your drinks cool without watering it down, look at I backed them here on Kickstarter and they work just like ice cubes without the water, perfect for ciders, beers, wine, anything you want to keep cool.

    38. Doug Robeck on November 23

      Thank you for the update...I searched for it again and finally found the app.

    39. ALCHEMA Creator on November 22

      @ Doug Robeck we made a post talking about how to find the app. Please go have a look and let us know if your problem is solved! Thank you.

    40. ALCHEMA Creator on November 22

      @Trent Hamm thank you for the comment! That's a true encouragement to us all.

      @Chelsea Nixon @Hank Chen production is undergoing. Aim to ship out in December from Taiwan via sea.

      @Roy P Thank you so much for the comment! We updated the type in the raspberry strawberry cider. May I know which ingredient you don't understand in the maple cinnamon apple cider? Do you mind capture the screen and let us know? As for the weights of the fruits, if you purchase the bagged fruits in supermarket, the weight will be printed on the bag. Or if you buy them in loose, there will be a scale for you to measure. We are not able to tell you the exact number of pears/apples/etc. to get is because that the weight of each fruit is different. As for 100% juice and frozen fruits, we suggest that you get fresh fruit and press the juice out or if you don't feel like doing so because it is too much work, we suggest at least getting 100% pure juice. For the frozen fruit, it's that we suggest you get fresh fruit and freeze them overnight before starting making cider since the ice crystal will break the fruit flesh and help to release more flavor. It's not using juice and frozen fruit instead of fresh one. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions. Thanks for commenting! :)

    41. Doug Robeck on November 21

      I don’t see it in the App Store?

    42. Roy P
      on November 21

      I downloaded the ap fine from google play store. Looking at your raspberry strawberry cider it looks like you don't have the translations working for all languages. The strawberries (frozen) is showing in Chinese not English on my ap. There is also an ingredient I don't understand in the maple cinnamon apple cider. Also there isn't anything about how the frozen fruits should be put into the machine just throw a full pear in? I assume it has to be cut down to pieces of a certain size. Also, you gave weights of frozen fruits / juices in a lot of weights, but no inclination of how many apples / pears / etc. for when we are actually purchasing them. Finally, I kind of expected this to use more fresh fruit, but I am only seeing 100% juice or frozen fruits... I'm guessing that is a necessary bit, but all of your advertisement videos had cubes of apples etc being cut up and placed in the bottom.

    43. Missing avatar

      David Clarke on November 21

      It isn't in the apple store either!

    44. Keegan Turner on November 21

      I just received Update #30, and it says we can find the app on Google Play Store.
      But in the email the "Explore" Button does not work & there is no app in the Google Play Store.
      Has anyone else run into this problem?

    45. Hank Chen on October 2

      Tooling should be ready by now, when will the MP start? Can't wait to receive my Alchema.!

    46. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Nixon on September 30

      Hoping to have this close to Christmas time! Be great for the holidays :)

    47. Trent Hamm
      on August 10, 2017

      I just want to say that this has been one of my favorite projects I've backed, just for the updates. Many projects are either completely ready to deliver, using KS as just a preorder mechanism. Others seem to have no idea how to pull off their project at all and flail around. Your project seems to be perfect for what I consider the purpose of Kickstarter to be - someone with a great vision for a product who wants some capital to get going and rewards those who provide the capital with some of the initial product run. Kudos! I love the updates!

    48. ALCHEMA Creator on July 25, 2017

      Hey @JenLook and @tyguy521,

      It was great to have you too! Your inputs indeed gave us lots of insights and we will work harder to make Alchema a better product!

    49. Missing avatar

      tyguy521 on July 25, 2017

      I was able to be a part of the focus group process over the week and had a great time. My expectations for the product and app were met and exceeded! It is really amazing how the app and the device work hand in hand and how easy all of it was to use. I look forward to hearing about the finishing touches and getting one to start brewing at home!

    50. JenLook on July 22, 2017

      User Interview:
      It was great getting to come test out the process. The app was super easy to use, and setting up the apple cider was quick and straightforward. As a chemist, I really like using ingredients precisely, and I was impressed with the how the built-in scale made sure you added 34 oz of sliced apples, instead of just 7-8 apples. Can't wait to get my own.

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