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Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with your friends and family.
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    1. Neil Ardron on

      @Alchema, working on batch 2 now, the first batch was the Fresh Apple Cider, while it tasted fine (but maybe a little sweet) the apple chunks definitely took away from the volume of cider produced.
      Now I am trying again with the simple apple cider made from juice; question is how accurate is the Brix and alcohol reading? My batch started off with a Brix of 26 and looks like is going to end around 9 or 10 - that sounds like there is a lot of residual sugar left. It has been going for almost 2 weeks and the final alcohol looks like it will be north 11% so more of an apple wine - can I extend the fermentation to take the Brix down to 1-2 to get a more dry cider?
      (I assume the Brix is being calculated based on the weight and target volume rather than a refractometer )

    2. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Neil, good to know things are working well now!

    3. Neil Ardron on

      @Alchema - I have updated my router to something a bit more modern and everything works perfectly. As I thought below the problem was probably the WEP encryption

    4. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Neil, sent you a private msg for more detail!

    5. Neil Ardron on

      Hi @Alchema, I have the same problem as @Liz, could it be because I have an older WEP encrypted WiFi network rather than WPA?

    6. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi Liz, I've sent you a message to check the problem.

    7. ¡Liz!

      Got my alchema and am excited to make some cider. However, it will not connect to my phone, no matter what I try. Also, the ring does not stay lit up like in the video, nor is it blue. Does this have something to do with the problem? I have followed the instructions in the app and there is nothing additional for troubleshooting. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    8. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Cindy, our ship got held by the Custom for inspection. We will dispatch right away once our ship is released from the U.S. Custom.

    9. Cindy Cates on

      Any update on the extra pitchers?

    10. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi Grahm, sent you a private msg.
      Hi Bonnie, sent you a private msg.

    11. Bonnie Steinkamp on

      No response to my message. I also can’t connect to the machine to the phone. Have tried turning Bluetooth off and on and unplugged the Alchema and plugged it back on without success. The phone does see it but the instructions say to only connect to the app and the app won’t connect!

    12. Graham. Kelly on

      Hi, arrived today. Looks great, but like another backer I'm getting "App not available in your country". Am in Singapore, on Android. Is there an .apk you can send me? thanks

    13. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Yu-Cheng, what can I say, it's good to be your friends!

    14. Missing avatar

      Yu-Cheng Fu on

      Got my Alchema this week! But can’t enjoy it since I am pregnant:’( but my friends will enjoy my cider in the summer!

    15. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Philip, no worries! Glad to know you got it. :)

    16. Philip Lester on

      Mine arrived yesterday. I was really worried that it wouldnt arrive at all. Thank you so much for keeping to your word. There are too many Kickstarted projects that just disappear. I am going to go buy some fruit to make some cider will let you know how it works out.

    17. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Ryan, sure, we will make a May update soon. Pitchers are on their way to the U.S. now. Will be dispatched in late May or early June.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sullivan

      Can you post for all those including me who ordered the extra pitcher but only got main unit. When do the extra pitchers arrive?

    19. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Roy and @Keegan, we've replied you with a private message, please check your message box!

    20. Tina Good

      Update - I just got a response via Messenger that mine are due to arrive tomorrow! Yay!!

    21. Tina Good

      I've also gone in and sent both an email (in response to the 'all units have shipped' one we just received) and a Facebook Messenger note asking about the status of my units because I haven't received either them or any tracking information. Backerkit says my rewards were shipped on March 31st - I can only guess/hope that's referring to the yeast packets since they were already sent out. Hopefully I'll hear good news soon....

    22. Keegan Turner on

      The device is working great and I've already gotten 2 ciders made.
      I'm trying to create my own recipe through the app and it keeps telling me I need to set the yeast package weight to null.
      Any idea on getting it to work?

    23. Roy P

      Question. I went onto backerkit and it does not have the tracking on it. I got an email today saying that I have a shipment arriving tomorrow that I need to sign for. I am hoping this is what that is, but I have not received any other communication on tracking information. The tracking number ends with 4327. Am I getting my alchema tomorrow!?!

    24. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Ben, @Cara, yours should come in this week. We are checking shipping status with our logistic company now.

      Hi @Ryan, I'll send you a private message to check the status.

    25. Ryan Griffith on

      I've got an Android 7.0 but it says the App isn't available in my country. Yet my friends with Iphones can download without issue. Any advice?

    26. cara addy on

      Any word on the second shipment dates? Last I heard I was part of that, yet I haven't received a device yet and its may. An update or shipping date would be great...thanks

    27. Ben Mehne on

      Is mine coming this week too or is it later in May?

    28. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Dave, we will dispatch your order later this week. You should have it next week.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      How can I get the ETA on my device?

    30. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @David Clarke, we've sent you a private message to answer your question. :)

      Hi @Kees, we've sent you a private message regarding the address change.

    31. Kees Vermeulen on

      @ALCHEMA - Please contact me regarding an emergency change of address. Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Clarke on

      How do I get on Backerkit to find out the status of my shipment - It keeps asking me for a survey but I never get one in my email when I ask for it.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Clarke on

      i would like to know when my Alchema is going to arrive - we are traveling some of the time so would be helpful - i am backer number 534. Thanks


    34. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi Jason, sorry that it seems like we missed your email. We will resend yeast packets.

    35. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Yu-Cheng, we've sent you a private message, please check your message box.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      How can I get the ETA on my device?

    37. Jason Hardee on

      I ordered an additional pitcher and extra yeast packets. I haven't received them yet but I received the system already. I messaged you already but haven't gotten a response.

    38. Missing avatar

      Yu-Cheng Fu on

      I am moving from current address in mid-May... not sure if the device will arrive by then... when will the shipment happen for Canada?

    39. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Melissa, I've sent you a msg to check the status.

    40. Melissa Smith on

      I put my first batch of simple cider in 2 days ago. At first it said it would take 4 days to ferment. Today it switched to 38 days to ferment. Should I open it? I followed the recipe perfectly.

    41. Image Hero on

      Cool! Can't wait!

    42. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Roy, we will give you the tracking number when it is dispatched inland.

    43. Roy P

      So late April / Early May... Is there a ship I can track online?

    44. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Karen, we resend the yeast packets. :)

      Hi @Image, sorry for the wrong alert on Backerkit. It seems auto-switched all status to shipped when last time we enter tracking numbers of the first 230 units we shipped. But we will dispatch other 400 devices this week. And yours is among these! :)

    45. Image Hero on

      Still waiting for my Alchema. Backer 590. says it shipped on 03/31/18...

    46. Missing avatar

      Karen Hall on

      Also FYI for anyone else in Canada custom charge is $74 😒

    47. Missing avatar

      Karen Hall on

      Hi I just received my Alchema today but have not received any or the yeast packets that I ordered. What do I do?

    48. Missing avatar

      John Pfister on

      So excited!! After of week of disappointment. The Alchema works with the Pixel XL 2. Started my first batch of Mead! More to come.

    49. ALCHEMA Creator on

      Hi @Acacia, your device is on the sea and should arrive in the U.S. this week. We'll dispatch devices once they get to the warehouse. You should have yours before moving!

    50. Acacia Phillips

      I'm moving in early May. I see on Backerkit that my unit was shipped. Can you tell me what the estimated deliver is? Thanks - can't wait!!

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