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$12,244 pledged of $10,000 goal
$12,244 pledged of $10,000 goal

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    1. C3
      on September 10, 2012

      Click the big blue button to the right that says "Manage Your Pledge". Then increase the number in the green outlined box at the top of the new page by $10.00. Do not change the selection you made unless you want to also change your reward level. Finally scroll to the bottom of the page and click the continue button (also big and blue) and follow the instructions to authorize amazon payments to charge you the new/different amount.

    2. Tony Rupp on September 10, 2012

      How do you add the extra miniature.

    3. B Games in 60 Seconds on September 9, 2012

      Been playing the print and play with my wife and 5 year old son. Great original game. It is not just a card game. Great quick play. A game that help people new to gaming understand why art and gaming make a great pair. Support this game. You will be wanting it once it makes it to market why not be one of the first get it at our door.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mathew Irizarry on September 3, 2012

      I just got back from Dragon Con and I have seen the work from the game (not the game but the artwork). It just looks amazing!

    5. Albino Dragon 3-time creator on August 30, 2012

      Thanks to everyone that has been adding on additional coins and miniatures. We're well on our way to hitting that first stretch goal.

    6. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on August 24, 2012

      YAHHH we hit the goal!!! oooh exciting!!!

    7. Tracy Hickman on August 23, 2012

      Just a quick note of thanks to all our backers thus far! And we've got a special thank you in the works for you coming VERY soon!

    8. Albino Dragon 3-time creator on August 23, 2012

      @Jeffrey - Albino Dragon currently handles all of its own fulfillment. But I do have Dan's number if that ever changes, thanks.

    9. Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau on August 23, 2012

      Is Albino Dragon doing the fulfillment for this project?

    10. Jasper Jones on August 23, 2012

      So close to funding...come on...just 401 dollars!

    11. Jason Fordham on August 22, 2012

      Thanks! I figured you guys were playing game after game after game after GAME! Dragon's Bard looks fantastic!

    12. Albino Dragon 3-time creator on August 22, 2012

      @Jason - You are correct! Gencon has pretty much eaten up the last week and didn't leave us with much time for updates but they are coming now that we are back home. I am sending you a direct message about multiple copies, but if anyone else is interested, please feel free to message me directly.
      @Mandy - Running demos was a blast and it was great to see the game so well received.

    13. Jason Fordham on August 22, 2012

      Kind of quite here for the past five days. Convention, I guess. Anyway, if someone gets a chance to let me know about multiple-copy pledge options, I'd appreciate it greatly. Just waiting to PLEDGE.

    14. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on August 22, 2012

      Oooh so close :) I really hope things project get's funded, as I can see some good looking and interesting games coming out from Albino Dragon :) I hope you were able to have fun demo-ing the game at GenCon :)

    15. Jason Fordham on August 16, 2012

      Will there (please) be a multiple copy plus promos plus stretch rewards Pledge Level?
      Maybe three copies for $170?
      Maybe four copies for $230?

      Thanks for considering; I would up my pledge accordingly.

    16. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on August 12, 2012

      And a typo in my post fulling=fully. :)

    17. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on August 12, 2012

      So glad to see another project by Albino Dragon. I'm looking forward to seeing what else great games come out :) It's so great seeing individual companies like yours coming up with creative games. So I'm fulling behind your project!!! This looks like fun, and I like the fantasy theme. Can't wait to get a copy of it. So let's show them some support :)

    18. Laura Hickman on August 11, 2012

      Just a quick thanks to all the fine folks we met with at Space City Con who like this project and are new backers. We had fun playing the game with many of you and Tracy and I look forward to Gen Con next week!

    19. Albino Dragon 3-time creator on August 11, 2012

      We'll have Albino Dragon t-shirts (unisex: S-XXL and women's: S-L) as well as signed and numbered limited art prints of Dragon's Bard art. While we won't have any of our games for sale, we'll have Genegrafter, Ace of Spies, and Dragon's Bard prototypes available if anyone would like to play them with us.

    20. Chris Anderson on August 11, 2012

      What are you guys going to have at the booth for sale? Will there be any other games?

    21. Albino Dragon 3-time creator on August 7, 2012

      You always have the option not to get them. The artwork for those is actually very expensive and we would need about 200 backers to take them before we would break even (and that doesn't even take into account the actual production cost). And after all, isn't the motivation of the Kickstarter project to help us create a better game? We can only do that if we make more than what the actual cost is.

      They are essentially 'free' at the Bard level as well if you missed out on any of our other games.

    22. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. on August 7, 2012

      So $10 for 3 promo cards?
      Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.