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A card game of stealth and sneakiness! Between two and five spymasters can attempt to become the Ace of Spies!

A card game of stealth and sneakiness! Between two and five spymasters can attempt to become the Ace of Spies! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 15, 2012.

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Ace of Spies is a card game of set collecting and sneakiness that comes from the minds of two first time designers, Michael Fox and Mark Rivera with playtesting and development by industry legend Richard Borg. Players take on the roles of spymasters, tasked with taking on missions and gathering the resources needed to complete them. The more complex a mission, the more specific your required resources will be – but it’ll also be so much more valuable!


Have a look at the current rules here: Rulebook

You can view the current gameplay video here: Gameplay Video

Please note that these rules have changed a bit since Richard Borg has become involved with the project. We will have the latest rulebook and gameplay video updated once his changes have been finalized.

Free Shipping! - Anywhere

We've watched a lot of projects and one thing we always see is that the international backers end up paying almost as much for shipping as they do for the game. We'd like to change that with this project so every backer, no matter where you are, pays one price and no additional shipping.


The game is based around four decks of cards. The Mission deck tells you what elements you’ll need to hunt down from the other three City decks. Representing London, Paris and Berlin, these decks are filled with Tools, Intelligence, Locations and all-important Agents that will come together to complete your selected missions. Powerful Intervention cards are also found in the City decks that allow you to skew the game in your favour – or take down your opposition in style – while Agents can also be used for their special abilities to turn the tide in your favor.


Set between the two World Wars, Ace of Spies draws inspiration from the glory days of spycraft as well as classic movies and books, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. With influences from The 39 Steps through to the tales of the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, it’s a game that will see the most devious and skilled player win - perhaps! Never underestimate the power of a little bit of luck, but remember that clever play can all but eliminate the role of chance. Will you focus on finishing as many small missions as possible or go for the glory of completing the trickier high scoring ones?

Either way can win you the game… but make sure that you stay on your toes! With your enemies always watching for your next move, the world of Ace of Spies can be a dangerous place. You may believe you’re only a single card from victory but beware… nothing is as easy at it initially seems. You could be stopped in your tracks by another player’s Intervention, or one of your sneaky Agents could turn rogue! Perhaps you’ll manage to catch a glimpse of someone else’s cards that may give their plans away? It’s all part of the game after all…

With gorgeous artwork throughout, Ace of Spies is a solid game that’s accessible to players of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re playing with children who love to get one over on the grown ups or experienced gamers looking for something fun but fulfilling, Ace of Spies will give you a great play experience that is always enjoyable. It’s easy to understand yet offers a surprisingly deep level of gameplay that will appeal to everyone who gets their hands on a copy!

We really want to focus on the importance of the game during this whole campaign. We’ve listened to people who’ve backed projects in the past and paid attention to the kind of things they like – and more importantly don’t like. You won’t find any t-shirts or bags as stretch goal rewards with Ace of Spies, though we do have a couple of ideas up our sleeves should they be needed! We’d sooner focus on getting our game out into the hands of as many people as possible, so that’s why we promise Free Shipping to every single backer wherever you are in the world.


You can see an example of one of the custom agent cards above. Here is an example of the same likeness used for the custom box top:


If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening during our Kickstarter campaign and beyond, follow us on Twitter at @Ace_of_Spies. The designers are also there too under @idlemichael and @blightygamer – it’s a brand new adventure for them and they’re both rather excited about how this is all going to turn out. In the meantime, thank you for checking out our video and campaign, and if you have questions, just ask! We’ll be happy to help with anything you want to know. Spread the word and help us make Ace of Spies a success!


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    Agent 001 - Every dollar counts and we thank you for yours!

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    Agent 002 - Copy of the game. Free shipping. Anywhere.

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    Agent 003 - Copy of the game. Also receive an ePub book containing the art of Ace of Spies.

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    Agent 004 - Copy of the game. ePub book. Send us a picture of yourself and choose any Agent card in the game. We will print a unique card with your likeness for that Agent and send it to you.

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    Agent 005 - For brick-and-mortar retailers only! Receive 10 copies of the game. NOTE that we WILL verify that you are a genuine brick-and-mortar store. Any unverified supporters at this level will receive six copies of the game and nothing else! So do NOT choose this level unless you can prove that you are a real, currently operating, brick-and-mortar retailer. NOTE ALSO that this has to ship to an address in the continental US, but the store itself does not have to be in the US.

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    Agent 006 - Copy of the game. ePub book. Custom Agent card. You will also receive a custom box top with your likeness. A truly unique collectible.

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    Agent 007 - The James Bond Experience. You'll spend a weekend in Las Vegas driving exotic cars, firing weapons, and engaging in a mystery adventure of intrigue and deception. Also receive a copy of the game with the custom box top and unique card with your likeness. Must be 21 years or older. Airfare will be included for those in the continental United States.

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