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English/Spanish picture book for children and families affected by cancer.
English/Spanish picture book for children and families affected by cancer.
171 backers pledged $12,171 to help bring this project to life.

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Your books are on their way + Benito's website

Posted by Alan Quinonez (Creator)

Happy Wednesday Backers!

2 major happenings on Benito's world:

1) Your books are on their way

I'm super happy to report that we have packed and delivered to the post office your copies of the book. I'll be sending you an email with access to the PDF version, along with your USPS tracking number. I can't wait for you to receive it and check it out!

2) Benito's website is ready 

It is also very exciting to have completed the website with full details about the project along with a shopping cart. And to all my sponsors: Check out your name listed in the website at !

The kickstarter has been an amazing journey, and as this one comes to an end, the new venture of distributing the book nationally begins.

In fact, if you happen to know people at hospitals or bookstores that may be interested in Benito's book, please help us connect with them!
Your leads and suggestions are much appreciated :)

Thanks again, muchas gracias for all of your support!

The books are here!

Posted by Alan Quinonez (Creator)

Haaaappy Thursday backers!

Did you have a nice halloween? I certainly hope so! These past few weeks have been filled with amazing treats for me, and I'd love to share them with you:

1) Watching the books being printed and picking them up

It was such a thrill to go the Bang Printing facilities in Valencia, CA and watch the 3,000+ books being printed and bound through their conveyors.

Benito's book was printed on an Akiyama JPrint 40 Printing Press by the skilled hands of Alan (pictured on the left).. and yes! we have the same name =P

Then assembled and bound on a Corona C-12 Perfect Binder. Bernie (pictured on the left), made sure that the machine ran smoothly and explained to me that the C-12 is capable of printing 12,000 books per hour (hence the C-12 name). That is about 3 books per second!

And then perfectly trimmed in a Zenith S Three-Knife Trimmer, so that Gloria could stack them up and put them in boxes.

And a few days later, my good friend Alex helped us load the boxes into our cars. We brought home over 3,000 books weighting an approximate of 1,750lbs!

2) The first book signing event

On the following day, we had our first public presentation / book signing event!
Our partners at Latinas Contra Cancer celebrated their 10th anniversary in San Jose, CA and they invited us to have a table at the event.

It was an unforgettable night, and the best part was to have the company of the moms and child life specialists that I had interviewed, while being able to thank them and hand-deliver the book to them :)

3) Packing party this weekend

As I receive a handy postal scale and rest of the shipping supplies, I'll be packing and shipping your copies of the book!

You know? It is such an amazing feeling to hold in my hands the product of almost 2 years of work and then being able to share it.
If I were to describe the feeling: I'd say it feels like when you are aligned with the flow of life, knowing that all dreams are possible. 

So, THANK YOU once more for believing in me and help me get here.

With immense gratitude,

- Alan

We did it! = Sí se pudo!!

Posted by Alan Quinonez (Creator)

Haaaappy Monday dear Backers!

Just like in the subject of this update "We did it! = Sí se pudo!": The combined effort of you my backers has made it possible to print the first book in our series and achieve ALL of our stretch goals! ¡Muchas, muchas gracias!

The last 72 hours of the campaign were action-packed: I dedicated my self to send personalized friendly reminders to practically all my 500+ friends on Facebook, to all the project owners that I had backed on Kickstarter along with friends over the phone… and it paid off! Just over the weekend, 47 new backers joined our team and with your and their combined powers we passed through our stretch goals with flying colors. Check out these cool graphs:

This way on Oct 6th at 8:34am, 2 hours before the campaign closed, we crossed the barrier for our ultimate goal of $12,000, allowing us to donate a total 110 books to Latinas Contra Cancer and making them available for free to families in need.

Something that was extremely meaningful for me, was how on the last few minutes of the campaign, my partner Alan and I held hands and extended a prayer of gratitude to all of you. I'm not sure if you knew, but the kickstarter timer changes from updating every hour, to every minute, to every second on the last minute.

When the counter gets to the last 10 seconds, it really feels just like New Year's: An unforgettable chapter in your life is about to come to an end. And then, as the timer reaches zero… there it is - a completely new chapter filled with possibility.

This has been the most exhilarating 30 days in my life yet, the making of a dream come true, and YOU my backers have made it all possible.

Thank you, un millón de gracias! from the bottom of my heart.

- Alan

Double good news: $10k+ in funding and color proofs!

Posted by Alan Quinonez (Creator)

Haaaappy Wednesday dear Backers!

I'm jumping with excitement: With the amazing power that comes from 114 backers, we have reached our first stretch goal at $10,000!! We can proudly donate a set of 40 books and make them available for free to families in need via Latinas Contra Cancer. YOU are helping me do this, and I could no be more grateful.

To add to the excitement, Bang Printing has sent the final color proofs! The color proofs are giant prints with all the pages in the book. These represent (with a 99% accuracy) how the colors are going to look in the final product. My job is to thoroughly check for typos and skin tones, since this is my final chance to make any corrections before the book goes to print.

To accomplish this task, I'm not alone! I have the "eagle eye" from my team of editors:

* Geoff Smith is my English copy editor. He has an impressive array of edited books under his belt, and I proudly attest to his super-high standards of professionalism and speed. If you need help editing your materials, make sure to give Geoff a call!

* Anahi Quiñonez is my Spanish copy editor. She is an award-winning teacher in Guadalajara and she brings the "Quiñonez-style" passion and commitment into this project. Not only she is my little sister, but today is her birthday!! Please join me wishing her "Happy Cumpleaños Anahi!" into the comments of this post :)

In closing, thank you, thank you for joining in this adventure. We still have 3 days to go, and with your AMAZING support we are going to close this campaign with a bang.

Super charged in North Hollywood,

- Alan

Book 1 is now 100% funded, thanks to YOU!!

Posted by Alan Quinonez (Creator)

Haaaapy Saturday dear backers!

On Friday 9/27 at 4:43pm PST we reached 100% funding for the first book in our series! Thank, thank you, ¡un millón de gracias! for believing in me and for helping me reach this milestone!

We still have 8 days left, and all dollars beyond our initial goal will us help afford the research and production of the following books in the series. In addition, we'd like to give back as we reach the following stretch goals:

As soon as we reach $10,000, we will donate 40 copies of the book to Latinas Contra Cancer (approx. $480 retail value) and make them available for free to families in need… And then another 40 copies for every $1,200 beyond that.

How many books can we all make available for free to families in need? We will find out on October 6th at 10:36am PST, when our campaign closes. Please help us to spread the word, so we can make this happen.

On this final week, I'm committed to work extra hard and let more people know about our project. As I go, I do it with with deep sense of gratitude for you and the amazing team of backers that have taken me this far.

Thank you again! Here is a high-five all the way from North Hollywood ... Just touch your screen to send it back! :)