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A novel about a man, his father, a dog and the women in their lives.

A novel about a man, his father, a dog and the women in their lives. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 15, 2012.

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The Baer Boys

Hi and thanks for having a look at The Baer Boys. It is the story of Darin Baer, a forty-two year old man who has been trying, in a sorta-kinda fashion, for the last twenty-five years, to make a living as an actor. Darin's tentative approach to his career is mirrored by his personal life, which is in tatters as the book opens. He has moved back home to live with his recently widowed father, Art, and is working as a substitute teacher. When he is offered a long term substitute position teaching theater at his old high school Darin thinks his life has finally taken a turn for the better. Instead it just gets more complicated and soon he is forced to make some decisions he has been putting off his entire adult life.

The Baer Boys is my first Kickstarter project, but my second novel. The first one, called Boomerang, is a comic novel of international intrigue played out by characters operating well outside of their comfort zones. The original cover looked like this.

Not so good

I couldn't afford to hire an artist to create a cover for me and I have no skills in that area. I'm a pretty darned good writer, if I do say so myself, but cover design is beyond me. A few copies sold, but not nearly enough to cover the cost of creating the book.

Then e-books started their ascent and, with the help of a computer savvy friend I brought Boomerang out for Kindle and nook and all those other e-readers. This was a good thing, for the e-book sold enough for me to be able to hire the very talented Laura Lakey, who happened to be an early fan of the book, to create a more eye catching cover.

Much better, don't you think?

The new cover has definitely helped, but it came a bit late in the game for Boomerang to accomplish one of its goals, which was to finance the production of my next book.

The Baer Boys is nearing completion, at least as far as the manuscript goes. As proud as I am of Boomerang, I knew I was taking some risks with its unconventional construction and multiple protagonists. The Baer Boys is a first person narrative with a limited number of major characters and it addresses universal themes of love and family and choices I believe just about every reader can relate to. Plus, there is an undercurrent of humor that bubbles to the surface on a pretty regular basis.

In other words, I do think this one will have much wider appeal and has a good chance of selling pretty well. But only if I can give it a good cover and produce enough copies of the paperback to both take care of promotions and get it onto independent bookstore shelves. That's where I need Kickstarter supporters.

If I might invite you to have a look at the samples of my writing that are available online. I can't think of a better way for me to make my case or for you to decide if what I write is something you would like to support.

This is where you can have a look at the first three chapters of The Baer Boys.

And the opening chapters of Boomerang can be read either here:

or here:

All the best,

Alan Hutcheson


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