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#killswitch is a feature length documentary film educating, informing and mobilizing the people of the US to keep the internet free.

#killswitch is a feature length documentary film educating, informing and mobilizing the people of the US to keep the internet free. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 2, 2011.

About this project

What are we doing?

We are raising money to support the production and release of a full-length documentary film that seeks to revolutionize how the world understands the Internet and the Internet’s relationship to democracy.

Why is this important?

Imagine if your favorite website was blocked or slowed down because it competed with the corporation that “owned” the Internet bandwidth.  How would you react if your posts on Facebook were censored by the government?  What would happen if independent blogs and news media became priced out of the Internet because they couldn’t afford the rates charged for a new Internet fast lane? What kind of power should lie within the governments?  Should they have the ability to have a virtual Kill Switch?

We find these threats to the free and open Internet to be the single greatest danger to democracy today.  #killswitch the film will inform and inspire action in a population largely unaware of these important issues. 

We took a stab at what Internet programming might look like in the future. Here's a hint: The revolution will not be televised. 

Here's an outtake from the trailer:

What have we done so far?

Over the last six months, we have researched, filmed and edited hours of interviews from some of the foremost authorities on the Internet and media. Recognized and respected university professors, authors, bloggers, non-profit directors, and activists are among the first of the interviews completed thus far.  With funding, we plan to interview lobbyists, politicians, government officials, and corporate media executives.  The trailer is a sampling of some of this work.

We created this info graphic with Column5 Media to show how both these fictional scenarios are actually happening.

Why $150,000? That seems like a small amount of money to produce and distribute a top quality& full-length documentary.    

$150,000 is our minimum goal.

Fortunately, we are professional filmmakers with a portfolio of top quality work (see our website We're also surrounded by amazingly talented people which allows us to do the majority of the work “in-house,” saving literally thousands of dollars.

A Top Quality Film

Our vision for this project is to create an entertaining work of art that definitively makes the case for the keeping the Internet free and open and empowers people to take this principle seriously.   

We recognize that there is a wealth of information out there on the subject, but nothing has bridged the gap between hardcore believers and the general population that doesn't quite understand it. We want to build that bridge. 

This film will be engaging, comprehensive and will appeal to a LARGE demographic (think Food Inc. or Inside Job). No major film studio has ever funded a project that covers the topics addressed in this film (Media Consolidation, Net Neutrality, and the future of the Internet), yet media companies continue to merge, content is being censored or blocked, and many experts now believe that the citizen-centered nature of the Internet will soon be a thing of the past.  It’s obvious to us that these problems need to be addressed – and it’s up to individual citizens to take action.

Our goal is to release this to as many people as possible. We want to mobilize communities to remind the government and corporations of what makes this country great: the power of the people. Read the treatment and find out more here...

We have no time to waste in protecting the integrity of our Internet.  The public has been kept in the dark for far too long, so please join us on this revolutionary project... and also get some cool stuff when you donate!

Tweet #killswitchinterview

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

We want to hear from you, so go to the link and have a look at our list of potential interviewees. If there is someone that we've missed who you feel is important to this issue, tweet their name with the hashtag #killswitchinterview

We will continually update your suggestions on kickstarter!


Link to Wired Report

Have a question for us???

Shoot us an email at we are always home!

Thank you so much for your support! 


  • We are using the twitter style name with the hashtag and no space. But some people have been searching for Kill Switch and can't find it. So I am adding this FAQ so if people do search for kill switch with the space it will appear. Hopefully that will help.

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  • We will need to travel the country in order to get the rest of the interviews we need for our story. In addition, we will also need to create all the narrative segments and graphic elements. We set the goal at $150,000 because, with that budget, we can make trips to the East Coast and Silicon Valley, produce some great interstitial segments, create cool infographics, get a proper sound mix and have it color corrected. Every penny raised above our goal will go directly into the production, giving us more access to more resources, file footage, post production support... etc.

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  • This is a labor of love. We are making this film because we are passionate about the issues involved. We know that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are only possible if the Internet operates the way it was designed to, allowing all citizens the equal opportunity to have their voices heard.

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  • Our only bias is that we believe that a free and open Internet principle is fundamental to democratic society.

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  • We believe ALL citizens must have equal access to Internet bandwidth. All content sent over the Internet must be treated equally and neutrally by any government or corporate entity that controls the bandwidth. No attempt to block, censor or prioritize content should be made. Our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press is dependent upon protection of a free and open Internet.

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  • Unfortunately nothing. If our goal isn’t met before the deadline, no money changes hands and the film cannot be completed. Let’s NOT let that happen!

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  • YES! What an amazing problem to have. Kickstarter will allow us to raise as much money as we can before the deadline. This would mean a more widespread theatrical release, extra interviews and content, cooler graphics and animation...and potentially make a trip overseas to explore how other countries are handling the same issues.

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    *** EXCLUSIVE*** You and a friend are invited to screen the first cut at our office in the Artist Village and tell us what you think. Who knows, maybe one of your notes will make the Final Cut! Plus, have dinner with the filmmakers after the screening. And of course, all the goodies listed above...

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