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It's a belt with custom sized pockets that slings over your shoulder.
The EDC Sling Belt.

It's a belt with custom sized pockets that slings over your shoulder. The EDC Sling Belt.

It's a belt with custom sized pockets that slings over your shoulder. The EDC Sling Belt. Read More
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 10, 2012.

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Thanks to everyone for your resounding initial support for our project. The initial Kickstarters help me achieve the fullly funded milestone. Now that I know there is interest in our handcrafted belts, I am ready to announce the next phase. Since each of these Sling Belts is hand made, they take considerable time and cost to make, so the pricing is above what the early founders paid.  I have acquired a crew to assemble them and they are working now on the design I have for the pockets.  The pocket designs will have a boxy look so that they sit on top one another.    In any case they will be well made and very cool looking. 

When I was living in China it was the norm to carry a messenger bag.  I had one for my camera, wallet, phone, keys, etc.  I loved it, but sometimes it bore too much weight and it was bulky.  Not to mention it was annoying having to dig through it to find a specific thing.  I also couldn't take it off without fear of someone taking it.  So, I modified it to make getting things out of it easier and made it a lot lighter.  However, it was still giving me problems.  So I made a belt with different pockets on it.  It was great and I continued to wear it when I got back.  Since then I bettered the materials.  I made a pocket for each of my things.  I also modified the design to sit over the shoulder lightly and lay against the side of my pants evenly at the bottom. It is light weight and gives your pants pockets some breathing room. 

Features:  4 Removable pockets(Each pocket will be held on by belt loops and will only come off if you unhook the belt), Adjustable strap, key ring, pen holder -This will be the standard size.  The belt itself is roughly 60 inches long.  Beta Webbing, marine vinyl.  The Beta Webbing is like a thick rubber material.  It's very sturdy and it has a good grip so it won't slip.  There are picture references

Pockets: Iphone, Wallet, Glasses, Small square misc pocket.

(Keep in mind this is just a basic design sample.  The options for different sized pockets will not be limited.  I want to make it personal.  I understand we all do different things.  Not everyone carries around the same things I do.  Some of us are carpenters or computer programmers, artists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.  This won't be just another bag to throw all your things in.  It will be something else.  Something personal.  Made specifically for you.)

The final product will be all black with a beta rubber kind of material for the straps and black vinyl pockets.  A pocket for a standard sized wallet, Iphone, glasses, and a generally sized pocket for misc items. 

I have some people that will help me with sewing as well as manufacturing the belts themselves.  The pockets and belts are currently in the making. Stay tuned for updates.

If this project is successful, I plan to make a website in which one can order extra pockets or different styles and textures.

Thanks again.  And remember the name, Aknightsword.


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    About $1.00 USD

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    My gratitude. Every little bit helps.

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  2. All gone!

    Pledge $45 or more
    About $45 USD

    5 backers All gone!

    These things are hand made by me and they take a while to produce. With the right people backing me I am willing to offer one to each of those that help me out. The pledge should cover shipping, cost, and labor.

    The final product will be black leather with a silver latch and vinyl or canvas for the pockets.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $45 or more
    About $45 USD

    18 backers Limited (2 left of 20)

    The main product will be made of a beta mesh strap which is a kind of rubber type material, with black vinyl pockets and a silver belt buckle.

    Estimated delivery:
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    About $80 USD

    2 backers Limited (1 left of 3)

    2 inch beta webbing, silver belt buckle, 4 pockets made of thick vinyl or mesh, key ring

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