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The full-length Slender Man movie. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 9, 2012.

The full-length Slender Man movie.

About this project

The Slender Man is a product of the internet. It all started back in 2009 with a thread on the SomethingAwful forums, when Victor Surge posted a picture he made of a tall man-like being with long arms he dubbed 'The Slender Man' as a part of their 'Paranormal Images' Photoshop contest. It wasn't long before other members posted their own Slender Man pictures and the internet caught wind of the creepy creation. Soon, the internet was ablaze with various forums and communities adding to the Slender Man lore. The stories tell of a tall, thin, human-like creature (appearing to wear a suit) who snatches up children and in some cases adults as well. The Slender Man watches and stalks its prey before consuming it. It's said that the more you believe in the Slender Man, the easier it is for him to get you. Some versions of the myth state that the Slender Man can only be seen on video or photographs. Creepy stuff, right?

Perhaps the most popular and well known pieces of Slender Man media to come from the web (with the exception of the original images themselves) is the MarbleHornets youtube channel and a new indie horror game called Slender. There are countless other forms of Slender Man fiction out there, but these are the two pieces that have gone viral (in a big way) over the past six years. The guys behind the MarbleHornets series have done a stellar job expanding the Slender Man mythos in the video medium, and Parsec Productions have created a modern horror masterpiece with their minimalistic game Slender. With Slender's huge success and multiple news outlets writing about the game, the Slender Man has reentered the internet's consciousness in a big way, and we feel now is the perfect time to make the first feature length Slender Man film.

What we want to do is pay service to the stories created by anyone who's added to the Slender Man's urban legend. We want to make the film in the found footage format. Now I know what you're thinking "But AJ, that sounds an awful lot like MarbleHornets! Why would I be interested in that?" Well, I'll tell you why: We plan on making something completely different, both in story and execution. Our concept for this full length Slender Man film is to create an hour and a half long movie that places an emphasis on a strictly-structured script, and traditional narrative format. The story will include three main protagonists with separate (and totally different) but intertwining stories. Each of the characters will experience their own unique Slender Man run-ins (basically an anthology). That's all I'm allowed to tell you about the story for now. But if for some reason you just HAVE to know what we've got planned before backing the project, just message me through Kickstarter and I'll give you the (mostly spoiler free) run-down. 

Now, here's why we need your help: In order to make the Slender Man film a possibility, we need enough money to create a fully believable and terrifyingly real looking Slender Man. We'll also need money to pay for lodging, some equipment rentals and post production costs. What are our plans for distribution you ask? Well that's the best part. I believe that the Slender Man belongs to the internet, so I plan on releasing the film, in its entirety, on either Youtube, Vimeo or both... for free... to stream. Pretty cool huh? My team and I will make ZERO profit from this film. We're just passionate about filmmaking, the Slender Man's stories and of course, entertaining an audience (you in particular, you handsome devil).

Two last details for ya: Our proposed shooting schedule, and some of my past work as proof of my worthiness as a filmmaker. We plan on shooting the film in mid to late August, and will shoot over the course of three weeks, with the film being edited and ready for release sometime in late October (Happy Halloween!) I realize that sounds like a hell of an undertaking, but I have no doubt that it'll be finished, and that it'll scare the shit out of you. My past experience is proof of my ability as a filmmaker to complete large-scale projects, with minimal budget, in a very timely manner.

Our goal is to reach 10,000 dollars in 30 days, but that's the bare MINIMUM required to complete this movie. Our real goal is 20,000 dollars. The closer we can get to 20,000 the easier it'll be to execute some of the more ambitious aspects of the film that we've got planned.

I've directed a full length documentary that goes behind the scenes at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The entire hour and 20 minute long documentary was shot over the course of ten days and includes interviews with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Malin Akerman, Kate Mara, Josh Radnor, Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, and a bunch of filmmakers too. I've also directed an official music video for a "Top 40" artist (J-Kwon) and have completed multiple "found footage" style shorts (all of which were made on a near zero-dollar budget). I feel like documentary/mockumentary/found footage style films are my forte, and I'm more than ready to lead this project.

We have the skill, most of the equipment, and the full crew necessary to complete this film but there's just one thing we need: Your help. If you could chip in any amount you feel comfortable with, we'll do our best to bring you the next great piece of Slender Man media. Help us make the very first feature length Slender Man film a reality. Don't let Hollywood get the jump on this one, let a group of dedicated fans get there first.

Thanks for your time and your support.
-AJ Meadows

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Full 'Redford Sent Us' (Sundance documentary) trailer:


  • Well we're gonna be racing to finish editing the movie so it can be posted online for anyone to watch by October 31st. We're aiming to have the film ready to ship in October, but more than likely the film won't be on any kind of physical media (DVD's or Blu-Rays) until mid to late November.

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  • Yes! The film will be available to download for those of you that pay 25 dollars or more, on the same day that the finished film makes its way online (October 31st). For those of you who have paid more than $25, you'll will also have the choice of opting ONLY for the digital download (if for some reason you don't want a DVD or Blu-Ray). So you can either choose between a DVD, Blu-Ray, or SD/HD digital download that will be available on October 31st. And of course, if you choose the DVD or Blu-Ray as your reward, the digital download will be included upon request.

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    You'll receive our eternal gratitude!

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    You'll receive our eternal gratitude and an opportunity to give a suggestion for the film's final title (just drop your suggestion in the comments)

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    Our eternal gratitude, an opportunity to give a suggestion for the film's final title and an exclusive digital wallpaper.

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    Everything above, plus a copy of the finished film on DVD or Blu-Ray, (when produced) signed by the filmmakers. (Includes shipping within continental US. Additional shipping for other locations.)

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    Everything above, plus a "thank you" credit in the film.

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    Everything above, plus a limited edition print of the movie's poster, signed by the filmmakers.

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    Everything above, plus a copy of the script, signed by the filmmakers.

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    Everything above, plus an Executive Producer credit in the film.

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    The official "You Crazy Bastard" award! If you throw down for this one, you'll be our lovely (borderline insane) savior. You'll receive all of the awards mentioned above. PLUS: A piece of the Slender Man's on-screen costume worn in the film. OR you can pick the shooting script used during production (with director's chicken-scratch and all). The choice is yours, you've earned it.

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