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The world's first multicopter that's powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet.
The world's first multicopter that's powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wayne Ang on October 28, 2017

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    2. Missing avatar

      Louis Ross on August 21, 2017

      I have a pocket drone all ready to sell. Never flown. Contact me at

    3. Missing avatar

      Louis Ross on August 21, 2017

      ..."pocket" drone it was certainly not. By the time they finally put it out, it was a dinosaur. One of the worst campaigns I have contributed to.....

    4. P Marquis on August 12, 2017

      Just a reminder to myself these guys were the biggest cheating lying mutha fockers in kickstarter history. Think carefully before you back anything on kickstarter.

    5. michio KANAYA on February 21, 2017

      Why do not you response my post over 3 days.
      I can not understand your business mind and responsibility.
      Please say something, I need your words.

    6. michio KANAYA on February 17, 2017

      It takes over 1 year after your last update, I did not receive any product or information so that I bought parrot drone last Xmas because I can not wait your production postpone any more.

      Why I wait for over 1 year after your last update information?
      Why you did not inform me the status sincerely?

      As I mentioned before, I do not need your drone any more, so please get refund back quickly. Best regards.

    7. michio KANAYA on February 17, 2017

      Can I get full refund includes international shipping fee.

      I don't need your drone any more because I have already bought parrot drone.

      I am waiting for long time but your delivery is incredible, several postpone and few information update.

      Also, when I became your backer, your drone is very innovative and fun of me, but year by year, many of drone makers are launching more compact, powerful and low price with high technology.

      I understand your innovative technology will be great, but project and production management and business sense is too bad. I want to drop your backer and get refund to me sincerely.

    8. Tim
      on February 4, 2017

      I wish I'd never backed this.
      It's my biggest Kickstarter regret.
      I never received the full unit I ordered, I sent more money for different things to be added to the package and got ripped off on all of them.
      Still today my drone sits unopened and unusable... it's money I wish I had back.

    9. dwc on October 5, 2016

      SF bay area pickup. free drone. box opened, but never used.

    10. Orlando Zuleta on January 19, 2016

      I feel cheated with this drone.
      You can not fly and crashes to the second , is poorly designed and does not have stability.

      Please do not let these people back to design a crowdfunding project as dirty and ill leave this method to promote emerging ideas.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Bau on December 31, 2015

      Where can I download the 3D printed parts, the Propellers? Thanks!

    12. Gary Bottom on December 15, 2015

      I have an unboxed, but never flown, Pocket Drone which has been powered on once to make sure it works. This includes the remote version and all parts plus a box of spare blades and landing gear. If interested, email me at garybottom0 at gmail. Cheers.

    13. Missing avatar

      O. M. on December 11, 2015

      You guys can be lucky for being able to sell that drone. I did not even received anything...:( wanted to buy the drone for my dad and now his money is down the drain. I would not be angry if the communication coming from Airdroids would have been accurate and honest. I had hope when I received their very last mail back in Mai...

    14. Missing avatar

      William Nacey on December 2, 2015

      I also have the full ready to fly package which includes a HD camera and controller and spare props etc - anyone wanting to make me an offer contact me

      As with others, never been used box opened to check the contents.

      -- Scott

    15. Missing avatar

      Roger Doyle on November 29, 2015

      @dwc if you still are interested in selling your drone, please confirm via email to

    16. Darryl Rixon on November 26, 2015

      Hi I have the full ready to fly package which includes a HD camera and controller and spare props etc - anyone wanting to make me an offer contact me darrylrixon(AT)hotmail(dot)com

      Never been used box opened to check all intact as per order, which it is.

    17. Missing avatar

      Phoenix Youth on November 25, 2015

      For sale, one untouched, and un-flown Pocket Drone, only opened the box used for postage.

      Includes, 'International Aerial Video/Photo Package: For those who want everything they need to start taking videos and photos - 1x High quality action camera capable of recording 1080 HD video and drone mounts, 1x Everything From Ready to Fly Package plus spare blades.

      This was purchased by a group of young people from their own fundraising, need to get some sort of return from it and would like to see it go to somebody with the skills to make it work.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chelledan on November 19, 2015

      @ Clemens Fischer, I tried to email you in regards to you below posting wanting to purchase a Pocket Drone, however the email I had sent you was returned with a error mailbox unavailable. If you are still interested in purchasing a Pocket Drone, contact me at

      Anyone else seeking to purchase the RTF Aerial Video/Photo Package with controller, I have one that has only been opened and viewed, never flown. Please contact me at

    19. dwc on November 10, 2015

      Anyone interested in an untouched pocket drone. in San Francisco and would have to pick up. thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike Bau on November 6, 2015

      Where can I download the CAD files? To print the propellers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Šimon on September 27, 2015

      Please check your drone carefully before trying to use it! In mine one screw was completelely missing and I didn´t noticed it in the first place. It was one of the two screws which should hold the plastic part with rotor fixing it strongly to the tail. So, after doing all calibration settings and doing the proper setting to have it ready to fly I tried to fly it and the rotor simply peel of on one side of the tail and the propellers hit hard to other parts of the drone. You can easily imagine what were next consequences.
      I am able to accept if the delivered pocket dron is a bit low cost and needs a lot of fixing to have it "ready to fly", you have allways such a risk with Kickstarter, but I cannot accept if an important part of the dron itself is missing which causing a health risk to me and it is causing of self-destruction of the device itself. Since the product you have delivered to me is not working, please send me a replacement unit.

    22. Missing avatar

      Clemens Fischer on September 24, 2015

      Hey guys!
      I would like to buy your Pocket Drones - damaged or undamaged!
      I like to set up a stock of replacement parts so I would buy more than one!
      Contact me if you want to sell yours: cleminator(AT)gmx(DOT)at

      Best regards,

    23. Art Coon on August 30, 2015

      Did you send me? Please let me know.

    24. Art Coon on August 30, 2015

      Did you send me? Please let me know.

    25. Art Coon on August 30, 2015

      Did you send me? Please let me know.

    26. yanting on August 25, 2015


      you are actually very lucky already, i paid full set too... but so far got nothing, email them for few months and never get any reply at all. what a big scam. @_@"

    27. Missing avatar

      Pierre Gibouin on July 19, 2015

      Airdroids ran out of money and the company is actually in bankruptcy. I'm afraid you may never get a reply from them or receive something.

    28. cedrickit on July 18, 2015

      I encourage all who feel scammed and want their money back to file a complaint.
      The FTC has setup a special department that deals with crowd-funding complaints.fill in this form. https:// www ftccomplaintassistant gov/#crnt&panel1-1 (replace spaces with points)
      Then select “Internet services, online shopping, or computers” then “Online shopping”

      the website crowdfundinsider com also has a good article with advice on the how to deal with this , search for scams in their searchbox

    29. Osman EL-BABA
      on July 12, 2015

      I just came back home after several months of traveling to find my PD box waiting to be opened... I ordered the full package with the 6ch controller and the camera but what I received was without the controller and without the camera! !?? @ Creator Kindly rectify this error.... either send me the missing items or refund the diffrence I paid $555 but you sent the $415...

    30. Orlando Zuleta on July 11, 2015

      this drone come with autodestruction function

    31. Art Coon on July 5, 2015

      Please send me the drone controller

    32. Art Coon on July 5, 2015

      Please send me the drone controller

    33. Art Coon on July 5, 2015

      Please send me the drone controller

    34. Art Coon on July 5, 2015

      Please send me the drone controller

    35. Me on June 28, 2015

      That's crazy 3st robotics is no way pocket drone. Pocket drone is now plexidrone

    36. Missing avatar

      O. M. on June 26, 2015

      I trusted those guys and now i lost over 500 bucks...with the last mail and now not sending the drone they made things worse than mean for all the people who never recieved anything.

    37. Missing avatar

      CBC on June 24, 2015

      I sent my POS pocket drone back immediately after receiving and realizing that it was pure junk. I argued with amazon about it. They would not refund my money. I argued with my credit card and they would not refund it even though i SENT BACK everything to an address in Las Vegas as per instructions in the crappy manual. I WILL NEVER BACK ANOTHER KICKSTARTER PROJECT AGAIN, SO HELP ME GOD!!!!!! May God Bless and Help the Air Droid folks in the way that they need to be helped and call them to repentance.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jack Ren on June 15, 2015

      I'm selling my Pocket Drone. It's new and never been flown. I've only opened it to check the parts. If you're interested in it to fix & fly (or use for parts), let me know. I'm offering it at a big discount.

      Please contact me at

    39. Art Coon on June 14, 2015

      Please send me the drone controller

    40. Missing avatar

      O. M. on June 12, 2015

      No drone here in Switzerland! I'm so fed up with this!

    41. Rick Smolan on May 29, 2015

      If you would like to purchase this model of drone please contact: olivia(at)insidetracksbook(dot)com

      I am selling it for $250.

      I have seen some people that got it working with tinkering & 3d printed parts.... I just don't have the time to figure it out.

    42. yanting on May 27, 2015

      Same here ...No Drone here - They've also had my address and I've had no shipment confirmation and reward at all. and possibly never will. so disappointing

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dinn on May 25, 2015

      I guess I was one of the "lucky" ones who actually got their drone, but only had time to open it up for the first time this weekend. What a colossal piece of garbage. As others have noted, the legs are literally toothpick sized and actually seem flimsier than a toothpick due to the weak plastic material. Charged the battery, hooked everything up, the receiver didn't control/affect the drone in any way, so it's back in the box - probably never to be opened again. Epic fail.

    44. Missing avatar

      Pierre Gibouin on May 22, 2015

      If they had designed a good product, which has been worked, they could have raised more money from banks and finish their production batch. So, they would have been able to refund their credit with the sell of other pocket drones to direct customers.

      Instead, they have a very bad quality product nobody wants. In this situation, there is no way to continue an economical activity. They can not sell anything, they can not earn money, they can not raise money from banks or investors. Evrything stops.

    45. Missing avatar

      Pierre Gibouin on May 22, 2015

      @ to all backers who didn't received anything from airdroid

      Because Airdroid is in bankrupt and because you will never receive anything, you may get a refund from your credit card company, they have insurances for that.

      Anyway, because the pocketdrone is so badly designed, it can't fly safely and is unsuable for most of backers. Personnaly, I have kept it for spare parts.

    46. Missing avatar

      Carlos on May 21, 2015

      I am in the same situation as Sander and Mike. AirDroids has my shipping address since mid-August and I have not received absolutely nothing, not drone, not extra battery and spare propellers I bought almost a year ago. So now what? For me this will not end this way, and I'll dispute what needed for it.

      This project could be defined as a huge failure from several aspects or approaches, the worst has been the time lost and, above all, the illusion, broken into thousand of pieces.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mike Cooke on May 21, 2015

      No Drone here - They've also had my address and I've had no shipment confirmation or reward. Leaves me in a somewhat interesting limbo.

      According to Kickstarter I'm entitled to a refund, but it'll only come from Airdroids. Doesn't leave me a lot of hope.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sander on May 21, 2015

      What a bunch of liars. I quote: 'we have send out all orders that we received addresses for'.

      I have not received anything and they sure have my address:

      Reply from AirDroids support on October 21, 2014

      Hi Sander,

      I have submitted your new address information and you will receive a email containing tracking information once your order ships. We have begun production and anticipate beginning to fulfill our backlog of orders towards mid November. Thank you for your patience through the delays and support of the Pocket Drone.


      Customer Support
      -The AirDroids Team

    49. cedrickit on May 21, 2015

      Hi, is 3D Robotics same company as air droids? I'm asking because in a 3dr video they show pocket drone briefly.

    50. Luke Tipple on May 21, 2015

      Just an FYI to all the backers who (like me) bought extra parts through their store that didn't arrive. I successfully received a charge back credit from my credit card company (AMEX). You'll need to call and get permission for an old charge but the letter they just sent should be enough evidence.

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