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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 9 2019
pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 9 2019



I just want to clarify that this design does not produce electricity from nothing at all, it has two internal generators that produce 590Watts, all of the internal components consume 230Watts and the net output is 360Watts.

Therefore it produces more power than it consumes. It is not a magic box but it has no external charging or uses any gas, wind, hydro etc.

Back this project, see it happen for everyone.


 I have added the original USA patent which was provisional and has now expired, this is the non modified 600Watt version. I decided on the cheaper to manufacture 360Watt version.

For all those doubters that have posted nasty comments on here and Reddit ask yourself why someone would setup a company, file a patent, video a prototype and all for a starter of $25,000 initial funding.

Maybe they would prefer the status quo of Nuclear, Gas and Oil and carry on pollution.

For all those backers I thank you, you are free thinkers and I urge everyone to get behind this project.

Once funded it’s all under massive scrutiny, risks of lawsuits abound if it were a scam but I know it works so I can sleep easy and to not have the commitment would make it a foolish endeavor so here I am, ready to get it out there. Thank You

AI Industries
AI Industries

We are a technology manufacturing startup located in Metropolis, Illinois, the official home of Superman. By backing this project you will fund employment in Metropolis, IL which is a primary aim for this device.

The Device

Introducing the AI PowerCube, simply plug in your consumer device and enjoy FREE electricity wherever you happen to be, it provides a constant current and at the same time it keeps itself charged without the need for Grid recharging, Gas, Solar, Wind or Hydro.

The unit comes packed with components including two clever generators that actually produce more power than it consumes, enabling you to enjoy 360 Watts at 120 Volts DC of Perpetual power. 

AI PowerCube
AI PowerCube

Practical Uses Video

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The Future is Perpetual

Imagine a world of limitless power, where the gas powered generators are a thing of the past. Imagine a quiet, portable, electric generator that can power itself.  Perpetual power is born! 

We at AI Industries have created such a device, a 360W PowerCube, easily transported and with electricity at the touch of a button. This isn’t a device you have to charge to use like cordless tools, you simply plug in your consumer appliance and forget about it.

Off the grid at all times. We believe that this device will solve the worlds energy crisis. It’s a bold statement but to see the PowerCube in action is truly amazing!  

AI PowerCube Top
AI PowerCube Top

Below the display screen are three buttons.

The first button turns on the internal generators that produce the 360Watts of power for your devices.

The second button turns on the Invertor which converts the power to 120Volts AC. There is a power plug socket below that to connect your devices.

The third button turns on the charging display so you can see it charge whilst you have your devices running.

There are no external power leads to recharge the system, it doesn't require any!

Everything is internal and self contained. Purely off the grid.

Usage and Benefits

The world consumes power on a grand scale, we are so reliant on fossil fuel yet it could be many years before renewable energy becomes the norm. It is good to know there is a spirited movement to make the earth greener, more sustainable and by backing this project you will help bring a free electricity device to the masses. To think of the potential savings and pollution free usage is beyond imagining.

Free Electricity has arrived!

Together we will create a new power revolution for generations to come.

The technology will become more efficient and powerful over time, spawn countless uses and truly bring everyone off the grid and reduce our carbon footprint.

Firstly, let’s explore the PowerCubes' uses...

DIY Power Tools where electricity isn’t available or to eliminate the wait to recharge cordless  tools.

Use with Power Tools
Use with Power Tools

Home appliances such as Computers for Bitcoin mining or heavy CPU processing, Televisions, Consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4, Music Amps, the list is endless.


Emergency lighting when the grid fails

Wilderness use for when electricity is a luxury

Business/Factory Use

There are so many obvious uses for this device and with the help of Kickstarter you can make it happen.

There is no limit.

List of Consumer Power Devices by Wattage that can be used with the AI PowerCube

Devices by Wattage
Devices by Wattage

A patent has already been lodged with the US Patent Office with the modified design to be submitted.

Device Images

How you can help

We have developed a funding tier to show what we can achieve by the level of Kickstarter Funding we receive...

With Kickstarter funding we will also develop the internal components and make them smaller allowing the PowerCube to become almost a third of it’s current size and weight.

We will aim to make the unit even more powerful, with a 500 Watt goal within the time limit to delivery.

500Watt Design
500Watt Design

To do this, AI Industries will custom develop an all in one Circuit board and chassis for the generators which will eliminate individual components and reduce its footprint even further.

We will incorporate the new design into a sleeker consumer case, the original prototype you see above is a homage to the industrial Ghostbuster Ghost catching box design, we chose this to illustrate the weird science behind the invention.

We know that to get the product into every home requires a space saving design and we also require  a smaller footprint to allow us to scale up for other uses.

As an added bonus we envision the unit can be scaled up alongside several more to create an off the grid home electricity system, 3KW, 5KW etc. 

The benefit of this being that if one device fails it will all continue to run and a new box can be swapped in.

The shelf life of the PowerCube is estimated to be 3 years, that means continuous electricity output, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 3 years!

The cost savings are obvious, every household or business should own one.

Our current mission is as follows...

AI Industries will scale down the size of the unit and aim to increase its power output.

The Internals

We would love to display the components we have used to produce this product but we need to protect out investment and copyright the final designs in order to make a profit, create jobs in the community and continue to develop this product further. The industry could be worth billions in revenue if managed properly.


Our future missions are as follows...

We will plan and develop a stack-able, plug and play multi unit home energy system to take the owner off the grid. This will mean no more power outages through natural disasters such as flood, lightening and tornadoes.

We will develop a rucksack power device for people on the move, out in the wilderness or for anyone that requires off the grid power.

We also envision a micro power specific unit that can power consumer units such as Televisions, PCs, Fridge/Freezer, built in and ready to go with no future need for the grid.

Metropolis and Jobs

Annual Superman Festival
Annual Superman Festival

We are based in Metropolis, Illinois, the official home of Superman! There stands a giant Superman statue outside the Town Hall and there are two festivals each year beginning with the Superman Festival in June and the Fort Massac Encampment in October. Both events draw huge crowds.

Metropolis Location
Metropolis Location

It is situated alongside the mighty Ohio River and borders Paducah, Kentucky in the South, the Shawnee National Forest is a popular visitor attraction.

Despite the potential of the whole region it is also classed as a depressed area and desperately in need of investment and employment. Therefore it has been recently reclassified as an Enterprise Zone.

AI Industries would like your help to create local employment within the area and tap into the skills on offer. 

Click on the links below for more information

 Annual Superman Festival 

 Fort Massac Encampment 

 Enterprise Zone 

The Future

The future is very bright indeed, inventions like this change things for the better, they can spawn whole new industries for the consumer, they can change lives, they can transform the way we work, travel and play.

The most important benefit of all is the planet, if we can eliminate the need for Gas and On Grid expense whilst reducing our carbon footprint in the process then we are heading towards a cleaner, brighter future.

The World needs power, as power needs increase the only way to go is Perpetual!

Finally, a look at the PowerCube again

PowerCube - Side

PowerCube - Top

PowerCube - Front with 3 buttons - 1. Internal Generators On/Off. 2. 120VAC Invertor On/Off. 3. Charge Display On/Off

PowerCube - Back, no external charging.

Thank You for Your Support

Jason Allen, CEO, AI Industries LLC

Risks and challenges

Making the minimum budget will only allow us to produce orders for the 360Watt unit, if we can really get good funding then we can go ahead with the essential hires of circuit design, product design and the necessary machining capability to really push for our smaller, lighter, 500Watt consumer unit.

We have given ourselves six months to produce and ship the smaller unit and make it more appealing to the masses.

With the right hires, the factory to and machining to produce the product we will be in a great position to make the world a greener place.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

The components have a predicted shelf life of 3 years

Reusability and recyclability

All of the parts can be recycled, the design incorporates lithium batteries as the bridge between the generators and the invertor. We will aim to have a return and replace policy to allow us to reuse components.

Environmentally friendly factories

We will hire a green ambassador who will oversee all of the aspects of sustainability, reuse and packaging in every way possible. Since our mission is to produce devices that will make people create their own power it stands to reason that we must be as green as we can be.

Sustainable fulfillment and distribution

We will also address how we package the items, in recycled cardboard and minimize the plastic we use to package.

Something else

The electricity generated is 100% clean, it uses no Gas and no recharge from the grid.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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