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A ski documentary following four professional skiers as they work to establish and support community outreach programs in the Chilean Andes.
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Matt Philippi’s pro skiing career has provided him the opportunity to travel to foreign locations but only rarely the chance to connect with the people of the communities surrounding the mountains he skis. We, FullCircle, plan to change that this summer when we will produce a short documentary film featuring Matt and other pro skiers not only doing what they do best, but doing their best to give back to several South American communities.

Our trip will begin at the end of July 2010 in Concepcion, Chile, where a series of devastating earthquakes struck on February 27th. Conception and the coastal fishing communities to the west of the city boar the brunt of the damage caused by the magnitude 8.8 quake. In the greater Valparaiso-Concepcion-Temuco region, an estimated 370,000 houses and 4,013 schools were destroyed, displacing as many as 800,000 people.

Un Techo Para Mí País, an organization that focuses on improving the quality of life of impoverished families through transitional housing and social inclusion programs ( ), has constructed 6,064 emergency houses in the Conception region as of May 28th. Despite the encouraging progress of construction, thousands of displaced Chilean families are still without a roof and await placement in emergency housing that has yet to be built. Working alongside Un Techo, we will spend three weeks constructing emergency housing, as well as visiting and documenting the emergency sites and programs recently established in the wake of the February earthquakes.

In mid-August, FullCircle will spearhead a community outreach program in Valle Chacabuco, which is home to Chile’s future Patagonia National Park. Our program, in collaboration with Conservacion Patagonica (, will involve three two-day ski clinics with adult and youth members of the local community. Our goal is twofold: On one hand we hope to inspire an appreciation for the ecosystem that Conservacion Patagonica has worked so hard to restore. On the other hand we want to help cultivate and strengthen the relationship between the park and local population for future employment opportunities once this protected area becomes a national park and local and regional tourism increases. Conservacion Patagonica currently has programs underway training local guides, collaborating with local tourism directors, and training local restaurant/ hotel owners in service related services. Beyond the local community, our work will create interest in ecotourism opportunities that may exist outside the usual summer tourist season. In addition, FullCircle will generate awareness of the vital role that Conservacion Patagonica plays in the maintenance of our world’s fragile and threatened ecosystems.

Any contribution you make will be put toward getting The FullCircle Project down to Chile! In spirit of full disclosure, your contributions will help cover expensive itemized in the budget below.
We have received pledges of both monetary and in-kind support from Volkl skis, Conservacion Patagonica, Go Pro Cameras and Outside Television

- The budget is broken down into the two sections of the trip. The Money will be used toward group expenses that have been outlined below. We are hoping to raise anywhere from 1/3-2/3 of the total budget.

Un Techo Para Mi Páis
International Flight (1/2 round trip): $2100
Travel visa: $300
Rental Car: $1800
Gasoline: $630 ($5 a gallon/3 tanks a week)
Lodging: $2100
Lift tickets: $960
Food: $1680


Conservacion Patagonica
Domestic Flight: $700
International Flight (1/2 round trip): $2100
Rental Car: $1800
Gasoline: $420 ($5 a gallon/2 tanks a week)


Total $15,690

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