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pledged of €6,000pledged of €6,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, May 24 2019 3:37 PM UTC +00:00


The Universal card deck will be an app that supplies the card deck, will learn the card-distribution for each individual game fast and the rules - and strategies by AI algorithms later.

The basic idea is to offer a universal card game engine. Many times people meet somewhere and would like to play some card-game, but have no cards with them. Usefull as well for children during voyaging, as they cannot loose cards from the deck...

The card game engine is just providing the frame: shuffling and the possibility of distributing the cards in any possible way paper-decks can. The players must be physically present together, everyone holding his/her smartphone instead of paper cards.

The engine will learn shuffling and card-distribution for each individual card-game by recording the initial card idstribution and way of shuffling of the first user for that specific game.

It will provide ways to lay down cards, draw, turn and collect, just in the same way as paper cards are handled.

In the beginning, the card engine will not be able to make sure the players follow the rules of the respective game, but a paper deck doesn't do that as well and still people can play.

They must observe that no one is cheapting and by detecting cheating players - or players telling the engine about wrong and right moves, it will learn the rules and allowed moves for each individual game.

Players can surely announce trump cards and count card values without telling the engine anything. But if players want to improve learning speed, they can, as well, tell the card engine how to count cards-points and understand trumps and what cards to play in what situations.

With the time the card engine will become able to check rules and make sure players cannot cheat and after more time it will learn how to play the games.

The initial version will have the standard-card deck (52 cards + x jokers) that can be multiplied and any amount of any cards can be taken out of the set to play with, so any game that can be played with normal paper card decks, can be played with the universam crad game App - without any limitation of rules variations.

The basic version will contain commercial advertizement, with the option to get less advertizment-breaks the more the players tell the card engine hints to help it learn the rules and strategies.

The profi version that I offered to my supporters for 10 Euro will show no advertizments and will allow to use alternative decks and a communication-channel to be able to play online with distant players.

The first focus is on players who are together at one place, like children inside a car, adults in a bar, on the beach, friends in restaurants, whatever.

Once the engine will know the rules of the respective game the way that it can prevent cheating, playing with distant players will become possible without communication channel.

The idea is to have one card deck app that can play any card game with any rule-set that exists - and that will gather all games played and by anlyzing the games will learn to play all card games there are.

Risks and challenges

I have programmed my first sucessful learning card game in 1996 (Doppelkopf für Windows) and ever since I thought about how to improve it. Life took me many other ways but having 6 children and playing card games, I came back to a long-ago idea I had in times, when smartphones would be seen as an impossible challenge.
I do not see any problem in programming the app (android & iphone) myself and making it work in the necessary basic way, learn to distribute cards and learn rules.
The more money I could raise, the nice the design I can afford to pay for, but the creation of this app does not have risks.
I think that the AI-modules for learning strategies to play might pose a challenge for me, but I believe that once of there apps will be used for real-world present-players card games, the ads will bring some money to enable me to hire some intelligent people co-operate with me to set up the learning modules - and maybe I will be able to make some big players curious about the project and to financially support the final step: the learning of strategies to play it self.

But even without this the app would have big benefits, as everyone has a smartphone but paper cards are not carried around by everyone and cannot be downloaded easy.

The only real danger for this project is that no one will like the idea and everyone but me thinks it's stupid. Well then I know that I won't make this card game...

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