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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 23 2013
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LorefulBy Loreful
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 23 2013

Farewell to Kickstarter...Ambrov X Continues!

Posted by Loreful (Creator)

To all of our Backers --

It has been a long week and even longer weekend. The Loreful Team has spent the time since our last update brainstorming and debating on our campaign. We have collectively come to the conclusion that our best course of action is to cancel the campaign and regroup. Our daily quota to reach our goal is simply out of our reach. 

But that's ok.

What happens now?

We continue! We never planned on our Kickstarter being successful. Kickstarter is an unknown and was never part of our funding strategy. We thought we would take a shot. We took our shot and it didn't pan out for us.

The upside is that we learned A LOT! We connected with some amazing people and we found 1,001 backers who believe in us. We also received some incredible feedback about our game that has made us rethink some crucial elements. We are taking this feedback internally and focusing our efforts on Ambrov X. 

One thing that is important to remember: We are in PRE-ALPHA. We are at the very beginning stages of this game and we have a long way to go. We decided against releasing the pre-alpha because we took a unique stance in doing so. We wanted to add a bit more polish than usual. But in doing so, many have confused our polished Pre-Alpha with a poor Demo. While we are immensely satisfied with the Pre-Alpha build, we felt that releasing it would actually do more harm than good.

So now, we continue our campaign into the private investment arena. We've had much more success there. We've also received some interest from publishers. So the options open to Ambrov X are many and we are going to continue on!

Will Jennifer Hepler join the team?

We certainly hope so. We are committed to working with Jennifer and we'll find the funds to bring her on. 

To the 1,001

To those of you that stuck with us. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You gave us such great feedback, stayed loyal to the cause and we want to reward you. So we are promising all 1,001 of you Beta Keys to our Beta (when the time comes). We have your contact info and we won't forget you.

What can I do and how can I help?

Join our community at Join us on Twitter and Facebook. Your feedback is invaluable and we want to continue the conversation and the journey with you. 

While we have decided against continuing crowd-funding elsewhere (at least for the time being), we will have many opportunities for you to support Ambrov X in the near future. Stay Tuned.


We believe so strongly in what we are doing. We believe in Sime~Gen as a great, undiscovered property in gaming. And we are committed to it one hundred percent. Our project is ambitious. No doubt. But we believe in a world with more than a handful of Story-Driven, Science Fiction RPGs and we will not rest until we have made this amazing game come to fruition.

Thank you again,

The Loreful Team


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    1. Yuri on

      Good luck to you. I'm glad this project will continue.

    2. Praemus on

      I totally get why you canceled. Very understandable. If you make it, I'll still buy it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shiny Rosie on

      I am sorry to see this, but I am so glad to know you will continue to move forward. At the very least you should know that it's because of this campaign that I found Ambrov X and I'm a fan for life now. :) I will wait eagerly for more news and should you ever opt for this sort of funding in the future you'll have my support. :)

    4. Will on

      I hope you guys find your funding. This game sounds great - I'm sad I couldn't contribute to your work.
      And I would certainly love to be a Beta tester for you!

    5. LeikezeAjnin on

      If you're still going to make it, I'm still going to buy it. And let me echo a request some others have already made: please do post major updates on the KS here; I'm not a good social media or forum lurker but I do notice KS update emails.

    6. Stelgim on

      It really has a cool and fun aspect to it, really hopes it get made anyway! :D

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin N. Carpenter on

      Just remember that you can always reorganize your KickStarter campaign and try again.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      While I'm sorry to see the kickstarter end I am heartened to hear it's not the end. I look forward to the next time I hear more about the game, and I can't wait to see what kind of finished product it will be!

    10. Loreful Creator on

      The publishers are confidential as we haven't made a deal. It's just interest at this point.

      We will keep in touch via all, twitter, facebook, the forums and our newsletter. So don't worry, you'll hear about us when we have the next big news.

      We know ending the KS was really unexpected and we thank you all for understanding. We ultimately felt that 11 days of us focusing on investors locally was better than leaving the campaign running with few updates and a lot of silence. It's unfair to you and was a stress on us.

      Again...Thank you all for the support! We are moving forward, the team is in high spirits and we are set to push on. Your support is the fuel that guides us!

    11. Sam Garamy

      While I'm sad the KS didn't succeed, I'm sure you'll find some other way to make Ambrov X. I too would like to see you update the KS if there's some kind of important news regarding this, as I'm truly horrible at sticking around on forums, and this sends a nice little e-mail letting me know something happened. You said you've got some publishers who are interested in this - are you able to say who they are, or is that confidential at the moment?

      Looking forward to receiving a beta key later, though! Best of luck with Ambrov X!

    12. Marek Tvrdy on

      It was quite clear for more than a week that this campaign will fail. But you tried and that counts. I was trying to promote your game as much as I could but I couldn't find that much people in my small country to fund the whole project. I wish you the best for the future. I'll be around.

    13. Missing avatar


      I'll be looking forward to updates on the game's progress, this looked like a fascinating setting. Good luck, Loreful!

    14. Toh Klidan on

      I didn't expect this, too. I wish you the best for Ambrov X.
      Maybe you decide some other kind of funding (e.g. steam greenlight or early access), and we meet there.

      I will look forward to see some updates on your website!

    15. Sandro Manke on

      i wish you the best of luck and hope you will make this game a reality.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adi Zeller on

      A pity you chose to cancel, but I understand your reasoning. I hope to hear from you with updates on your work (Will it be done by email? The KS page? Social Media?). And if you do decide to have some sort of contribution from your fans and would-be-backers, I (and I believe others as well) would love to lend a hand.

      And thanks for the beta keys!

    17. Morrandir on

      Good luck funding the game elsewhere!
      I really like this game to happen. :)

    18. Loreful Creator on

      @ErekoseDM we definitely want to find a way to bring the eBook bundle to everyone, it was an extremely popular request! And thanks for the kind words!

    19. Zoe Farris on

      To the Loreful Team, while I feel sad that this aspect has not matched our hopes I have so much faith in you all. I have gotten to know some of you a little, considering the distance, and I am here for you in whatever way that is helpful. Because of your efforts and extremely hard work, I have glimpsed a long time dream, that of a Sime in motion. Know I wait patiently as you continue your work. Thank you all so much.

      Sectuib Zoe Farris Ambrov Halwyn

    20. Blessed on

      I did not expect the cancellation. Loreful had made it clear they will stick to this to the very end ...

      I am not the CEO, I will say Thank you for the Beta keys. I believe that also means we still got to pay for a copy of the final game (as if I actually expected a free lunch) ... I do hope we Backers will get a Backer's discount. I am sure some of us are still keen on throwing some money (a little adds up right?) at you guys. Send us an update when you guys are once again open to taking our money alright?

    21. ErekoseDM on

      glad to see you guys are keeping at it! ^_^

      hit us up with some KS updates when some of the milestones get hit in the event we didnt join up wherever the 'latest' info pops up at.

      *especially if that Sime-Genbook epub eBook bundle is still a go somewhere.

      looking forwards to the project when it rolls forwards.